30 BEFORE 30

30 BEFORE 30

aka pre baby bucket list. I love lists. I love planning, writing things down, and ticking things off. So I jumped at the chance to create a list of things I want to check off before we have a baby, or before I turn 30 - whichever comes first. 

I have changed this list several times. It's not cheating, it's just adjusting. It's realistic.

This is a super long list. Who knows if I will be able to get it all done by the time I turn 30? Its nice to have goals, and even if I don't get them all done, it will be fun trying!

1. Buy a better (safer) car. Done! Bought a 2011 Honda Civic in February 2014. We love it! 

2. Pay off above car. Completely. Nada. We actually have two cars now, can we pay them both off?

3. Buy a house! Done! We closed on our first home in December 2013 and we absolutely love it. You can see more of the house here.

4. Take KC to Australia. Done! It was everything I wanted it to be and more. We went to Sydney, Melbourne & Cairns. It was amazing, beautiful, fun and heartbreaking. I love my country. You can read my recap here.

5. Go to Europe! Europe is crossed off the list!! Such an amazing trip. Read all the recaps here.

6. Visit more of the US. Like: New York City (done! read the recap here!)San Francisco, Seattle, North CarolinaCharleston, Boston (done! read the recap here!).

7. Go on a cruise. We went, it was great, I don't know if we'd do it again. Recap here.

8. Buy a new bed. I hate that this is on a list because I don't want to be materialistic, but guys, we have a full bed. We need a new bed. WE GOT A KING! It's amazing.

9. Make myself an article of clothing. I made a skirt but I am not really counting this. I want to be better at sewing and really make myself something I can wear.

10. Go on a girls trip! Labor Day Weekend - so fun! Read the recap here.

11. Pay off all my credit cards and only keep one open to use.

12. Break 2 hours in a half marathon. My first half marathon was about 2:30, my second was like 2:05. My third was horrible. Fingers crossed for the 4th! Update: 4th was a no go, here's to the 5th! Update: haha no. Here's to #6! Update: Nope. But still, better than most of my races. Here's to 7, 8 & 9 - all within 3 weeks of each other.

13.  See a movie or play outside.

14. Host a holiday party. We did it! We had our first ever Halloween party - my first ever party! - and it was a success, I dare say. Then we had a St Paddy's party too.

15. Learn how to make a pavlova! So I can eat it any time I want.

16. Get my American driver's license. OMG I DID IT. Well, I got my permit. Working on my full license. Seriously 4 years of procrastination. Oops.

17. Visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. aka Universal Orlando. Done! We had a blast.

18. Be Vegetarian for 1 whole month I actually did it. I really did it. Here's what I learned.

19. See a Broadway show. Wicked totally counts even though it wasn't technically on Broadway. (in NYC)

20. Join a book club, read the book and actually talk about it. I don't know why book clubs scared me, but I read the book and wrote a post about it. And then I did it again. And now I'm a co-host of a book club!

21. Donate blood. 

22. See The Nutcracker. And it was ahhhhhmazing (in NYC)

23. Beat all my previous running PRs. 5k 27:16, 10k 55:13, 10 miler 1:42:58, half 2:04:48.

24. Completely give up soda. 100%. I'm gonna say it has to be for at least 90 days before I can say I'm completely soda free. One month down! Two months down! Three months down! I did it! 8 months and going strong! I started drinking soda again, and I decided I don't care, sorry not sorry.

25. Have my moles removed and get checked for skin cancer. I got the biggest scariest one removed, and it was fine, but I'm keeping this goal on here to make sure I check every year.

26. Take a cooking class.

27. Organise my digital life - back up photos, print photos and yearbooks, organise all the messy folders.

28. Go a whole month without shopping I kinda did it - didn't buy any clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. I did buy books & house stuff. So I tried again and I actually, really did it.

29. Go on a run-cation. Done, and it was super fun (the 'cation' part, not the 'run' part).

30. Be the most healthy, most fit, nicest, happiest person I can be.  I need actual concrete goals for this:
- Stop binge eating, stop eating junk (okay, not completely, but like 80/20). 
- Get to my goal weight and stay there (but don't get hung up on the scale).
- Have a steady exercise routine that I actually stick with.


  1. I LOVE this list! I want to do a run at Disneyworld too, and skating in NYC at Christmas time is on my dream list.

    I'm really, really, really surprised that you want to visit Canada. What part are you interested in visiting?

  2. Yes to NYC at Christmastime. We experienced it this year after moving and I can't wait for next year :) I LOVE your list!!!!

  3. I love this, therefore...I am copying this. Only, I have 6 months to complete it! Ahh.

  4. Love your list. Come to San Francisco and I'll be your tour guide :) I went vegetarian for 3 months and it was seriously great once I got used to it. I think about doing it again all the time. I really want to do no dairy or gluten for a month. I need to start that.

  5. We should start a Skype or Google Hangouts book club! Haha. Then we can talk about it and drink wine from the comfort of our own homes. :)

  6. This is great. Not sure how I hadn't read it yet. :) I recently started 101 things in 1,001 days. woah. Get to NOLA ASAP. It's my most favorite place in the US so far. (I have posts if you need inspiration). We've also been to Canada on 4 different occasions. So I could let you in on some posts/tips there too if you need it! Get the DuoLingo App. It is free and it gives you foreign language lessons. You can do it online too if you aren't a smart phone/tablet kind of person. :) It is SO effective. It has different ways to teach/quiz you. I felt my HS spanish coming back... and I only took the tiniest amount! Also buying cruise tickets a few weeks before it departs is a great way to get it SOO much cheaper. :) -email me if you want more info on any of this. But I LOVE your list! Pavlovas, Europe and sewing.. sounds like my (non-existant) pre-baby list too. :) Good luck! XO-Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  7. Love this list! I try to do one every year of small stuff I'd like to try, accomplish, etc! I am a huge list lover!

    Linds @ Not A Mom

  8. I'm just writing my 30 before 30 right now and I wanted to refer back to your list - I love that you called it a pre-baby list. I also love your #30. cheers!


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