Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Life Lately

I know I just did a what's new with you post, but 'life lately' is better than 'word vomit'.

Here's a cat. I can't handle the cuteness.

I want to blog more. I do. I miss it. I just feel like I have nothing to say, or when I do write a post, I think 'who cares? who wants to read this?' But who cares? Don't want to read it, don't. I don't have anything exciting to talk about but I still want to talk.

I read a post years ago where someone said if they looked at your instagram and saw more than 2 selfies in the top 6, they would unfollow you. Since then I've been paranoid about what I post on instagram, but again - I don't have anything else to share besides my face! Cats and books, that's it. But I feel insecure about what I post, so I end up not posting at all. Plus, there's instagram stories and that's just easier. But even then sometimes I think 'no-one wants to see that' and don't post. Why do I care?

Moving on. 

Things I've watched lately:

A cat show documentary
The fyre festival documentary
Bitter Daisies (with KC)
Altered Carbon (with KC)
Marie Kondo - funny story, I kept seeing everyone say that the first couple was really weird. I watched it and I was like huh, I kind of liked them. Turns out, for some reason, my netflix played the second episode first, so I watched the first couple last and yeah. They were weird.
Everything British bake off related on netflix - Again, my netflix was weird and played the last season first, so I met the new hosts and judges before I met the old ones.

Me too, Mary
You know how you'll think 'shit, did I lock the door?' and go back and check? I am really bad about that, like I need to go back and check twice because am I sure? Did I? I'll get paranoid one of the cats got out, so after I've double checked the door, I will go back in the house to make sure they are all accounted for, lock the door, get in my car and think crap, did I lock the door? Did I shut the garage? Better turn around and check. The other day I had to leave work to make sure I'd turned the oven off (I had, I *knew* I had but I still doubted). I've always been bad about it but it's gotten so much worse. I have to talk to myself as I am doing it - 'door is locked, it's locked, LOCKED'. I've also started taking photos of things like the oven to make sure I turned it off, or the garage to make sure it's shut. Or a photo of the cats to make sure I didn't let them out. Seriously. Do you think I am exaggerating? I am not. It is becoming a problem.

We went on a cruise at the beginning of the month - it was fun. After our first cruise, we didn't think we'd go on another but clearly we changed our minds. The cruise went to Mexico. It was good, we'd cruise again, but I personally don't want to go again unless it is summer. The weather didn't really go above 80 and that's just too cold for me to go near water. But it was fun. Funny story, both KC and I had coworkers on the exact same cruise. That wasn't awkward at all.

I got sick a week before the cruise. Awesome. It was mainly a sore throat and then all the other fun stuff. Then the day before we left, it was just a cough! Awesome. Except that was two and a half weeks ago and I am still freaking coughing. Not just a little cough either, but like waking me up in the middle of the night and I think I should have a 6 pack by now I've coughed so bloody much.

Our flight home wasn't supposed to leave until 4, arrive home at 9:30. We ended up getting on an earlier flight thanks to the fare we bought and ended up getting home at 3:30. I didn't book that flight originally because you never know what time you'll get off the ship and get to the airport, it's not worth the stress. It worked out well though, because who likes getting home and going straight to sleep? I like to shower, unpack (kinda), relax.. it was awesome.

We did some yard work the last two weekends, and goodness gracious that adds up doesn't it? We bought a few boxwoods for the front of the house - we started the right side back in November but then got in an accident so it was super not pretty for several months. Then I got some hydrangeas for behind the boxwoods and mulch for all of it. It looks great, but ouch our bank account.

We also planted a gardenia tree. When I shared our loss, Jana suggested planting a tree. I loved the idea so much, I knew exactly where I wanted to plant it though I couldn't decide what I wanted to plant. I saw the gardenia tree at lowes and I just knew immediately, as corny as it sounds. I see it when I pull up to the house, when I walk into the house and it is visible from the kitchen window. I love it so much.

Now, lets just hope it survives. Green thumb I do not have. My boxwoods survived so here's hoping. Also, lets hope the grass grows where we pushed back the garden bed. We sprinkled some grass growing stuff, so fingers crossed.

I would love to plant more boxwoods around the side and back of the house, but that's going to be a next year or even the following year project. This summer, maybe, if the pavers I want go on sale again, we are going to do a pathway to the front door. It looks fairly affordable and easy-ish. The 'ish' is that I know it will be back-breakingly hard, but easy in theory. We shall see.

When we got back from our cruise, I used my laptop that day and the next, until it suddenly died. It wouldn't turn back on, I couldn't figure out what was going on. It never gave me any low battery indication, just conked out. It's not a fancy laptop by any means and I've had issues with it but hoped I had at least a couple more years with it. We took it apart, couldn't fix it, I wanted to cry. I could get a new one, but I am really trying not to spend any extra money right now. So I just figured I'd be without a laptop for a few months. Then, on the Monday following the cruise, I tried to plug my phone in to charge. It didn't charge. So I checked, and KC had unplugged the power strip from the power point. So my laptop 'died' because the battery died. We took it apart and tried all these different things, but didn't think to try plugging it in. I was like, how the heck did this come unplugged? KC was like, oh yeah I did that. and you didn't think to tell me when I was dismantling my laptop?!

But hey, at least I don't have to buy a new one!

Here's another cat. I just like sharing pictures of my cats.

Speaking of money and stuff, I feel like I am *always* searching for ways to spend less at the grocery store. I've tried aldi and there is pretty much nothing there that is significantly cheaper than Kroger - that we eat, anyway. I think the most expensive thing we buy is meat, so I'm always trying to get that on sale or find it cheaper. I can't even imagine how much we'd spend at the grocery store if I ate meat all the time as well. I just want to know how people spend so little, I budget a certain amount and we always go over it by a couple hundred. I do include anything we buy at the grocery store as groceries, including toilet paper, toothpaste etc. But I buy a lot of that in bulk/on sale for my stash in the basement. So it really doesn't come up all that often. But anyway. I honestly want to know how to spend less. I think one of our main problems is that we are both kinda picky - when I look at cheap meals on pinterest and the like, I can go down the list and say 'well I won't eat that, KC won't eat that, I won't eat that one, KC won't touch that with a 10 foot pole'. On top of both of us being picky, KC eats a lot. He lifts lots of heavy weights pretty much every day and needs a lot of food. I also eat a lot, not because I lift heavy but because I really like food. I'm pretty good with meal planning and prepping these days, I feel like we eat relatively healthy and I think the meals are affordable, but then they all add up and suddenly we are over budget. Ugh. I have no actual request, I just want to magically spend less money. So if you have any magic tricks, do share.

On a final note, I am officially an aunty. My baby brother, who is not such a baby anymore, welcomed a son at the end of last month. Isn't he a cutie pie? I want to squeeze him. Hopefully we can go home in the next year or two.

So that's my little word vomit post. Feel free to share any grocery store saving magic tricks if you have them.

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