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Happy Show Us Your Books day with Steph & Jana! I read a few good books since the last link up, but I don't feel super jazzed about any of them now. That could be me though? Or maybe because I'm horrible at writing reviews as soon as I finish a book, so I forget how I really felt unless it really stands out. Who knows. Here's what I've read since the last link up:

The Soulmate Equation - Christina Lauren
sciencey dna matchmaking, enemies to lovers
It feels like it's been such a long time since I've sat and read the majority of a book in one sitting. It helped that I was on a road trip when I started this one, but it went by so quickly - very enjoyable and readable. It was nerdy and funny, sweet and adorable... just such a great mix of everything. Great writing, but it's CLo, so, duh. The characters were definitely the best part of the book - Fizzy is probably the best 'best friend' character I've read in a long long time. All the side characters were great. Of course, loved the main characters too - the relationship build up was believable, love a good enemies to lovers. It was quirky and unique and I just had a great time reading it. What more could you want?
Received from Netgalley.
husband disappears, wife realises she knows nothing about him
I had high expectations for this one because I saw lots of people I book-trust loving it, and for the most part it didn't disappoint. I read it in about 24 hours, I had no idea where it was going. Found it very unique, well written, paced well... I liked the ending, I liked the characters. Definitely a page turner, would recommend.
Mr Mercedes - Stephen King
ex cop trying to find a creepy killer
Whenever I used to talk about books, I would say something along the lines of 'I'll read most anything except books like Stephen King'. I don't do horror, and I assumed all of his books were. No thank you please. But last year I read a book of his that a friend recommended and swore up and down it wasn't horror, and I liked it. This one is also a show, which is my catnip, and another friend recommended it so....I read it and I liked it! There were a few parts I made faces at, but overall, I quite liked it. It was very disturbing. I liked the ending. I will say, when you read a lot of romance, you start to expect certain things to not happen in other books, and I was very upset at one point of this book. Kind of like when you watch a lot of disney movies and then you watch game of thrones. Ha. Anyway. It was good but I don't know that I'll jump at his other books just yet.
This Close to Okay - Leesa Cross-Smith
recently divorced therapist spots a man standing on the side of a bridge
I had very high expectations for this one, which may be half the reason I didn't click with it. I did a mix of reading and audio and the audio was a little too nails on a chalkboard to my ears - so that may be the other half. It's set in Louisville, which is cool, but it had a few themes/situations I really didn't like. But, there were enough good things that made me put it up here vs down in the not my cuppa category.
The Ex Talk - Rachel Lynn Solomon
coworkers pretend to be exes for a radio show
This was pretty enjoyable - I like this author's writing quite a bit. The setting was unique and interesting, it was very funny - I laughed out loud several times. I liked all the characters, the side characters were well developed and not only there to serve the main character, if that makes sense. The main characters were pretty good too, the hero was a little too perfect for my tastes, but I did like the heroine. I liked the combination of some of my favourite tropes, I liked how their relationship grew. While I love the fake relationship trope (or in this case, the fake ex-relationship), sometimes I have an issue with how it comes to light and how unrealistic characters can be, but I didn't mind how this one ended up. Anywho. Liked it, very cute.
The Paris Seamstress - Natasha Lester
then;ww2 paris fashion scene, now; grandaughter learning about gma's past
This one had a slow start, but I ended up really liking it. Felt like it was pretty unique, setting wise, didn't feel very WWII to be honest.  With these then and now kind of historical fiction books, I tend to like one side more than the other, but I think I liked both equally in this one. It was a very emotional book, I did tear up a time or two, I chuckled a few times. I liked how everything came together, I liked the characters (especially the Australian ones), thought it was very well written... my first of hers, won't be the last.
Shadow and Bone - Leigh Bardugo
fantasy, girl who doesn't know she's, like, the most amazing, bad guys, etc
I've owned this for years but it was the netflix show popping up that made me finally get to it. It sucks, because when I bought it would have been a better time to read it - I was way more into these kinds of books. This was good and fine, didn't think it was anything spectacular, very similar to all the other books like it - orphan girl who finds out she's like, super special, bad guys pretending to be good guys, love triangle-y, gotta save the world, etc. I will say, the last bit started to be super predictable but then took a turn I didn't expect which I appreciated and that's why I'll try to continue the series.
The Road Trip - Beth O'Leary
exes end up on a road trip together
This one is kind of weird - it had a lot of problems or things I didn't like, but I read it in one sitting (road trip, lol) and enjoyed myself, so... I liked it more than I think I did? Anyway. Second chance is rarely my jam, and this had a lot of unnecessary drama. I rolled my eyes at the immature characters in the 'then' sections several times - and gah, so instalovey, vomit. But I loved the Britishisms, it made me laugh and smile, I think I teared up once or twice, I adored the relationship between the sisters, the Rodney part was ridiculous but hysterical. The Marcus part was just straight ridiculous. All in all, not my favourite of hers, not one I'd necessarily recommend immediately, but I read it in one sitting and I liked it. So. There you go.
opposites attract, luxury retirement setting
I liked this but didn't love it. Something didn't click for me. Kind of like when you have all the right ingredients but something goes wrong in cooking and the recipe doesn't turn out. I don't know. I found the setting charming but odd, sometimes the chemistry between the two main characters felt a bit forced, the adoration of the fake seventh heaven was really odd, especially when the same thing happens with the dad actor... I don't know. I did like it. I smiled a lot, there were some funny lines and I felt like I related to the characters a few times. I really wish Sally Thorne would write a book set in Australia. Anyway. It sounds like I hated it, definitely not. I love Sally's writing and will read anything she publishes. I don't know if it was me or my expectations, but this just wasn't my favourite.
Home for the Holidays - Sara Richardson
three sisters, hallmark christmmas movie basically
I need two sub-sections for my enjoyable enough section. First section, enjoyable enough and I would recommend, second section, enjoyable enough and meh. This would fall in the second category. It was sweet and very very very predictable - very hallmark movie-ish. I listened to part of it and good lord the audio was not my cup of tea. I hate over the top fake sounding southern accents. There was an infertility plotline in this book, and at first I thought it was handled very well and I teared up at one part... and then something else happens that just made me roll my eyes. Along the lines of 'if you just stop worrying about it....' vomit. However! Apart from that, it was good. It was the perfect christmas (oops, it's June) predictable, cosy, sweet, mindless (not in a bad way) read. I would absolutely recommend if that sounds like your jam and I will be reading the next one.
Nothing this time, yay! Really trying to just read what I want rather than what's super popular or I feel like I 'should' read.

One Last Stop - really wanted to finish before this post, but oh well. Thoroughly enjoying it!

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