Tuesday, June 5, 2018

I dog ear my pages (and other bookish confessions)

I shared on instagram the other day (as in September) that I do something horrible that book lovers aren't supposed to do... Gasp. So I thoughout I'd share other bookish confessions.

As you can guess from the title, I dog ear pages vs using bookmarks. I have never used bookmarks. I've tried, I own a bunch of bookmarks, but my cats either play with them or I lose them. I read too many books to also keep track of bookmarks. Sometimes I'll use a scrap of paper instead, but a dog ear is always readily available, other things aren't. I never do this to books that are not mine.

I read in the bath or over any other body of water. I have never dropped a book in the water, but I am not careful and almost all of my books have a little bit of water damage. 

I shove my books in my bag or into bookshelves or in between couch cushions. I throw them on the bed or on the couch and they bounce off. I will often grab a book out of where I shoved it to see bent covers or pages. Oops.

I purposely break the spines so they are easier to lay flat or hold.

I eat over my books. I know lots of people do this, but I am not a neat eater so my books have food stains on them. I spill things, wipe it away, move on.

I do not write in my books and I do not like when I buy a book that has been written in. It's not because I'm all oh no I can't believe someone wrote in my pretty new book, but because it takes me out of the book, and if you write in a book, you should keep it. 

I don't hate movie covers. It's just a cover. If the normal book and movie cover were side by side, same price, I would buy the normal one. If the movie one was cheaper, or the only option, it would not stop me buying it.

I don't care if my covers match, or if all the books in a series are the same type. I own paperbacks in the first 3 of The Lunar Chronicles, but I was not waiting to read Winter so I bought the hard cover. I don't care.

I'm a sucker for a good cover. I will read books with crappy covers, but if a book sounds meh but the cover is gorgeous? Sign me up.

I skim. Oh, I am a little ashamed to admit this one, don't judge me! But if I am reading a book and the author is over explaining something, I'm gonna skim it. I'm sure the hills are real nice and pretty, and I'm sure all those songs in The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings were super important but guess what, I still got the gist of the story. I don't do this with every book or every page, I only do it when nothing is happening and the author is talking about how pretty the sky is for 75 pages.

I am horrible at returning library books on time. Oops.They sit in my car for days.

I am intimidated really easily by smart people and smart books, classics and things you might have read in college or high school.

I don't love bookstores. I feel bad saying that. I love books and love looking at them, but I don't love people, and I would rather look at books alone. I always feel overwhelmed and it's hard to browse. That doesn't mean I don't go into them, but not as often as I imagine other book lovers do.

My bookshelf is overflowing. Isn't everyone's?

I don't really organise my real shelves. All of my Austen books are together, all of my unread books are together, series books are together but other than that, nada. No alphabetising, not by genre or colour, nothing.

I have no desire to write a book. I feel like a lot of book lovers I know are also writers or want to be. That's fine, that's not me. Sometimes I get ideas that I wish were books but I figure someone talented will one day write it. I am not a good writer, I am a good reader.

I would 100% NOT ever want to read books for a living. Unless of course I just got paid to read what I want when I want, with zero requirements or actual work to be done.

In defense of dog earing pages and other things I do to books, I love when my books look loved and read. I love buying a second hand book and seeing that it was loved. I treat books with respect when they aren't mine. If I lend you a book and you get food on it, I don't care (as long as you wipe it off, gross), I don't care if you dog ear the pages. As long as I can still read it, I don't care. I rarely lend books though, because in real life people don't want to read my favourite books, and if they aren't my favourites I don't expect them back so I never see how people treat them.

Do you have any bookish confessions?


  1. Oh my word. Bending pages and the spine!?! I shudder. I remember a teacher of mine in elementary school spending what felt like an entire day going over book etiquette. I can’t help myself. I loaned my very best friend my twilight book and she bent a page. Instead of telling me she bought the entire series so i could have a brand new copy. Didn’t tell me for years. I’m prettt sure i have a problem.

