Thursday, April 2, 2020

March 2020 Recap - What's New With You Link Up

Hello all, time for another what's new with you link up! Thanks again if you join me, I always appreciate it. You don't have to display the button if you don't want to, but don't forget to mention it somewhere in your post and check out some of the other posts! I'll be doing a monthly recap... not that there is much to recap!

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Goodness gracious, what a month. It started off nice and slow, quiet and easy because February was a bit of a whirlwind. Then things started getting cancelled and now we are all staying home - as we should be!

The two most exciting things were getting my hair done (at the very beginning of the month) and getting my braces off (I was their last appointment before they closed for 2 weeks, woo!).

Did lots of yoga with Heather (and cats)- and a movie date watching one of my favourites!

Other virtual dates - book club, work coffee (tea) chats, girls nights... these kinds of hangouts have been vital to my sanity, seriously.

Working from home, thankfully. It's a bit of a tight fit with all my crap plus Millie and I am unable to play sims unless I download it on my work computer lol. Most days I have to put some birds on youtube on the tv so the cats will leave me alone (but then they are so cute and funny I can't help but watch).

Spending as much time outside as the weather allows... cannot wait for it to get warmer.

And the usual cats and books - lots of reading time lately, which, lets be real, isn't that different.

I've also been watching a lot of tv when my brain can't focus on books. Carole totally killed her husband, right?? 

Anywho. So that was my March and honestly will probably be my April too. I am okay with it - staying inside and keeping yourself and others healthy is where it's at.

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So, what's new with you?

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