Thursday, September 13, 2018

Three things Thursday

Decided to take a page out of Steph's book and share three things today.

1. Bottle opener with magnet catcher. I bought this for KC for last christmas and he likes it, but I love it. I find it super entertaining. The magnet is strong as all get out though - KC put it on the freezer door and then tried to move it, the freezer door moved with it. KC clears the caps off it but I like when there's a bunch just hanging on to each other. Seriously, way more entertaining than it should be. It was $20.

Also, I love having a notepad on the fridge - I have my meal plan/shopping magnet notepad but this one is just for random notes or quick lists. Got it from target, couldn't find it online.

2. Tarte powder foundation - I meant to take a before and after one day when I used this, but.. I didn't. I do recommend it though, I've never had a powder foundation actually cover well. I'd say coverage wise it's like a cc cream, which is the exact level I like. It's quick and easy, I am a huge fan.

3. Chest Freezer - got this for KC for his birthday but it was definitely one of those presents that also benefits me. Since I often request presents that are house related, I figured it was okay. He also got normal birthday stuff. Anyway, we love it. Super cheap, great reviews, sold. It's fairly small, but perfect for just the two of us. It's so cheap if we need more room we can just another one down the line.

So, happy Thursday. I don't have anything witty to say here, but if you have any chest freezer organisation tips, let me know!

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