Wednesday, August 29, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

I finally remembered to link up with What's up Wednesday! Every month I keep meaning to, and then all of a sudden another one passed me by. I did not do all the prompts because my life is not that exciting.

What we're eating this week
Well, to be completely honest, I'm still on the mostly soft food wagon, it's just too difficult to eat anything hard or that I have to tear with my teeth - think pizza or wraps. So, lots of mac n cheese, risotto or gnocchi. Don't worry, the meat pies I got from the Four n Twenty truck were totally doable because I cut them up anyway. It's basically blasphemous for me to admit this but I've never been able to just eat them with my hands and biting into them. I mean, if I was at a game or school event, obviously you had to eat them with your hands, but I prefer a plate and some cutlery thank you very much. I always got a sausage roll at those kinds of things anyway, much easier to eat with your hands.

What I'm loving
The fact that I have 48 46 meat pies in the freezer. Wonder how long they will last...

What we've been up to
August has been quite a busy month actually. I'll do my normal monthly recap next week, but we've had birthday celebrations, work outings, soccer games, job site visits, book club, new restaurants, yard work, and about 75 million mosquito bites. Oh and we had a light bulb shatter in the kitchen, super fun. Didn't know that could happen. Also lots of reading and I may have brought the Sims out again - I love taking long breaks because then when I get back into it, there's a ton of new updates and expansion pack thingys.. Yes I am aware of my age.

What I'm working on
We started a project back in May - we painted the wall white and bought some wood, cut it all up and painted that as well... and have done nothing else since. I also have no photos of the project except for my very awesome drawings on the wall and buying the lumber. I am hosting the next book club meeting so my goal is to have it finished before that. I don't want to post someone else's picture on here, but it will basically look like this when we are done. Hopefully.

What I'm excited about
TODAY I am going to see Ilona Andrews - well, that's their pen name, but it's actually the two of them, Ilona and Andrew Gordon. They wrote the Hidden Legacy trilogy that I adored and of course their most popular series, Kate Daniels - the last book came out yesterday and I actually got an ARC for it so I've already read it. But I figured, why not go see them and listen to them read it. So yes, that's what I am excited about. Hopefully they are nice, because if not, that would suck.

What I'm watching
I've still not finished Downton Abbey, I signed up for a Hulu trial to watch The Handmaid's Tale but haven't watched it so the trial expired and now I'm paying - will have to watch soon. The only thing I've watched lately is the Guernsey movie and it was everything I wanted it to be.

What I'm reading
Lately my attention is all over the place - I'll start something and put it down for a month. So I'm 'currently reading' 6 books. I am trying to finish all of them before the next link up, we shall see. I am also behind on my netgalley books, plus I have a bunch due back at the library soon.

What I'm looking forward to next month
The only thing we have planned so far, that I can remember anyway, is Downs after Dark. I've not been since 2011 I think? That was a visit, before I lived here. I dug through the ol' facebook archives to find some fabulous throwback pictures. I'm going with the same people this time too, with a couple additions. Should be fun, especially because I haven't been to Derby or anything since 2016.

Sometimes I miss my long blonde hair. Sometimes not.

And that's all that's going on right now with me. I'm curious, if you moved to another country, can you think of anything (food wise) that you'd freak out over like me and my meat pies? What's the one thing that you'd miss and would pay an exorbitant amount for to get a piece of home? 

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