Friday, August 31, 2018

2018 - 9/12 - September Goals

I accidentally took a few months off my goal posts. The last one I did was June and I didn't accomplish any of them. I needed a little break and now I feel rejuvenated enough to give it another go.

I know a lot of people feel the need to do stuff in September because it's back to school. I obviously never went back to school in September, but KC goes back to work and I love the return of a routine. Perhaps that's why for the past few years I feel the same about September 1st as I do about January 1st. Truthfully, I just love the 1st of any month. Heck, I love Mondays because they are the start of a new week. I love clean slates and fresh starts.

I need to make some boring but important goals this month. I actually want to accomplish them as well, so here's hoping sharing them here will work for me.

September Goals

1. No. Spend. September.
I am confident that I've overcome my shopping addiction that I dealt with pretty much since I was a teenager, I rarely buy clothes anymore. But, I fear I've just given myself a new expenditure problem and letting myself get away with it because it's not always 'shopping', at least not how it used to be. But I've let my expenditure get out of control lately - books, random amazon purchases, makeup, everything TTC related I can get my hands on, things that may be inexpensive individually but add up. So. I need to straight up stop. I'm all about 'letting' myself do certain things so I don't go crazy with restrictions, but sometimes restrictions are necessary. So, absolutely, 100% no expenditure in September, with a couple exceptions, of course:
  • Eating out once a week with KC. 
  • Food for book club meeting.
  • Bills, groceries, petrol.
  • We have one thing planned at the end of September that we will need to buy tickets for and pay for drinks. That should be it though.

2. Declutter/do the mins game and organise.
I am not, and do not want to be, a minimalist. I do not think we have an overabundance of stuff. I've read that Kondo book. I am confident with almost all of our possessions being useful or beautiful... but. There's always a but. I am currently listening to It's All Too Much and then Steph posted the lies we tell ourselves about clutter and it's like I had a light bulb go off in my head. I'm confident with most of our possessions, but I have a bunch of stuff in closets or spare rooms that I keep meaning to do something with and I just need to get rid of them or actually do the thing! I also have a bunch o' crap in our basement for a family member who does not exist yet, I do not want to get rid of those things but they definitely need organising. So that's my goal. Declutter a bunch and do the mins game, then organise all the things.

3. Organise and get rid of paperwork.
I have a little filing cabinet downstairs. It has piles of paperwork in it, not organised at all. Neither is the box I was using before. I don't need to keep a lot of those things, like bills that are available online.

4. Meal plan and maybe stop eating mac n cheese.
Meal planning is extra hard right now because I can't eat a whole lot.. okay, I probably could, but it hurts and mac n cheese doesn't hurt, so.. you see my logic, yeah? I want to at least try and get back in the meal planning swing o' things, even if I'm making different meals for the two of us.

5. Finish entry kitchen wall project.
Mentioned this on Wednesday, I would like to have it done before book club's next meeting which is towards the end of the month. We've already done like 25% of the work, so... should be easy-ish.

6. Get in front of netgalley books.
I had to have something fun or easy on here. I would really like to get to a point that I am in front of the published date for all my netgalley books. As of right now, I have 11 books I need to read before the end of September. I'm going to try and not request any more, but lol as if.

So there we go. Some big goals, some little. Some important, some silly. As long as I actually work towards them, I am confident I will get 'er done. Here's to September!

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