Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Books Lately

Happy Show Us Your Books day with Steph & Jana! I had a couple weeks of feeling like a reader again, then crashed and burned. I want to blame it mostly on a crappy book, but I think it's still me and the world. But I'm hoping with the election over now, things will magically get back to normal - reading wise, anyway.

Murder on Cold Street - Sherry Thomas
5th in lady sherlock series
I love this series, love these characters. It was super fun to buddy read with Heather, and I definitely enjoyed it. It wasn't as good as the previous book, but it was still a solid read and I recommend the series as a whole if it sounds like your jam.
I absolutely *loved* Evelyn Hardcastle. My expectations might have been too high, but goodness this was boring. So very very boring. What even happened? Couldn't tell ya. So much potential! So much disappointment.
In a Holidaze - Christina Lauren
This was completely and utterly delightful. Adorable and sweet, closed door but handled better than their last one. I thought it was really unique, well written, fabulous characters, fast paced, easy to read. Highly recommend, christmas or any time of year! Super cute and very enjoyable.
The Wedding Deal - Cindi Madsen
This was.... one of those romances that is perfectly fine and passes the time well enough, nothing super offensive or annoying, but nothing wow either. It was cute and I enjoyed it, but remember very little. I remember laughing a few times at some pop culture references and I liked the characters, so I don't not recommend it. 

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TL;DR - I recommend the lady Sherlock series, and In a Holidaze if you want a fluffy christmas read.

Read anything decent lately? Or are you struggling like me?

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Checking in

Hi all! Hope everyone is well, as well as can be right now. I'm just popping by to say I'm skipping the link up again, this time on purpose. Just a lot going on, and you know how it is. So, perhaps next month! I'm not quite sure how to end this except to say hope everyone is hanging in there the best they can right now, and I'm just trying to stay positive and I hope you are too.