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Show us your books day! First off I wanted to thank everyone for their kind words on my post about my nana yesterday, they were much appreciated. It's funny how sharing things like that can make you feel better, help you cope. I liked sharing some of my memories and though I'm sure I will always miss her, I feel lighter somehow. So, thank you. Now, book time! As usual, when I'm going through stuff, I bury my head in books to cope. So I have quite a few to share!

Daisy Jones & the Six - Taylor Jenkins Reid
follows the break up of a fictional band
Talk about high expectations! I still haven't really gotten all my thoughts together, but this was a really easy read, different format but you get used to it quickly, fast paced and you keep turning the page because you want to know what happened, a little disappointed with the endings for some characters, a teeny twist that made me gasp.. I shouldn't compare, it didn't come close to Evelyn Hugo for me, but it did give me all of the feels.
Received from Netgalley.
99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne
new sally thorne book what more do you need to know
I like to keep my romance books separated in the little area below but this deserves its own spot up here. Heather and I both got the ARC and we were like we should read it together, when do you want to read it, it doesn't come out until January, we should wait.. and then we were both like yeah, we want to start it right away. Couldn't help ourselves! Anyway, if you are a fan of The Hating Game, I recommend, just try not to compare it, as they are like cousins rather than sisters. I really, really, really enjoyed it. Now, not so patiently waiting for the next Sally Thorne book... 
Received from Edelweiss.
Pretty Girls Dancing - Kylie Brant
missing girls
Well this was creepy AF. It was definitely engrossing. It was fast paced and I thought it was well written. I liked most of the characters, except of course the ones you're not supposed to. I really liked the ending, some characters getting their just desserts. I had no idea where anything was going, I didn't see anything coming. True, I don't read a whole lot of books like this so take that with a grain of salt. I mostly read it though I listened to a bit on audio and I don't recommend that at all.
You Are a Badass - Jen Sincero
personal development
This reinforced a lot of thoughts I already had, namely that it's okay to not have big grand dreams or to live what others might consider a 'small' life. It also made me look at things a different way, and made me realise I might hold on to things a little too long, might be more angry or bitter over things I need to let go of or forgive. It made me think about being more present in my life, appreciating the bumps instead of getting angry or frustrated. It also made me want to be more honest with my goals and bad habits. There was a lot I didn't agree with or thought 'yeah no thanks, not for me' and that is okay.
Still Me - JoJo Moyes
third in me before you series
I liked After You, I did not hate it like others seemed to. Though I don't remember a whole lot about it so it took a bit to get back into this world. I ended up liking it a lot, felt a lot of emotions and I liked the ending.... but I'm still not entirely sure books 2 or 3 even needed to be written. Like they could have been about different characters and held their own, without the Will thing hanging over Louisa's head. I did like this, and After You, but I do hope JoJo Moyes writes something else soon, something not Louisa Clark related (and I really, really like Louisa). I still like Me Before You best, like book wise, but I also really, really love Sam. 
The Book of Essie - Meghan MacLean Weir
daughter of preacher with tv show like the duggars is pregnant
This was really, really, really good. It's about so much more than the synopsis makes it sound. It's a very emotional book, a lot heavier than you think it might be. There's a lot going on, it's told from three POVs and I'm not sure one of them was really necessary but it wasn't a big deal. The ending was satisfying. Somehow this was a light read dealing with heavy stuff. I do recommend. 
I Am Watching You - Teresa Driscoll
woman sees two teenage girls meet dangerous guys, next day one is missing
I thought this was really good, very interesting, very 'must know what happens next'. Had no idea who the bad guy was. There was a lot going on, not just with possible bad guys but just.. a lot. Like a lot of filler. Anyway, it makes you think, what would you do in certain situations? If you saw two teenage girls talking to older, dangerous men? Would you try and stop them, or try and call their parents (even though they are strangers), or would you do nothing?
girl writes letters to people she's loved and they get sent
I kept putting this one off because I really didn't enjoy her other trilogy. Then the netflix movie came out and obviously I had to watch it, but I had to read it first. I don't read a whole lot of YA anymore because teenagers are really annoying but I tried to ignore that. I read a LOT of contemporary romance and I also had to try not to compare it to that, because a lot of things that go down are super not okay in the romance world. But anyway. This was totally adorable, and the movie was even more adorable. I'm not so patiently waiting for the next book from the library.
A Spark of Light - Jodi Picoult
shooting at women's health services center
Never thought I would dislike a Picoult book. I think it was the subject matter, but it's turned me off her books. I can acknowledge and respect a lot of different beliefs someone might have compared to me, I try not to judge and just accept that we are different... but there are a few I simply cannot accept or understand. I feel like she was too ambivalent in this one, about which belief/opinion was right or wrong and I couldn't get behind that. It's a nope from me. Also, it's told in reverse which is not my jam.
Received from Netgalley.
Consumed (thanks Netgalley!) // Bountiful (loving this whole series but this is by far my favourite) // Fight or Flight (thanks Netgalley! Comes out today) // Hot Winter Nights (I adore Jill Shalvis) //
One Day in December (thanks Netgalley! Comes out November 7th) // Reckless (wow, this was so much better than the cover makes it look) // The Simple Wild (thanks Netgalley!) // Rebel Hard (thanks Netgalley!)

The Clockmaker's Daughter and Nine Perfect Strangers - coincidentally both Aussie authors! The Clockmaker's Daughter actually comes out today, I was hoping to finish it before the link up, but... life. Also, Nine Perfect Strangers doesn't come out in the US until next month, but I'm still hooked up to my Australian library and it came out in September there.

Linking up with Steph & Jana. Happiest of happy anniversaries guys! 4 years, wow! Favourite link up ever.

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TL;DR - I recommend Daisy Jones, 99 Percent Mine, Pretty Girls Dancing, The Book of Essie, I Am Watching You and To All The Boys I've Loved Before. 

Read anything decent lately?

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