Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April Goals

It's finally April!

Touching base quickly on March goals - I did okay!

1. No spend month. I would say 90%  - only made like 3 frivolous purchases towards the end of the month.
2. Only read books I already own. I did! Ran out of steam a bit towards the end of the month, but I still knocked a lot out.
3. Make 2 appointments. LOL I made so many appointments you guys. Then I had to cancel them all.
4. Figure out what I want my morning and evening routines to be. I totally forgot about this goal.
5. Journal + gratitude journal 20 times each. Nope. I did about 15 times each. However, I'm actually happy with that because I did it without really thinking about it and I feel like it's a formed habit now.
6. Get back into yoga at home. Yes! It helps that Heather and I have been doing yoga 'together' quite consistently.
7. Close all 3 rings on the apple watch every single day. I did it! This goal probably kept me sane in March as it forced me to go for a walk or do some yoga to get those active minutes.
8. Track my habits. I did fantastically for about half the month and then gave up.
9. One diet coke with dinner. I did so well with this that most nights I don't even have a diet coke anymore.
10. Do something nice for myself each day.  Started out strong, fizzled out about halfway. A lot of my ideas fell through so I just kind of forgot about it.

In case you missed the Millie spam the other day on Instagram, here she is living her best life on my balcony. 

Now for April goals! I'm still aiming for 10 each month, so:

1. No spend. I am hoping a big purchase goes on sale and if it does, I'm gonna buy it, but nothing else.
2. Stay home.
3. Eat what I have and don't go to the store unless really necessary.
4. Get dressed every work day (and yes, I am one of the people wearing jeans though we'll see how long that lasts).
5. Yoga every day with Heather.
6. Get outside every day if weather allows.
7. Close all my apple rings. I upped my calories but you can't change exercise or stand, boo. Going to try for the April challenge of 20,300 calories too.
8. Read 10 books I already own.
9. Put stuff away. I have things here and there around my apartment that I haven't found a spot for or just keep saying 'I'll put it away tomorrow'. So telling myself they need to be put away or gotten rid of by the end of the month.
10. Get rid of 30 things. I'm actually ahead of my get rid of one thing per day yearly goal but I haven't gotten rid of anything on purpose since February, so.

And here is Penny absolutely completely content never going outside.

Also just a quick reminder to anyone who wants to link up - tomorrow is the next What's New With You link up if you want to join me! 

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Like most people, I barely know what day it is so sorry for the late reminder. Hope everyone is staying home and staying healthy.

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