Friday, June 15, 2018


Happy Friday all! I'm only working a half day today, we are off on a little road trip for KC's cousin's wedding. I am excited because we always have fun with them and it's going to be a big shindig apparently - but in super small town USA, which is a bit of a contradiction I reckon? I don't know. Should be fun.

TBR - Show Us Your Books with Steph & Jana was on Tuesday and I added a bunch of books to my TBR. It's actually been awhile since I have added more than a couple of books on a SUYB day - don't know why, but there were so many books this time that sounded good, so on the TBR they hopped. 
Also, the other day, I went a little nutty on Netgalley, as you do, and if you're on it, the new Jodi Picoult and the new Kate Morton are on there! Fingers crossed the netgalley gods grant me all the books.

Grateful - for our trip next month! Unfortunately I accidentally spoiled the surprise, or KC guessed something was going on and I have the worst poker face/ability to lie when I'm really excited about something. So now he knows we are going to Vegas for our 5 year anniversary. We went to Vegas for our honeymoon and it was great and we loved it. This will be my 5th trip to Vegas, it's my most visited city besides Louisville, Sydney & Melbourne and I don't think any of those count since I lived in all those places. But anyway. I'm excited. If you know me, you know I love to plan like crazy and I have planned zero things for this trip. Besides flight and hotel of course. I just want to go and relax, maybe see a show, do some shopping, eat lots of food. I've been there so many times I feel like I've done the majority of things you're 'supposed to do'. Eating, shopping & hanging out at the pool are my favourite activities anyway. We don't gamble and I haven't been to a club since my first visit. There's so much to do besides drinking and gambling, though yes of course there's plenty of that too.

I made the switch - Blogger was pissing me off so I made the switch to Disqus. If blogger fixes it, I might go back, but the switch was really easy. The only issue I had was importing old comments - it took 8 tries and when it finally worked, I can't respond to them (which makes sense in hindsight). But there you go. I didn't want to switch to Disqus because I like responding to comments via email, but I suppose I still can if I want to, or if I want to have a more private conversation with someone.

Favourite Recipe - I have made cauliflower rice before but it's not enough bang for your buck, I reckon. Heather sent me this recipe a couple weeks ago (I think?) and it inspired me to try it again. Full disclaimer, I took the lazy way in every way.  I used frozen cauliflower rice, a bag of peas & carrots, onions, 1 egg and sesame oil. I don't know if it was because it was so easy that I liked it better than when I made it last time, but I wanted to eat the entire thing. I mean, the cauliflower rice was like 80 calories for the whole bag, so why not. The oil is crazy high in calories though - not that I count calories, but I am always aware of what I'm putting in my food. I just had it vegetarian - protein from peas and the egg in case you're worried about my protein intake, wink. I don't like tofu and shrimp is a pain in the butt to cook (or I just suck at it) so maybe next time I will throw in some chickpeas or an extra egg. KC would not eat this because he'd have to eat 2 chicken breasts with it just to fill him up, so I'd rather use normal rice on him (fried rice is one of our go-to meals). I am not cutting out carbs, don't worry, I just eat a lot of carbs every day, so I figured a little cutting back won't hurt.

Anywho. Happy Friday! Have you been to Vegas? Are you a fan?

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