Thursday, November 7, 2019

October 2019 Recap - What's New With You Link Up

Hello all, time for another what's new with you link up! Thanks again if you join me, I always appreciate it. You don't have to display the button if you don't want to, but don't forget to mention it somewhere in your post and check out some of the other posts! I'll be doing a monthly recap like I do every month.

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October was busy busy busy busy. I got the keys to my apartment on the 1st, but didn't properly move in/start sleeping there until the 4th. I got a lot of new stuff - nightstands, bed (and mattress), couch,  dresser, tv stand, tv, desk, bookshelf, cat condo(s)... thank goodness for my amazing friends who came over and put literally everything together - seriously, everything. I did nothing but feed them pizza and follow directions. There is no way I would have been able to do everything on my own, I am so thankful to them. 

Some of the new stuff:

JR Ward (author of the black dagger brotherhood series if you are familiar with paranormal romance) did a thing with the Louisville Library and we got to meet her and then listen to her talk, it was so freaking awesome. 

Then, another friend and I went to go see JoJo Moyes - gah, I adore her! I love love love seeing authors. We got to chat with her and get our books signed, but no photo with her unfortunately.

In other random things - think I went to ikea three times? Once with a friend, so that was fun. It's about 2 hours away, so not too bad. Another time I went to their TJ Maxx afterwards and had way too much fun. I had a couple friends over to hang out and watch Hocus Pocus, though my apartment wasn't even a little bit ready for company. I got a little witch headband and a witch hat hair clip and the little hair clip one was the perfect size for Millie's head. Doesn't she look thrilled. There was a firepit birthday celebration night in there too, which was a ton of fun. Went to Nashville for the night for a halloween party, I was a 'witch' - as in I wore black and that little witch headband. It was a fun night. On actual halloween, I slapped some cat ears on for work. We did a little pot luck thing which was fun. Book club was Ask Again, Yes (SUYB on Tuesday!) and chili. I did read other books, but didn't really take photos apparently. Also watched some TV, went to the gym/ran a couple of times, but no photos so did it even happen?

In other non-fun things - said goodbye to Chelsea on the 2nd, but I mentioned that last time. We closed on the house and went to the courthouse to file the divorce paperwork. It was actually processed in like, 2 days, so we are officially divorced.

In cat news, they are both doing super well but I can tell them miss/notice KC & Chelsea's absence because they are both needy. Penny has always been very needy, but Millie is Miss Independent. I keep expecting her to get back to normal eventually, but it hasn't happened yet. She's gotten better, but still not the old Millie, and she might never be. But thankfully, they seem to have accepted the new place/life, no eating/bathroom issues and that's what matters. In case you missed it on instagram:

Long story short, the half wall/open stairs situation was a surprise when I got my keys. I hemmed and hawed and had a bit of a breakdown, but ultimately decided on staying and I'm really glad I did. Except for Penny hanging out in that window. But I don't know what to do - if I try to block it, she'll just try and go around it and be more likely to fall.

Other than that, they really are doing well. It's so weird to have photos of only the 2 cats now. Not bad, just... weird. Penny and Millie were always 'my' cats and Chelsea was more his, but still. I do miss her, but we are doing pretty well just the 3 of us. Especially when there is tuna involved (last photo).

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So, what's new with you?

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