Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Books Lately

Show Us Your Books day with Steph & Jana! I mentioned the other day I've been reading a lot (what else is new) but I don't share everything I read because a) some books don't warrant a mention and b) I read a lot of romance and I know that's not everyone's jam. If it's yours, lets be friends on goodreads!

Not That I Could Tell - Jessica Strawser
woman disappears after a night with neighbours and drinking
This was not 'couldn't put it down' until about 20%, and then I was all in. I really liked the characters and the writing, I didn't see the ending coming. It's not exactly 'thrilling' more of a what the heck happened - though there was one point that I was on the edge of my seat scared for a character - so as long as you don't go into it expecting that, you'll be good. Overall it was really enjoyable.
Received from Netgalley (I also bought it via BOTM before I was approved from Netgalley)
Kate Daniels series - Ilona Andrews
paranormal romance (magic and shapeshifters)
I try not to talk about romance books too much during this link up, but the romance part of this series doesn't start until (highlight for spoiler) book 4. That being said, the hint is there so if that's not your jam, scram. But if you like paranormal romance, I recommend. It was harder to get into than their Hidden Legacy trilogy, but once I got into the second one, I couldn't stop. I am currently up to book #7. The 10th and last comes out in August.

Truly Madly Guilty - Liane Moriarty
something happens at a barbecue, everyone feels guilty
I love Liane Moriarty's books but this was not my favourite. The secret really drags out and then when you do find out, it's a teeny anticlimactic. That being said, once you find out, things start to make sense and I really enjoyed it. Like I said, I love her writing so perhaps I am biased. I will read anything she writes.
This Is How It Always Is - Laurie Frankel
story about a family, youngest child is transgender
This is the one Gina and I decided on this time. I have mixed feelings about this one and I cannot articulate them. It's definitely not an easy book to read. Sometimes I liked the writing, sometimes I didn't. I liked the characters but didn't connect with any of them 100%. I feel like some things were unrealistic. I feel like if certain things were different, this would have been a more 'powerful' story, but perhaps that is unfair of me. I don't know. Overall, I liked it. This would make a fantastic book club book if you don't mind talking about heavy topics. Thought provoking for sure.
The Room on Rue Amélie - Kristin Harmel
DNF. I tried. I don't know if it was the book, me or a wrong time kind of thing. Either way, I exercised my right to give up and give up I did.
Received from Netgalley.

Magic Breaks (Kate Daniels #7) & Us Against You

Linking up with Steph & Jana.
Life According to Steph

If you're a romance fan, here are a few I enjoyed recently:
Simply Irresistible (I love Jill Shalvis so much) / Walk of ShameIdol & Managed / Making Up

TL;DR - I recommend Not That I Could Tell and This Is How It Always Is.

Before the next link up, Gina and I are going to read Between Sisters by Kristin Hannah if you want to join us!

Read anything decent lately?


  1. I've seen Not That I Can Tell on a few lists for Erin's challenge but I didn't pay attention to it. Now I've finally read the synopsis I actually want to read it.

  2. Always looking for new suggestions thank you!!!

  3. Kristin! Rue Amelie was awesome! I'm still on hold for the new Backman book :(

  4. OK, definitely getting "Not that I can Tell!" And I cannot tell you how many edits I made to my review for "This is How it Always Is." It was tough to put my feelings into words. I didn't dislike it, but I totally agree with the characters being likable but fully engaging. I've already heard great things about Us Against You so I'll be looking forward to your thoughts on that. Also love the romance round-up at the end of the post. :) Fun way to share!

  5. I felt the same way about Truly Madly Guilty and Moriarty! I really love her writing so even her "bad" books are often worth reading. TMG was definitely anticlimactic after all the build-up.

  6. Ooh I have Not that I Could Tell ready and waiting for me at the library right now, this makes me excited to read it. Although unfortunately it came in with a couple of others I'd been waiting a long time for... I hope I can get to them all! I really loved This Is How It Always Is, but I understand what you mean about some things maybe being unrealistic. I do agree wholeheartedly that it would make an excellent book club book. I'm waiting for Us Against You, I can't wait to read that one!

  7. The Room on Rue didn't sound like my cup of tea, so I passed on reading it. Truly Madly Guilty is my least favorite Moriarty book, and to be honest, I was kind of pissed how long the secret drug out! I will add Not That I Could Tell to me list.

  8. I have Not That I Could Tell sitting on my nightstand and I really need to read it! I'm putting it on my list for the weekend!

  9. Not That I Could Tell has been on my list for a while - it sounds like a good summer thriller/read, so I’ll have to make a point to get to it!

  10. I preordered Us Against You on Audible and haven't been able to get to it yet since I'm listening to What Happened from the library and need to finish that before it goes back since there's a waitlist.

    Also, I'm still on a book hangover from Rogan and Nevada. I'm not sure if I could handle starting another of her series and having to wait for another conclusion. I really like the way Andrews writes for the most part. It's easy to get lost in the book and feel like the characters are people you actually know. But another series???? Do I have that kind of commitment in me?

  11. I'm glad to hear you really liked Not That I Could Tell. I do love a good mystery and this one sounds really interesting. Sorry to hear you had a DNF this past month, but it happens. You can't force yourself to love everything.


  12. I've got "This Is How It Always Is" in my queue for the summer - I keep seeing recommendations for it along the way. I'll have to add "Not That I Can Tell" - been seeing some buzz on it, too - and I think the buzz has reached the tipping point for me now. :)

  13. 'this is how it always is' is definitely an interesting and thought provoking book, so i hoe you like it when you get around to it.

  14. Adding Not That I Could Tell to my list.
    I think Moriarity's newest book coming out this fall will be the tell as to whether she still impresses me. I liked her others but Truly Madly Guilty wasn't great.

  15. I'm adding Not That I Could Tell to my list because it sounds super interesting! And I totally agree with you about Truly Madly Guilty. It's my least favorite by Liane Moriarty that I've read, and I think that's just because it was so anticlimatic compared to her other books. I know that she has another book coming out soon, so I'll be excited to pick that one up when I can!

  16. yeah, I am worried about her new one! hopefully it's more like Big Little Lies than Truly Madly Guilty. Fingers crossed.
    Hope you like Not That I Could Tell!

  17. hope you like Not That I Could Tell! I agree, TMG was a bit anticlimactic. I am super excited for her new one, fingers crossed it's good!

  18. This is how it always is sounds interesting. I know that I read Truly Madly Guilty, but I honestly can't remember what happened - so clearly not that memorable. I always love to see which romances you're reading. :)

  19. Truly Madly Guilty and This Is How It Always Is are on my list! Adding Not That I Could Tell, it sounds really good! Looks like you had a pretty solid reading month!


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