Monday, January 7, 2019

Goodbye 2018

2017 wasn't the best year and I had high hopes for 2018. Unfortunately, 2018 shit all over 2017 and now I have high hopes for 2019. But more on me and my attitude about 2019 another day.

I didn't do a yearly recap for 2017 but I wanted to for 2018. I know these aren't the most exciting things to read but I love looking back, so this is mostly for me.

2018 was the year of reading for me. I read so much, I read more than I ever have in my life. I read more books in 2018 than I read in 2016 and 2017 combined. Insane, right? I read every spare second. I sacrificed a lot of my other responsibilities and hobbies though. I exercised/went to the gym less than I have since I was 18, I gained more weight than I have since I was in my early twenties. I saw my friends the least I ever have, we didn't travel as much as we have in previous years. I rarely blogged or posted on social media. I slept less, neglected my house, hardly watched any TV or movies, hardly spoke to my family. None of those are good things, of course, just sharing how I read so much - I neglected almost everything else in my life. Yes, it was a coping mechanism, but I am hoping to read less and do more of everything else in 2019. But again, more on 2019 another day.

Something I will mention about 2019 is that I am trying to be more positive. I'm going through some stuff right now that even the most positive person would whinge about. That's okay. I am allowed to cry and be sad, but I need to try and not wallow as much. So, one of the ways I am going to try and do that is not beat a dead horse and focus on the bad things of 2018 in this post. We had some TTC ups and downs, my dog and my nana died, we were in a car accident. That wraps up the worst things of 2018, lets now focus on the good.

6 year anniversary of moving to america, wedding show, book club, impromptu dinner with girlfriends, pinots palette with work friends.

Birthday celebrations - dinners, cooking classes, masquerade balls and a board and brush class. Gifts from around the globe. I always feel extra loved in February.

Red hair and St Paddy's day fun.

Finally got some nice weather to hang out in the sunroom and outside, travelled to see KC's family for a wedding, KY derby mini.

KC's brother got married, grilled outside a bunch, did a bunch of little house projects.

Went to Cincinnati and Ikea with my girlfriends, went to a German festival and travelled again to see KC's family and attend another wedding.

Vegas anniversary trip! Shania twain concert. Oral surgery and braces... okay not exactly a 'good' thing, but I've wanted to sort my teeth out for years so it's a good step in the right direction.

Birthday celebrations for friends and KC, yard work, soccer games and work outings. Four n twenty came to the 'ville and I got 48 meat pies. They are all long gone. Met Ilona Andrews!

World fest, Downs after Dark and finishing up on some house projects we started in May. Oops.

Baking adventures, gifts from Heather, craft nights.

Hanson! More yard work. Liane Moriarty!!

New fridge and new basement door! I get really excited about improvements we make to the house, no matter how small. Book club white elephant and allens lollies. Yum.

And with that, I say goodbye 2018. You were probably - definitely - the worst year of my adult life and I am glad to see you go. But looking back, there were lots of good things I am thankful for and it's nice to remind myself of them.  Here's to many more ups and downs in the coming years.

Hope everyone had a great 2018 and I wish you all the best for 2019!

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