Friday, July 5, 2019

2019 June/July Goals

Hope everyone had a good 4th of July, whether it was a holiday or a normal July day for you. We are off today as well, so 4 day weekend yay! We aren't doing anything, which is absolutely lovely.

June was a bit of a bust, goals wise. Perhaps I am making the wrong kind of goals, especially book related (the least important ones). I did end up putting my clothes away (on the very last day of June, but still). I did not make any vet appointments, I did not finish the 2 BOTM books I started, nor did I listen to an audiobook I already owned... I did not delete any apps, I did not get reusable grocery bags. But, did I mention I finally put my clothes away? 4 months after my closet organisation birthday present?

Chelsea is embarrassed by how often I fail at my goals.

So, lets try July shall we...

go through and delete unnecessary apps on phone
empty spare room closet + under bed (it's turned into a bit of a junk room)
list things online, donate other things, send other things to thredup. just get rid of some stuff.
make vet appointment for penny
go to the gym/exercise 10 times
rip up carpet in sunroom + put new flooring down
do something out of my comfort zone, I don't know what yet, but I will think of something
get some reusable grocery bags and actually use them.
go through a car wash because lets throw a fun goal in there shall we.

9 goals, might be a little ambitious but all I can do is keep on trying.

You know that thing about how some people do well with external expectations and others internal, some are rebels etc etc. What if you are none, or all? I will never ever ever let someone down if they are relying on me - so external works for me... but posting on my blog or telling someone else 'to keep me accountable' is simply not the same as my friend waiting for me at the gym. I might fail my new years resolution if it is losing weight or going to the gym X times a week, but I'll kick butt at it if it's drinking a certain amount of water or cutting back on social media.

I like rules and guidelines and I love making goals. So why do I have such a hard time actually accomplishing them? I don't make them just for fun, I actually do want to tick all these things off my list. So how do I get better at that? Ugh. Am I the only one? I'm probably not, so if you have any suggestions do feel free to share.

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