Our Wedding

Well, here it is. The 'Our Wedding Post'. Before we were married, I would search for and read wedding blog posts allllll night. I just loved seeing the different ways that people did things, seeing beautiful brides, and sharing in their special day whilst trying to find ideas for our own day. So, in case there is anyone out there like me... here it is. It was an amazing day, and we could not have asked for more wonderful people to share it with. Thank you to everyone who made the day as perfect as it was.

My hair was done by Jennifer Cook, who was also a bridesmaid.
My make-up (and everyone else's) was done by Cassie Young.
Make Up & Tanning by Cassie
The finished product. MOG, MOH, MOB, Bride, BM & BM

My gorgeous dress with a good ol Aussie flag. 
The Boys. Their tuxes are from Rebecca's Black Tie
The handsome Groom (if I do say so myself..)

I am so lucky to have such amazing friends. 

The bridal party. 
My best friend made the boutonnieres, corsages and put together our bouquets. Can you say talented? Not only did I love what she did, she saved us a ton of money by using silk flowers and the hydrangea bush in her backyard.

After the ceremony - we're married!

After we were announced and came dancing in, the bridal party surprised us with joining us on the dance floor.
this was probably the most fun I had all night. I literally jumped up and down I was so excited and happy. 
Our first dance was to Someone Like You by Van Morrison. Looovvve.
party time! what we were waiting for!
KC loves to boogie.
representin' yo.
we had such a fun time.
And that's all folks. Seriously, we had so much fun, partied till late and danced our little tushies off. Couldn't have asked for a better night, or better friends. 

Now that the wedding is over and we have been married for almost a month, I wanted to share my expertise on the whole wedding thing.

1. Do what you want to do. Oh my goodness. Seriously. Everyone will have an opinion and you will offend most of them. I don't mean you should piss everyone off by going against their wishes, but if it doesn't sit well with you, don't agree to it. Weddings are a family affair and people get very invested in them because they love you and want it to be the best day ever. That's great and all, but things can get carried away. Numero uno tip of wedding planning and remaining sane is to make yourself and your fiance happy.

2. Remember this is just one day. It's not about the wedding - it's about your marriage. If you aren't as excited for the rest of your life as you are for the wedding, something is wrong. I was excited to have a wedding and a celebration with my friends and KC's family, but it was not the most important thing. We had a great time, but it was over in the blink of an eye. I do not think that some of the stress and frustration leading up to the wedding was necessarily worth it, but I didn't know any better. I got so stressed about things that just did not matter and worked themselves out in the end.

3. Utilize everyone you can. My best friend did the flowers, made my fascinator, lent me her veil - my bridesmaid was our hair stylist and recommended our makeup artist. My mother in law pretty much planned 70% of the wedding, took control of a lot of things. My mum got my shoes and helped a lot the week before which is when she was here. Everyone was so unbelievably helpful with everything leading up to the wedding and the day of. Living in a different country, this helped me so much to be able to ask my friends for advice and recommendations.

4. Leading up to the wedding, drink lots of water and avoid crappy food. This really just made me feel better, not bloated and not yucky. I read a lot of advice about avoiding salty foods, but salt doesn't really make me bloat as bad as just plain crappy food does so I tried to be mindful the week or so before the wedding. On the morning of the wedding, eat as much as you possibly can, even if you don't feel like it. Because time will get away from you and one too many champers will reveal you didn't eat enough!

5. Enjoy your guests, and remember to have fun! After dinner, we went around to chat with everyone, thank them for coming and have some photos. It was awesome to spend a little time with our guests and we have a lot of great photos we may not have had the chance to get if we didn't make the effort. In regards to speeches, KC did a little thank you speech, I did a teensy 'mother daughter instead of father daughter dance' speech, but other than that, we just wanted to get to the party. After the parent dances, we partied and danced until about 1am and had a fantastic time.

I hope your day is as magical as ours was. Now for the rest of our lives!

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  1. I am glad I found your site and this post! I am currently planning my wedding for next summer, and yes I am like you searching blogs constantly for ideas, and just enjoying reading about everyone's day. I am having the hardest time with doing what I want. It is so hard to say no and do things how I want my goodness it just pisses people off.


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