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Happy Show Us Your Books day with Steph & Jana! I totally thought I would have more books to share today, we just got back from our cruise but I guess I didn't read as much as I thought I did!

Kill the Queen - Jennifer Estep
lone survivor of royal family massacre must take back the throne from evil cousin
This is why I hate reading books when the series isn't finished! I am so frustrated and need the next book stat. This was described as gladiator meets game of thrones, and I think that is fairly spot on but a very weak game of thrones. It's basically any want-your-throne kind of story. This was a great mix of fantasy and historical, I was totally captivated. Very satisfying ending, though I seriously need the next book now.
bookshop in small town and all the people
This was really cute and I enjoyed it for the most part. There was one thing that made me super frustrated with how it was handled (highlight for spoiler: the car accident when the guy was high, even when the other guy thought he was drunk he let him get behind the wheel? I couldn't wrap my head around that). There were a lot of characters and though it wasn't too hard to keep track of them, it did take a hot minute to feel any connection or care what was going on because of that. There were some stories I enjoyed more than others. Overall, it was an enjoyable, passed the time just fine kind of read, I did like it. Just didn't love it and can't quite put my finger on why. 
The Lost Husband - Katherine Center
woman and kids move to aunt's farm 3 years after husband dies
This has been on my list ever since I read and loved Happiness for Beginners. It was really cute and I did enjoy it, but not as much as the other two I've read by Center. There were a few things the main character did that frustrated me and that could be because I'm not a mother and I wanted to hit her over the head with some common sense. But I probably don't get it because I'm not a mother. That being said, Center just has a way with writing that makes her characters and stories so realistic and relatable, I loved all the characters in this one (even Libby, though I wanted to shake her sometimes) and it gave me lots of gooey feelings and I can't wait for the movie.
Ghosted - Rosie Walsh
couple spends week together, then he disappears
I am quite conflicted on how I feel about this one - it took until around 50% for it to get to where I actually wanted to know what happened. I'm not sure I could relate to how strong whatsherface felt and how devastated she was when he 'ghosted' her. I understand feeling strongly for someone after only spending a few days with them, but if that happened to me, I would be upset but would easily chalk it up to the fact that the guy lied or whatever. No big, move on. So that part was hard for me to believe, because I was like girl you need to be less of a stalker, yeah? But then things start being revealed and there's lots of twists and I felt a lot of feelings. So. Conflicted. Overall, glad I read it, wish the main character wasn't so unlikable in the beginning. Liked the ending.
On the Come Up - Angie Thomas
DNF @ 22%. Well this is awkward. Talk about an unpopular opinion. I liked THUG but I had some small issues with it. I liked the story and the characters enough to overlook those things. Unfortunately, I just didn't click with this one at all. Everyone loves the main character, I really really disliked her. Maybe she got better and I didn't give her enough of a chance. But I wasn't enjoying reading it, I didn't want to force myself, didn't want to hate read it. Maybe it was the wrong book at the wrong time. I've seen nothing but glowing reviews so perhaps it's just me.

Fix Her Up - Tessa Bailey
Don't be fooled by the cutesy cover, this is not The Hating Game or any of its friends - Tessa Bailey books are known to be super steamy and they call her the queen of something I don't want to write here, ha. This is my favourite Tessa Bailey yet, I absolutely loved it. 
Received from Netgalley.
The Right Swipe - Alisha Rai
This is a spin off of the Forbidden Hearts series. Again, don't be fooled by the cutesy cover, they must be 'in' right now or something. I'd say this was as steamy as those books. I loved the plot of this one, I love these characters - they are as realistic and as flawed as her other series - I just think she writes fabulous characters. I am very excited for the next one.
Received from Netgalley.
A Prince on Paper (Reluctant Royals series) - Alyssa Cole 
After absolutely loving the second book in this series, I had high high high expectations for this one. I did like it, but definitely not as much as book two.  I totally get why authors are including certain things in their books these days, and I don't dislike it exactly, it just gets a bit exhausting sometimes when it's all you see in the news and then it's in the books you read as well.. I don't hate it, but it takes a little enjoyment out of reading when I feel like the author wants to teach me a lesson. But anyway. I also read the little novella Can't Escape Love, which was cute.
Received from Netgalley.
The Austen Playbook - Lucy Parker
I love Lucy Parker. That's all I need to say. I just adore this series and wish she had more books out! I loved these characters, I loved the story, I want more. If you are a romance fan I highly recommend Lucy Parker's books.
Received from Netgalley.

In Want of a Wife - Noelle Adams
I don't know if I've mentioned this lately, but I am a big fan of a book called Pride & Prejudice. I've read a few Noelle Adams books and enjoyed them, but I had too many arcs and told myself not to request this - but then I saw it was P&P related and couldn't help it. She does stress that this is not a retelling, but I would consider it one in a loose way. The bones are there, but she makes it her own without offending Janeites. I absolutely loved every little thing about this one. I can't wait for the rest in this series.
Received from Netgalley.

Just started Where the Crawdads Sing for book club and still working on The Lost Man - I was hoping to finish it before today but alas. I'm about halfway through and really enjoying it!

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TL;DR - I recommend Kill the Queen or The Lost Husband. I also liked the Bookshop one and Ghosted, but not as much as the other two.

Read anything decent lately?

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