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Queenstown, New Zealand Recap - June 2017 - Part 1

After Auckland, we flew to Queenstown. I mentioned that I don't know if I'd go back to Auckland, not because it wasn't awesome but because it is so far and not necessarily worth it when I could see more of my own country or go somewhere new... I do not feel that way about Queenstown. Which is silly, because they are basically the same distance from Kentucky and we'd probably have to fly to Auckland or Sydney first to get to Queenstown anyway. But I would 100% times one million go back to Queenstown. First off, it was legit the most beautiful place I've ever been. Seriously. Stunning. The people were all super friendly (well, most), it was super small and quaint but still tons to do and places close by. 10/10 would recommend.

Even though we loved Queenstown, there were a few negatives. The hotel was not amazing - first they tried to put us in a different room than what we paid for, the floor that room was on stunk to high heaven, the staff were the opposite of friendly, the company we used to visit Milford Sound was frustrating and there was one restaurant that was awful. Other than that, no complaints. That's all I'll say about the negatives, positive stuff only from here on out.

I don't normally like to split up one place if I can help it (more for myself, I know long posts are annoying for other people) but I had to with Queenstown because I took a lot of photos. 

Again, these posts are mainly for me but hopefully you find it beautiful too. I mean, just look at the freaking airport! Not exactly fun to fly into, but bloody beautiful.

From what I remember, we landed around 2pm. Went to the hotel, had the issues I mentioned but won't go into anymore. Unfortunately it took like 2 hours to deal with, we'd planned to walk around some and then come back to the hotel to get ready, but instead we just relaxed for a bit before getting ready for dinner. Luckily, the view was pretty nice!

After relaxing, we headed out to dinner a bit early so we could walk around a bit beforehand. I mean, look at these views! I am pretty sure I took 100 photos of the same thing, I couldn't get over how gorgeous it was. 

the restaurant is at the top in that photo, you catch a gondola thingy.

Finally KC dragged me away to head up to the skyline for dinner. Highly recommend because you get even more stunning views. 

can we just talk about that guy in the background with his puffer jacket and shorts!

'twas a bit windy

The restaurant is a buffet and it was great. From what I remember, we paid a little extra to get 'VIP' aka sit near the window because views! I don't mind paying extra for things like that, especially when I can book and pay for them in advance - that way when the holiday comes around, you don't have to worry about paying for anything because it's already been paid for.. makes it feel free or the holiday less expensive haha. Anyway, back to the restaurant - they seriously had everything. I ate a lot of potatoes and dessert, zero shame.

The next day we headed to Milford Sound. If you're going to Queenstown, Milford Sound is pretty much on top of all the lists. Milford Sound is actually fairly close to Queenstown on a map, but to get there, you have to drive around all the mountains because they don't want to build tunnels through them - that's what we were told, and totally understandable. But it means it's a long ass day. It takes 4-5 hours to drive there if I remember right. We decided to do a tour so we could enjoy the scenery, nap on the bus and not worry about anything. I mentioned we didn't have the best experience with the company, even though it's one of the most popular (and not the cheapest!) that goes to Milford Sound. Our bus driver was a normal bus driver in terms of chatting and bad jokes, which is fine, but the way he said Wakatipu has become one of our inside jokes that we repeat all the time. I am pretty sure the guy said it more than a 100 times and he said it the same way every single time, I can't explain it fully in writing, basically he said Waka-to-puuuuuuuuuuu in a super deep ridiculous voice. Funny at first, but.. you know. Gets on your nerves. Other than that, we had some gripes about what time they told us to be there and the rules they gave us that apparently didn't apply to everyone. I still think the day was worth it, Milford Sound was gorgeous, as were the stops we made (I don't remember the names of those places), but it was a long ass day and it really felt that way. So just be prepared for that. We brought our own food, just FYI.

This was only like halfway there and you can see how slap happy we were to get off the bus.

Bonus seal!

Phew, okay, all done (for now). Thank you for sticking with me! I hope you agree about it being a beautiful place and I hope it's on your list if you have one. Now I'm curious, what is the most beautiful place you've ever been to - in your opinion anyway!

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