Tuesday, November 13, 2018

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Show Us Your Books day with Steph & Jana! I've been kind of so-so on books lately. I go up and down and I like to just let those phases run their course. I was reading The Clockmaker's Daughter and don't want to say I DNF'd it, because I don't even remember the first 2 chapters, but I am pausing it for now. Just not in the mood for a Kate Morton book. Once I finally admitted that, I got back into reading but mostly romance so I don't have a whole lot of 'normal' books to share.

Jane Doe - Victoria Helen Stone
mystery thriller with sociopath
This one is near impossible to talk about or describe without spoilers. Basically, the main character is a nutjob but this is one of the times that you like them/agree with them/want them to succeed... Kind of like Joe from You, but even more so. I knew I liked this author's writing because she writes romance under another name but I was hesitant because this isn't my usual genre. I was pleasantly surprised because I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.
Nine Perfect Strangers - Liane Moriarty 
nine strangers go to a health resort
I really, really, really liked this. I am so glad I read it as soon as it was released, unlike Truly Madly Guilty where I waited a bit and then the hype was too insane and there were negative reviews and I ended up waiting a couple of years. I will say, this one is nothing like what I've read from her previously and I think she is a super versatile writer. It does get a bit weird and it's hard to explain why without spoilers. I loved the characters in this book and while it's not exactly compelling in a must find out all the things way, it is a very easy quick read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Of course, as always, biased because I love all the Australianisms in her books but doubly biased this time because our book club went to go see her talk about it last week and it was everything and now I adore her even more.
Pride - Ibi Zoboi
modern YA diverse P&P retelling
I was insanely excited for this and ridiculously disappointed. I should have DNF'd it but the idea was so fantastic and I kept hoping it would get better. I didn't click with the writing, I personally don't think it should be called a P&P retelling, but mostly the characters are what ruined this for me. I think I am eve more bummed because I was so excited, so sure I would love it. Womp.
Eh, even romances were a bit lacklustre for me lately. A couple of great ones but for the most part everything was very fine but forgettable.

Bad Habits Trilogy // Butterface // Fall // I started the Immortals After Dark series finally, very behind the times at least in the paranormal romance world, and I'm currently up to book 6.
Kingdom of Ash - well, I've read the first chapter a couple of times but this book is almost a thousand pages so I keep putting it off even though I'm excited for it.

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TL;DR - I recommend both Jane Doe and Nine Perfect Strangers. Hopefully my reading mojo will be up before the next link up.

Read anything decent lately?

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