Monday, January 6, 2020

January 2020 Goals

Hello all! Hope 2020 has been treating everyone well so far. I posted my yearly goals last week but I'm also doing monthly goals. The idea is that I'll do little things each month to work towards the yearly goals. I waited until today to post the monthly goals because I'm kind of counting the first week of 2020 as an epilogue of 2019 - because how can you work on goals when you're on holiday? It's against the rules.

January goals:

1. 10 no spend days. Not consecutive, just 10 days in between now and the end of the month. Absolutely no spending, no exceptions.

2. Journal, gratitude journal + meditate 12 days each. That works out to 3 days a week between now and the end of the month.

3. Get rid of 31 things. Plus, one in and one out for everything I bought at home, but they may not be exact swaps - for example, one teapot in, I don't have a teapot to go out, you know?

4. Read 4 books I already own. 2 ebooks + physical books.

5. Try a new fitness class. Plus, exercise 3 times a week.

6. Make one appointment.

7. Up water + reduce diet coke consumption. Drink 1 bottle of water at home every Saturday and Sunday, plus no soda at work.

8. Connect with my family. Call mum once a week and respond to her messages faster, call brothers once each, talk to other family members on social media.

9. In bed by 11pm each night. Eventually, I want my bed time to be earlier, but that's where I'm starting off until I figure out what time works best.

10. Stick to basic skincare routine. By basic, I mean cleanser, moisturiser + sunscreen. My problem is I have so many products and I love using them but I'm not super consistent because, well, I just have too much. So, start with basic for this month.

Phew, 10 goals, but they are all connected to my yearly goals so I feel good about them. I love a good holiday and of course I love going home, but I am ready to get back to a normal routine, that's for sure.

And for the random photo in today's post, this is my nephew. This is how he sleeps. I can't. I just can't handle it.

Any goals for January?

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