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Happy Show Us Your Books day with Steph & Jana! I skipped last month because I was travelling, and then completely forgot about this month so it's a bit late. Didn't want to miss two in a row though. 

My reading life has been so weird lately. I fly through books in a day, or I try to read 10 books at a time, fail miserably, then it takes me 2 months to make progress on any of them. Hopefully one day I'll be back to normal. Until then, here's what I've read since the last time I linked up:

The Good Sister - Sally Hepworth
twin sisters, one good and one bad... or both?
This is, surprisingly, my first Sally Hepworth. I really really enjoyed it. Maybe it's because this isn't my usual genre, or because it's my first book by SH, but I was really surprised and did not expect it to go where it went. It took me over a month to get more than a couple chapters in, but that was me, not the book - and once I did, I read the rest of it in one sitting. I thought it was a super quick and interesting read. I really liked Fern, the library and all the side characters at the library. My favourite part was educating readers about Where's Wally. I had no idea there were others in other countries, but every time someone says Where's Waldo, it's like nails on a chalkboard to me ;) Wally all the way. (also, how freaking cute was that). Received from Netgalley.

The Rose Code - Kate Quinn
code breakers ww2

This book was SO good! I buddy read with Heather, which is always fun. I felt such a connection with the 3 women in this book, really felt like I knew them. Thought it was so well written, fast paced, fabulous characters, compelling storyline. Also, I won't lie, super here for all the romantic subplots. This book made me laugh and smile and feel all the feelings. It also made me cry, which for some reason, always makes me think the book must be good (I don't know why I think this, I cry easily). Most of this book seems pretty character driven, just telling their stories during a time of life we have all already read about several times, but then in the last quarter or so the plot really picks up and I was sitting on the edge of my seat hoping everything would work out. Loved it. Received from Netgalley.
The Four Winds - Kristin Hannah
depressing stuff

This was good, but good lord it was slow and depressing. So depressing. Like, on top of it being set in the depression. I just can't believe people were so awful. I really knew nothing about this era in America so as always, glad to learn a little bit. But, like, hardly any uplifting, inspiring, nice stuff. Just made it not so fun to read. I loved Elsa. I did not like Loreda very much, though she did grow on me. I do think her growth as a character could have happened more gradually over more pages, instead of in a rush at the end because I didn't really click with it/believe it. I did cry. Just a little - nothing like the sobfest when I read the nightingale. I should have expected the ending but I didn't. I was not very happy about it. Not in a omg I'm so sad about it way, but are you kidding? That's bullshit and unfair way. Received from Netgalley.
Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance - Ruth Emmie Lang
magical realism, man who was orphaned and raised by wolves

his sounded right up my alley, but kind of missed the mark for me. Perhaps too many characters, I didn't get to know them well enough to connect to all of them. I did like Weylyn and Mary. It was very short and it took me well over a month to read - mainly my fault and how I am with books these days I really expected it to grab me and fly through it, especially given how short it is. Can't quite put my finger on why, just.... meh. Fine. Good, not mad I read it, but... meh.
Three Wishes - Liane Moriarty
follows a year in the life of 33 year old triplets 

This was the last unread LM for me. I liked this because it was her, I liked the writing, I liked the story and the characters and all that jazz. but good lord some of the content was so freaking hard for me to read, personally, with what's happened in my life the last few years... wish I had read this years ago, but thems the breaks. I liked it, but it was definitely hard at times. Still love her and will read anything she publishes.

The Secret, Book & Scone Society - Ellery Adams
small town society, 'damaged souls' earning redemption by helping others

This was a super cute, easy cosy mystery. I liked the characters, all the bookish things, the friendships, the setting... It went by very quickly and I enjoyed myself. Not sure I liked it enough to continue the series, but enjoyed it nonetheless.
Firefly Lane - Kristin Hannah
follows a friendship between two women over the years

