Friday, November 1, 2019

2019 November Goals

Well, it's been a hot minute since I did some goals. Felt like getting back to it.

In November, my goals are:

- get back into the gym and eating well - so, I lost about 25lbs going through everything because I wasn't eating and my heart rate was constantly going crazy. I was exercising occasionally, but not a lot because I didn't want to lose even more weight. When things calmed down/started moving forward, I found my appetite again and because I'd lost so much so quickly, I didn't care what I ate - lots of takeout, nachos, ice cream, chips and dip... not healthy, but at least I was eating and gaining a bit of weight back. But it's starting to get out of control and I don't want to die of a heart attack, so. My goal is to eat well 80% of the time and go to the gym/exercise 4-5 times per week.

- no shopping except thanksgiving weekend. I've gone a little crazy with shopping lately - mostly things I 'needed' for the apartment, then clothes because mine didn't fit after losing the weight, but I definitely need to slow my roll... until thanksgiving weekend.

Penny is very okay with the amount of shopping I have been doing. She loves plastic bags - hiding in them and eating them. So obviously I don't leave plastic bags hanging around.

- to do one scary thing. I've done a lot of things outside of my comfort zone lately, but most of them were out of necessity, so I'd like to do something scary (to me) on purpose.

- to get rid of some clothes. So, I went through my clothes months and months ago and had a bunch of things set aside to get rid of. Then, when I was packing, I used some of those clothes to protect breakables. It all got mixed in with my normal clothes when I unpacked and put things away, so now I need to go through everything again. It's okay though, because I've actually worn a few things I was going to get rid of because they fit me again. But I still have too much.

- to put things away, organise, declutter and purge stuff. When I was packing, I was kind of in a daze and just shoving things in boxes. As I was unpacking, I realised I have certain things I won't use anymore and things I've outgrown/no longer want in my life. But I kept putting it off because it was too overwhelming on top of just unpacking/surviving. Now I feel a bit more settled, I want to go through and get rid of all those things.

All of my boxes are unpacked but that doesn't mean everything is put away or neat... clearly, I need to do that and get rid of some stuff.

- to shop from my pantry/freezer. I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to food, which is all good and fine except when you move from a house to an apartment and can't organise anything because you have too damn much. Obviously I'll still need to go to the grocery for a few things like milk and produce, but I *could* survive on what I have for at least a month, I think.

- no solo eating out. Again, because of the moving and the being lazy, I was eating out way too much. It wasn't bothering me too much since, hey, I was eating again, but it's adding up and so are the pounds, ha. There's no need for me to eat out on my own anytime soon.

- 1 happy/grateful/positive thing daily. I will probably do this on instagram, because it is super easy to document things like that. Basically I want to find 1 thing each day that makes me happy/grateful/think positively. I have those thoughts anyway, but they are easy to forget when I'm in a sad mood, so I thought if I recorded them and could easily look at them in one go, that would help get me out of those moods. I thought about doing 3 per day, but baby steps.

This photo has no point, but I didn't want Millie to be left out. Ha.

So, that seems like a lot written out like that, but I feel like they all work well together. We'll see. Here's to a good month. Got any goals for November?

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