Thursday, March 7, 2019

February 2019 Recap - What's New With You Link Up

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February was a bit busier than January, what with being my birthday month. It rained on my birthday, as it has every.single.year. since I was born, no matter where I am living. I told my coworker that and he said 'well I'm sure it's rained somewhere on my birthday every year too'. Smart ass. I meant wherever I am living, it rains. Summer or winter, all day or 1 hour. Rain.

Anyway. The highlight of my month was Cher. Dream come true, once in a lifetime, loved it loved it loved it. She was amazing. Unfortunately, I had too much to drink - I am assuming my tolerance was super low because I had only had a couple random single drinks since not being pregnant anymore, so having more than 4 was a recipe for disaster. Thank goodness for good friends to hold your hair back... I had a great time otherwise. And shout out to my bestie who isn't a huge Cher fan but went with me so I didn't have to go alone (or drag KC).

Other than that, got my hair done, went out to dinner for my birthday (black bean burger from the Goat, favourite favourite favourite, could eat it every single day), went to book club - Crazy Rich Asians and we watched the movie too.

We went to visit KC's mom to return her car and KC wanted me to shoot his guns while we were there so I'd feel comfortable if anyone broke into the house... Let me tell you, if someone breaks into my house to hurt me, I'm grabbing the cats and running. It's something KC and I argue about a lot, good-naturedly, kind of. We have opposite opinions when it comes to guns and the right to hurt/kill people if they break into our house. But I at least agreed with the fact that there shouldn't be something in the house that I don't know how to use. So we went shooting. I hit a tree! Go me. It was disgustingly muddy, my photos don't do it justice. It was also cold AF and I had a blanket from my car wrapped around me when I wasn't shooting.

And yes we finally got a new car! I have no photos, oops. It's just another toyota corolla, similar to the one that was written off back in November. Because I was pregnant and we were dealing with all that, it just wasn't a priority. We were very lucky that my mother in law had a spare car for us to borrow for those few months.

I got some Australian goodies for my birthday and ate them all within 48 hours. I used to be able to eat a whole bag of lollies in one sitting, no problem, now I get a stomachache. So I had a stomachache for a couple days because I am incapable of slowing down when it comes to allens lollies. Yum. I also ate lots of food - ended my vegetarian month with Shiraz, my fave (thanks coworker) and it's the only meat I've had since.

For my birthday, I requested a mini closet update. As you can see, I was in serious need of some organisation and purging. We have big plans for the bathroom next to our bedroom, and that will include a bigger closet, but for now this mini one is mine and KC uses one in a different room. So for now, this will do and I am quite happy with it. So is Millie. I still haven't put everything away (oops) because I'm wanting to do a big clean out and just haven't really been bothered yet. So my current closet is the bed in the spare room.

I also organised all of my makeup and skincare. Again, the set up isn't ideal but remodeling both of the bathrooms isn't a super high priority and we need to save all the money first.

Read a lot of books and took lots of photos of my cats too. The cats are hilarious with the roomba, they follow it around and then hide if it gets too close. They will never be the cats that sit on the roomba, that's for sure.

And that's all I got up to in February. March is shaping up to be relatively busy as well, a concert last night (well, I'm writing this on Wednesday so it's tonight), a mini girls trip, St Patrick's Day parade... I think that's about it. I am so ready for spring.

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