I honestly had no real desire to read this until the netflix show popped up - I have a compulsion when it comes to reading things when they are tv shows/movies. I don't mean I have to read before I watch (though, duh) but I mean just something becoming a movie or tv show makes me want to read it. I'd heard the netflix show wasn't amazing, but that didn't stop me. Anyway. I liked it well enough. Definitely felt a little flat/less developed than her newer ones, and absolutely reminded me of a very famous movie, likely won't read the next one but will eventually get around to the show.
Legendborn - Tracy Deonn
When I get a feeling very early on that I should DNF a book, it rarely gets better. I pushed through this one till over 40% and finally called it quits. I hate hate hate wasting time, but I couldn't have told you a thing about it and I was basically hate reading it just to tick it off a list, and what's the point in that. Lots of other people loved it, but just not for me.
Spinning Silver - Naomi Novik
I struggle to DNF books in general but I struggle even more when it's a book I own. I feel like I've wasted money and time. I made it over halfway in this one and again, realised I was basically hate reading it. Even if I had finished it, there is no way my feelings would have changed that drastically. Really bummed about it because I did think I would love it. 
Summerwater - Sarah Moss
I check audible frequently to see if Morven Christie has narrated any new books - seriously, one of the best narrators I've ever listened to. This one finally popped up this year and I didn't even care what it was about. So. 100% my fault that I didn't click with this one. At all. The writing was good, I think - it was mainly the content, the characters, their thoughts and stuff... just one big boring meh, no thanks. But again, pretty sure that one's on me.
The Knockout Rule - Kelly Siskind
I honestly don't know if it's me, the world and how it's making me feel about books, or the book itself. I have loved other books in this series, but this one really didn't work for me. It was quick, it was cute, but I did not click with the MCs at all. Like, when they professed their love, I all but rolled my eyes. I don't know if it was because it was a boxer and that's not my jam in romance, I don't know if it was the weird love triangle or the underdeveloped characters or the constant quoting poetry. But yeah. Bummer. Received from Netgalley.
Float Plan - Trish Doller
I loved the characters, I loved how the story evolved, I loved following along with them on their adventures. I laughed, I cried, it was a quick easy read (it took me a month to read, but that's me, not the book) and light despite having some seriously heavy shit. I loved it. Hope we get more from this author soon. Received from Netgalley.
I absolutely loved the second book in this series - connected with both characters so much, absolutely loved it. I did like the third one as well, was a little worried about some of the content in it but it didn't bother me like I thought it would. Can't wait for the next one. Highly recommend this series overall. 
Much Ado About You - Samantha Young
I really really struggled through this one, which sucks because it sounded so good. I got annoyed pretty early on with a few of the american in england comments, but, whatever. Told myself to get over it. I did, but then I didn't particularly like the characters or the story, it fell so flat and felt so blah. I pushed through when I should have DNF'd. Received from Netgalley.
Love at First - Kate Clayborn
This was cute, but very slow. The end was adorable and sweet and gah, the way the title comes up? Here. For. It. But not super here for the slowness. Also, I didn't feel any real chemistry between the two characters, the romance was sweet in the end but yeah, just didn't connect 100% with it. Love all the side characters and the whole found family kind of thing. This will sound horrible, but this is one of those books that I smiled when finished, but a few days later already forgot bits of it and don't think I'll remember it in a few months, whereas I still remember Love Lettering. Anywho, this was a cute book that I'd still recommend in general, and I don't regret reading it. Received from Netgalley.
Sandcastle Beach - Jenny Hoilday
This was thoroughly enjoyable, love Jenny Holiday's writing, love the characters and the setting. It was a perfectly light easy cute and sexy romance, didn't love it as much as the second, but it was still very very good. Not much else to say about it really. Received from Netgalley.
Twice Shy - Sarah Hogle
I really liked the first book I read by this author - thought it was so unique and cute and I just really liked it. Had high expectations for this one, so perhaps that's why I didn't like it *as* much. It took a bit longer for me to click with. I eventually liked it and liked the characters, but it took longer than I'd like. It was very cute and sweet - maybe a little too sweet - I felt some feelings and felt 'seen' several times, flew through the second half, but yeah. Don't know if the first half was me or the book, but, whatever. Overall it was cute and I'll give her another try for sure. Received from Netgalley.
Act Your Age, Eve Brown - Talia Hibbert
Right when I was feeling all waah I haven't read and loved a book in ages, the library gave me this book. I honestly feel like Talia Hibbert and I would be friends. Or, I would force my friendship on her. This book was everything I love about her. It was hilarious, adorable, relatable, and sexy. It had amazing characters, was written fabulously, paced perfectly, I just. Gah. Adore everything she does, I want to live in one of her books.
How to Fail at Flirting - Denise Williams
I really liked some parts of this but felt meh/didn't click with other parts.
I liked the characters, I liked how this book had some heavier stuff mixed in with the light, cute, sexy stuff. Really enjoyed all the side characters too, thought the friendships were really realistic and wonderful. A lot happened towards the end and I wish it was paced a wee bit differently, but overall, cute. Liked it.

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TL;DR - I recommend The Rose Code and The Good Sister.

Read anything decent lately? 

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