Thursday, May 9, 2019

33 before 33

3 is my favourite number. I will be 33 on my next birthday. What better time to make a list of 33 things I want to do in the next 9 months? Some of them are big, some of them are small. Some of them were going to happen anyway but they wanted to be on the list, otherwise they wouldn't count. Also I started this list a few weeks ago so maybe I've already started working on some.

So, not in priority order, 33 things I want to do before I turn 33:

1. Braces be gone. It'll be exactly 18 months, he said 18-24 months so keep your fingers crossed for me.
2. Go to the eye doctor.
3. Go to the dermatologist. It's been too long since I've had a skin cancer check.
4. Have a more consistent exercise routine.
5. Be 90% vegetarian. I think I am pretty much there, but I calculated how many meaty meals I 'could' have (I can do what I want, but I wanted to know the percentage) to be 90% vegetarian.
6. Work on eating fruit or veg at every meal. Or maybe like, 99% of my meals.
7. Reduce diet coke intake. It's my only vice so no desire to give it up completely, but I'd like to mostly drink water when out (mainly because it ups the cost) and stick to 1 at each meal at home/work.
8. Get back into yoga. I'm basically a beginner all over again.
9. Work on pull ups, deadlifts + running. I have never been able to do a pull up, I want to be able to do deadlifts the way KC does them and I have lost so much of my running fitness it makes me sad. I want to work on all of these things but don't know about magically doing pull ups, deadlifts and running half marathons in 9 months, so working on all of those things is the goal here.

10. Cut down waste at home. Mainly plastic bags, lysol wipes, dryer sheets + paper towels, but I want to look into other things.
11. Stock + organise my hoarder end of the world stash in the basement.
12. Clean + organise the basement, replace things. We are probably a few years away from properly finishing it, but right now it's a bit of a junk yard.
13. Clean + organise the garage.
14. Make some changes to the household/cleaning products I use. Need to look into this more.
15. Turn in between sunroom + garage into gravel patio thing.
16. Do another big declutter of all the things. Clothes, books, random stuff. I am thinking I want to get rid of like, 25% of things, but first I need to count everything to then figure out the percentage.
17. Buy couch + cat furniture for sunroom. Also rip up carpet if we can figure out the rain coming in from the bottom problem.
18. New kitchen table + chairs. I know exactly what I want, it's just a matter of other things taking priority right now. But I want it soon.

19. Stay under my monthly grocery budget at least once.
20. Meet savings goals. We have 2 separate accounts and 2 separate goals.
21. Pay down debt. Not all of it, what with a car and mortgage, but I have a plan so I just need to stick to it.
22. Do a true no spend month. Nothing but groceries and bills.

23. Streamline skincare routine. I need to cull some products and decide on favourites.
24. Move to all cruelty free skincare + makeup products. I think I might be about 75% right now.
25. Take all 3 cats to the vet. Not all at once, I'm not crazy.
26. Go through a car wash. Like, in the movies. Never been in one!
27. Do 5 new to me out of my comfort zone scary things. The car wash doesn't count.
28. Go on a little weekend trip with KC. Driving, no flying.
29. Cook dried beans. We eat a lot of beans, I've never cooked them, always used cans. I know, I know.
30. Make my own pasta sauce. Yes, I know. I can't believe I've never really done it either.

31. Listen to all the audiobooks I currently own (24)
32. Read all the BOTM books I currently own (7)
33. Make a dent in books I already own. I'm not putting a number on this, but at the time of writing, (this includes audio, physical, ebooks, free or gifted books), I own 650 books.

33 and a half - Get pregnant, hopefully. I don't want this actually be a goal because I don't want the stress or pressure and I still have a lot of feelings from Constance. But I do hope I am pregnant before then. Though if I am, that will change a few of these goals. So. Whatever, I'm flexible.

Phew. Okay. That's a lot. Some of them kind of contradict each other, especially the buying things vs saving/paying off things, so I'll just have to be smart. Some of them are out of my control, but most are things I can actively work towards. None of these are silly or things I feel like I 'should' do, but things I actually want to be a part of me or my life. I won't be upset if I don't accomplish everything, but I will be upset if I don't even try.

Now to think of the 5 out of my comfort zone things. Definitely want to volunteer, donate blood (need to up my iron) and maybe get a massage... any suggestions for other things?

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