Thursday, August 6, 2020

July 2020 - What's New With You

Hello all, time for another what's new with you link up! Thanks again if you join me, I always appreciate it. You don't have to display the button if you don't want to, but don't forget to mention it somewhere in your post and check out some of the other posts!

I will have a recap up soon. July was insane and my brain is still catching up lol. But please feel free to share yours!

Sorry to alarm anyone, I was just super busy and not totally sober when I remembered I hadn't done this post. I left that note up there because it was funny. I am quite proud of intoxicated me for getting this post and the link party up.

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So July! It was super busy (well, busy for covid). I actually started doing stuff, whereas before I was just work-grocery-friends places. I still mainly did those things, but I went to the gym and a restaurant. And apparently drank a lot of alcohol. We also had a Hamilton watch party with indian food (yummm) and I have no strong feelings about it, to be honest. Am I allowed to say that?
^ anyone watch Brandi TV? good lord she is hilarious.

The gym was great the first time I went, not a lot of people, everyone stayed far apart etc etc. The second time I went, not good. Too close, made me uncomfortable, will stick with running + yoga a bit longer.

We see lots of deer and ducks while running. I didn't get a photo of this, but one morning we were running and there was a deer stuck in a soccer net. We tried calling animal control but they weren't coming out because of covid. We (and a couple other runners) ended up scaring the poor thing so much he twisted himself out, which was good. Once he was out, I ran for the hills. Have I ever shared that I am afraid of deer?
^ It wasn't supposed to rain. It did. A lot.

The highlight of July! Millie has had this breathing issue for months and months and then Penny started doing it too and naturally that freaked me the hell out. I made them an appointment with their normal vet but they couldn't fit me in until later in the month (and that vet had already seen Millie and not fixed the problem, so, I'm glad we were 'forced' to go elsewhere). I was fine to wait until Millie had a really bad day and then obviously I didn't want to wait any longer. There's a vet that has long weekend hours and they were able to see us the next day so I took them both. The experience wasn't the best, they clearly did not have their covid shit down, we sat outside in 90 degrees for over half an hour past our appointment, and then after I had checked out, I waited another hour for them to bring my cats out. Unfortunately, Penny did not handle it well and apparently they couldn't examine her at all, couldn't even listen to her heart because she would hiss and scratch (I was kind of like... isn't this your job? To know how to restrain a cranky cat?) but because it was the same issue as Millie, and I'd showed them videos of what the cats were doing they said they felt comfortable 'diagnosing' them both. The vet was really nice and explained the issue better than the last vet and anyway, long story long, they were on medication for 10 days and it's been 2 weeks with no episodes/attacks. Hallelujah!
My cats despise the car and their carriers. But guess where they hang out if I leave the carriers out? Rage. Good thing I love 'em.

Other than that, the usual - books and cats. 

^ book club was I'm Still Here by Austin Channing Brown and BYO food. Covid has screwed with everyone and everything and this is such small potatoes, but one of the main things I miss is our big book club food spreads. 
^ oh! lowlight of the month, bloody mouse. I'm not afraid of mice but no, do not want them in my home thanks. My cats were completely useless. A friend had a bunch of traps from when she had a mouse problem and I caught the little guy almost immediately but... I just couldn't leave him or kill him. I couldn't do it! So I walked across to a wooded area and let him out. I know, I know. But I couldn't do it ok. I can kill a bug and that's about it.

So that was my July! There were a couple other things in there that aren't show and tell-able, but added to the overall busy feeling.

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So, what's new with you?

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