Friday, June 21, 2019

10 Summer Page-Turners

Joining fellow bookworms today (check out their posts, linked below!) to share some page turners for summer - of course, you could read these any time of year, but perhaps one of these books will be the perfect pool or beach companion for you this summer. I read predominately romance and this list could have been completely romance books but I tried to keep it to just a few.

My list is in no particular order, some I read recently and some over a year ago. The books don't really have anything in common except for the fact that I found them super readable and unputdownable. You know what I mean, when time flies and all of a sudden you're halfway through the book even though it feels like you just started? Or the cliche 'one more chapter and oops it's two am'? I love those kinds of books, then again who doesn't?

Here are 10 books (or series, oops) I found unputdownable recently:

1. The Bookish Life of Nina Hill - this actually comes out July 9th, so sorry for the first book on my list not even being out yet, but you should seriously add this one to your TBR. I loved this book. I loved the characters, the story, everything. If you don't like romance, please don't be put off, it's not the main focus and it's closed door.

2. Shades of Magic series -  My favourite thing in the entire world is discovering a series that is already finished or very close to being finished - I think I waited a month, maybe, for the 3rd book in this series to come out? I also pre-ordered it and let me tell you how much I never do that. This series is hard to explain - it's fantasy, there's magic and multiple Londons. The world building is top notch. My favourite thing about this series is that when I was reading it, I was enjoying it, but then a line or scene would just hit me in the feels and I wanted to squeeze the book with love. You know? No? Maybe just me? You know like cute aggression with babies and animals? I have like, book love aggression. I love the book so much I want to squeeze it. I need to reread this series. I would say this is the most 'complicated' read in my list, as in not easy breezy beautiful beach read.

3. Jar of Hearts - I'm not trying to brag or anything, I am not special, but it is totally normal for me to read a book in a day... it is not normal for me to read a non-romance book in a day though, they just aren't as captivating or unputdownable for me like romance is. I read this book in a day. It was unputdownable from the get go, though warning, it is super messed up.

4. Nevermoor - yeah yeah technically two books but they are children's/middle grade and if you like fantasy, fun characters, awesome worlds and talking cats you should read these books. Seriously.

5. The Flatshare - Ok, this is a romance but it also deals with some super heavy stuff (emotional/psychological abuse) and I thought it was handled really well. It's dual POV and Leon's POV took me a hot minute to get into, the way it is written, but other than that, I adored this book and it was so freaking readable. Not over the top steamy if I remember right.

7. Tailspin - ok yes, hi, this is romantic suspense, but to me that is different compared to straight romance. I love a good Sandra Brown book - I haven't been overly impressed with some of her older stuff, but her newer ones always hit the spot with me. Like I said, I love romance books so books of other genres really have to be good to make me want to read it over a romance book. SB is the only author that I have discovered that makes me equally invested in the suspense portion of the book. The love story is teeny tiny, really not a focal point. Mean Streak is still my favourite of hers, but I really, really, really liked this one.

6. Veronica Speedwell series - Okay, apparently I am incapable of suggesting just 1 book, I need to throw a couple of series in here. I think Heather read these first and we pretty much always have the same taste so I gave them a go. As with almost everything I read, there is a romantic subplot that I enjoy (there is even a teeny one in Jar of Hearts you guys, love is everywhere) but this series is about so much more than that! It's so freaking fun and delightful and such a gosh darn good time.

8. Long Way Down - before this book, I would have told you I do not read poetry. I do not understand poetry, I do not like poetry. The audio of this book, which I have heard is amazing, is less than 2 hours which tells you what a fast read this is. This was such an emotional read, very powerful and such an interesting way to tell a story. I highly recommend.

9. Fix Her Up - remember when everyone was reading The Kiss Quotient because of the hype and being shocked by the sex because the cover was so gosh darn cute? Trust me when I say Tessa Bailey's books make The Kiss Quotient look like.. I don't know, something without sex. So, please only proceed if you like romance. A couple of my romance loving friends did not like this one so it's definitely not a recommend to all the people kind of book.

10. Saga series - Ok, again, technically 9 books but they are so short and because they are graphic novels they are insanely quick reads. I could not put these down. Think Game of Thrones meets... I don't know, something sci-fi-y. They are very adult and put the graphic in graphic novel. I did not think graphic novels were my thing and these blew my mind and I am waiting impatiently for volume 10. If they sound remotely interesting, give them a try! And tell me immediately!

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There were a couple others I thought of as page turners, but because I listened to them I'm saving them for a specific audiobook post next Friday.

Have you read any of these? What was the last book that you couldn't put down? I've heard great things about The Idea of You from Influenced The Podcast, so that's my next read!

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