  2. Aww, I heart you. This post was awesome. I'm not the only one that does the crazy things things to books. I never use bookmarks, I mostly dog ear the pages or I absentmindedly use bills and mail as bookmarks. I will devour books in less than 24 hours because I get so engrossed. I skim at the lengthy parts too. I have way too many books so I hide practically hide them all of the house. I'll read the same book over and over if it's that good. =)

    I really enjoyed this post! Happy Reading and have a great week!
    - Melanie Toots + Dill Blog

  3. Seeeee, I can’t even with all of these book damaging confessions 😜 the rest I can get but I am SO meticulous with my books and did a little inside if they get even the slightest bit damaged 😂

  4. I'm only picky or protective(??) over a book if it's one I've bought because it's a favorite. I accidentally bent the cover of The Goldfinch and I was soo sad, which is kind of stupid because obviously it would happen if I read the book (instead of the ebook). I'm such a mood reader I could never read books for a living either and I usually use pictures for bookmarks or random scraps of paper.

  5. Oh My!!! A shudder ran down my spine while reading half the points. I never do most of the things you have mentioned. I hate a broken spine and sometimes even replace a book if it's too damaged. Ever since I was a kid I have been very particular about how books should be treated. No one in my family or friends borrow my books as they are honestly scared to do so. The only book confessions I have is that I skim and I buy more books than I can read.

  6. GIIIRL! I'm a skimmer tooooo! When anything gets toooooo detailed I"m like nope, don't care about the hills, or the history of a gun, or the house. I read in the bath, too. AND a complete sucker for a cover.

  7. HAHA - I skim too - I love a good description but when a description goes 3 pages long, I gotta tap out.
    I typically only write in my christian non-fiction books - take notes to use for lessons for bible studies or something - but I do always keep those books.
    I always want to break my spine on my books too - but I always say "Sorry" to my book when I do it - dont know why - maybe the word SPINE gives me bad visuals.

  8. All of my childhood books have food stains on them. Mostly from peanut butter sandwiches.
    I don't organize my books either. I try to keep my favorites on our "nice" bookshelf, but I really don't care. I never organized my books at school either on my classroom shelf. It was too much unnecessary strife.

  9. I am so guilty of most of these! I do not take good care of my books and I don't even care because they are mine. They all have water stains or food stains, cracked spines, dog eared pages.

  10. I break the spines on purpose too - and totally skim! There are definitely long winded details that can be glazed over ;)

  11. So all of these are pretty much me! Except, I don't usually dog ear pages. And I wouldn't mind reading for a living if that was all I had to do. Sounds much better than the shit I do now lol.

  12. I dog ear books pages too and I am always embarrassed to admit it since it seems like such a sin. But I never have a bookmark so .... there you go. And I probably wouldn't do it to a book I borrowed from someone. Or at least I'd feel bad about it afterwards. I also eat while reading and seeing food stains (let's be honest, Cheetos stains) makes me feel good because it's obviously a sign of a much loved book. I despise books with movie covers. Nope. Nope. Nope. I will hunt down an old version with a proper cover, thank you very much. Like you, when the descriptions keep going on and on or if I'm bored and considering DNfing it, I'll skim pages to see if it gets better.

  13. I don't dog-ear books mainly because I can never find the corner that was bent so I'll use whatever is handy for a bookmark -- phone cord, pencil, ponytail holder, etc. I remember reading something - it was either an author interview or it was actually in a story about an author and the author said he loved autographing books of his that were beat-up paperbacks as opposed to pristine hardbacks because it told him his stories were loved and well-read. I'm finding I skim a lot more than I used to - life is too short for longwinded and needless descriptions. :)

  14. Ha! I didn't know so many people were so strict about book etiquette! I use bookmarks (although I am constantly misplacing them) but I also read in the bathtub, while eating, brushing my teeth, etc, so they are often a little stained and warped. My big confession is that I almost always read the end of a book (and skim various parts that I haven't gotten to yet) at some point before I'm done. No shame. :-)
    ALSO - That Alanna series in the returning-to-library was my absolute favorite when I was 10-11! I've been wanting to re-read it.

