Wednesday, May 1, 2019

2019 May Goals

But first, April goals. I wanted to:

 - do our taxes - this was an easy goal because of the whole deadline. I left it as late as possible though. I'm still angry about it. 
- no extra spending - I would say mostly yes, but not as good as I wanted to be. 
✓ - yard work - Yes, I've already shared photos, we planted more stuff, did the whole mulch thing, etc etc.
✓ - one BOTM book - yes, I read Queenie, go me.
✓ - one audiobook - I am calling this a win because I finally finished The Lost Man, though I started it in March. I also listened to part of Where the Crawdads Sing and Anne of Green Gables, though I read the majority of both via ebook but those 3 mish mashed together make 1 audiobook I am sure.
✓ - exercise 5 times - I did! Mostly because my bestie asked me to run with her and that was much easier and more enjoyable than going to the gym. I got, like, 1 photo, but I did it!
✓ - get rid of all the stuff + clean the sunroom - yes! we actually ripped down all the vertical blinds (we couldn't open or close them without them breaking), did a big clean and I finally got rid of all the stuff I wanted to donate.... okay, it's in the boot of my car but I will eventually drop it off, I swear.

Now, on to May goals:

- two BOTM books
- two audiobooks
- go to the gym 5 times 
- get rid of the stuff in my boot - otherwise it will sit there for months and months
- put my clothes away, get rid of 2 bags of stuff - my clothes are still sitting on the spare bed oops
- no solo eating out, no extra spending, try very very hard to stay within grocery budget
- finish the sunroom - curtain rods, curtains, rug.. maybe a new cat tower. Couch and TV stand/TV are not happening any time soon.
- delete unused/unnecessary apps off phone - I realise this is a silly goal but I've been meaning to do it for months so perhaps putting it here will give me the kick I need
- do weekly shopping at aldi once - just to see, just to make sure, it's been a year or so since I've tried to do a full shop there.
- list 12 things online - that's 3 things per week. Easy peasy.

10 goals might be pushing it but I'm gonna give it a go anyway.

Just a reminder if you want to link up, tomorrow is the what's new with you link up.

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In other news, it's Derby week here in KY - which just means I am hopefully off on Friday and basically everything will be closed or deserted on Saturday. How many books can I read....

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