Friday, September 21, 2018

Hobbiton, New Zealand Recap - June 2017

Tomorrow is apparently Hobbit Day - Bilbo & Frodo's birthday - so I thought, what better time to share that time I went to New Zealand and Hobbiton? I have been meaning to share our NZ trip ever since we went, but life. So this Hobbit Day prompted me to get off my lazy butt and post about that trip. I've already shared Auckland and Queenstown, but Hobbiton deserves its own post. I'm only a year and 3 months late.

So. If you are not a LOTR fan, this post will probably be very boring to you. If you are a LOTR fan, this post may still be boring to you. If you are me, you will delight in this post for years to come, so at least there's that.

There are a few ways you can visit Hobbiton, it's about a 2 hour drive from Auckland. We decided on doing an early morning tour with Bush and Beach. More expensive than the normal day tours, but you get there earlier than other visitors, it's a smaller group, you get to have breakfast and you're back in Auckland mid-afternoon, which was better than getting back late. I just feel like we pack more in when we get up earlier. So. I highly recommend if you are interested in going to Hobbiton. The weather was kind of drizzly but as you can see, didn't dampen our enjoyment at all.

I know it's basically just a lot of photos of us in front of really small doors, but it was a ton of fun.

Like I said, it included breakfast at The Green Dragon. It was like a mini buffet and I think we also got a free drink or two.

Also, there was a kitty and she was the most adorable kitty in the country. I always find cats that hang around businesses like this so interesting, my cats would 100% hide and have a heart attack if so many people came up to them daily. I know the cats get used to it, but they must have started as kittens, you'd think anyway.

On the way back in Auckland we stopped and got ice cream. Delish.

So on our NZ trip, we went to Hobbiton and a LOTR scenic tour in Queenstown. I'd say we've gotten our fill of LOTR themed tours and trips for at least 5 years. Kidding. I've mentioned before I wish I'd have gone to NZ when I lived in Oz, especially when they had all the sets up (not just Hobbiton), but I didn't, obviously. Good thing I can see them any time I want, just gotta watch the movies, right?

Thank you for sticking around if you did, again, I really just do these for myself because I love looking back and seeing how much fun we had, but it doesn't hurt if someone else gets some joy out of it too.

Fun fact - obviously we are LOTR fans and had a grand ol' time at Hobbiton... but I've not actually seen any of the Hobbit movies. KC has because he likes to hate watch things (he's weird). I've seen the LOTR movies a million times (queued up on Boxing Day 2003 for Return of the King, zero shame) and I've read the books a few times. I've only read the Hobbit once though. The movies do have Richard Armitage in it... but still. I haven't and can't see myself watching them anytime soon.

Erm, any LOTR fans out there?

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