Tuesday, October 2, 2018

2018 - 10/12 - October Goals

I can't believe - well, I can but you know what I mean - that we are officially in the 4th quarter of 2018... Time flies, right?

Quick recap of September goals before I move on to October's:
  • No spend September - not 100%, so it's technically a fail. I shopped twice, both times I let my emotions about things in my life get to me, but no excuse. I ate out at work twice, both times were in the last week - I was going so strong! Other than that, nothing, so I am quite proud but can do better.
  • Declutter/Mins Game/Organise - I successfully completed the mins game, I did organise the basement a bit as well but I still have more to do there.
  • Organise and get rid of paperwork - I actually completely forgot about this one, oops.
  • Meal plan: I didn't stop eating mac n cheese but did meal plan for most of the month, so I'm calling it a pass.
  • Finish entry wall in kitchen: success! I am so happy with this wall.
  • Get in front of netgalley books: another success! Yes, it was an easy goal but whatever.

All in all I reckon I did okay. The only one I failed spectacularly was the paperwork.

Quick before and after of our wall that I shared on Instagram:

Moving on to October goals:
  • Little free library. I got rid of a lot of books in September and have saved them for our future little free library, but I don't want to keep them for years. So I am giving us a month to get this sorted otherwise the books are going to Half Price or Goodwill.
  • Stick to budget. I am trying something new this month in regards to finances, my goal is always to stop spending and then I inevitably fail, so this time I am focusing on sticking to the budget I've had in place for like 2 years and never successfully stuck to. My focus right now is to pay things off, and I am not doing it fast enough because I keep spending money. If we stick exactly to the budget - and there is money allocated for eating out, entertainment and shopping so it's not like I'm trying to restrict completely - I will be able to pay things off quicker. Paying things off, saving money and possibly going home - all of these things are so much more important than makeup, clothes or random shit from amazon.
So they are my goals for October. Keeping it relatively simple.

Also, just a quick reminder to anyone who wants to link up - this Thursday the 4th is the next What's New With You link up if you want to join me!

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