  15. I love how casual and lowkey you are with your books! I LOVE used books and most of the ones I buy are used, but with my new books... no creases, dog ears, etc. for me!

  16. If I own a book, it lives with me. We do not live clean. My books are dog eared, eaten over, they have sand in them and water on them. It's a book, not a priceless artifact.

  17. I absolutely love everything about this post. You already know that we differ on the original vs. movie cover debate - I'm original all the way. I, too break spines (if the book is mine) because there's nothing worse than a hardcover that you can barely open to read. And, writing in the margins?! Cringe. I'm the same. I can't even look at books from high school that we were required to take notes in because it just annoys me.

  18. I do most of these, too. Except dog ear pages. I'm not a monster like you are.

  19. These confessions are fantastic. I dogear my own books' pages, too. And if it's a self-help or inspirational book I will scribble in it or highlight certain lines.
    I love bookmarks. I love the new little magnetized ones they sell now.
    I hate movie covers. And I prefer my covers match. I wanted the paperback copy of Winter but I wasn't going to wait, haha. So I break my own rules.

    1. I tried to find some P&P ones but I couldn't...

  20. I have one Book that is written in! By Karen Slaughter!

  21. I do not dog ear pages, I never even knew that was what that was called. ha! I'm not that bright. I do skim tho!! I'm good at it too. I actually have a few bookmarks but only use one. It was one my late friend bought me who also loved to read. Since her passing, it's the only book mark I use. She is never far from my thoughts. I know people love love nooks and kindles but I still prefer to read an actual book. Always have and always will.

  22. Ive been dog-earring pages since birth. Bookmarks are cute and I have some but ultimately way too much hassle.

  23. I always use a bookmark but I also mostly read library books!!! My shelves aren't really organized either although most series are together (I mean - the Harry Potter books look SO incredible together, right!?) You know I skim too!! :)

  24. I used to dog ear my pages when I was kid, but then I realised how annoying it is when I go to re-read a book (or read a second-hand book) and don't know whether the folded over corner is where I was up to *now* or from last time/somewhere else, so I always use... something. Not necessarily a bookmark. I have a zillion bookmarks (mostly from book depository) but end up using, random receipts, envelopes, bits of cross-stitch thread rather than getting up and finding a bookmark.

    My mum used to drop books in the bath all the time. Every time I went in the bathroom some book would just be chilling on the radiator trying to dry out. Because of that I am always very careful when reading in the bath.

    I found some books of logic puzzles at my dad's the other day. They looked perfect from the outside but 10-year-old me had thought it was very clever to write my answers in pen. So they went in the bin instead of to the charity shop. Oops.

  25. I appreciate your passion for good books so I can get some recommendations. I think skimming is a talent learned from reading tons of books so kudos to you. I guess I can apply that to online articles but not physical books. Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  26. I love love love reading for a living! haha :) I sometimes bend the pages of books I'm reading, but I always feel bad and hate it! ha. I skim sometimes too, especially when I'm reading a book that isn't great but I also don't want to quit before the end, so I skim just to get there and be done with it.

  27. I'm a skimmer too! Don't want to waste tons of time reading too many details that don't have a lot to do with the plot in whole.
    I don't dog-ear but use scraps of paper or bills for my books. Kinda sucks when I go to look for a bill and find it months later hidden in a book.
    I don't do audiobooks or ebooks. I'm still an old fashioned gal and want the real deal.
    I don't write in my books but do cross out words that are blasphemous to God.

  28. I purposely won’t borrow a book from someone because I know I am “careless” with books. Our church had a used book sale every November so I stock up on books and then just “return” them the next year . 😊

  29. doesn't everyone skim? i definitely do when a certain section just goes on and on like ok, you're in a gorgeous forest; i get it...i dont need 50 pages telling me all about how gorgeous it is.

  30. OMG I totally skim too if an author is over explaining!! I'm so glad I'm not alone there. I feel UTTER SHAME especially because I'm a writer--but hey! It has to be done sometimes!


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