Wednesday, June 13, 2018

10 things I don't suck at

I find it extremely easy to come up with things I suck at but it took me longer to think of 10 things I don't suck at. As in, I started this post right after the things I suck at post and it's taken me this long to find 10 things I don't suck at.

1. Drinking water. I used to hate water and then about 10 years ago just forced myself to drink it all the time, and now I have no issues. I never have to try to get the appropriate amount of water, I never have to trick myself or flavour my water, it's never a goal of mine to drink more water. I like plain tap water, preferably room temp. I will say drinking out of a bottle with the straw so I don't have to tip the bottle up? Genius. Makes an easy thing even easier.

2. Remembering song lyrics. If it's a favourite song, I can probably write the lyrics out on command (and did, during my year 10 exams, who needs to answer questions and write essays? Here's some song lyrics instead). If it's just a song I used to like 10 years ago, I can sing along immediately and be slightly amazed that I can't remember if I locked my car but I can remember the lyrics to this random song.

3. Parallel parking or reversing into a spot. I'm not amazing at parallel parking but as long as there's no angry person behind me beeping, I'm golden. It's kind of a skill you have to learn in Sydney, I think.

4. Typing. I am a fast typer. I taught myself when I had a computer and no internet, just word pad. I would listen to songs on the radio and try to type the lyrics in time with the song.

5. Sleeping through the night. Ha! Like I'm a baby. But seriously. I take longer than I'd like to fall asleep, but once I am asleep, I am asleep. I rarely wake up in the middle of the night, never need to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. If something wakes me, I can usually get straight back to sleep.

6. Flip cup. Okay, I am not the best flip cup player ever. But I only played it for the first time when I moved here, and I am pretty darn good. Not amazing. Definitely not. But 100% times better than my attempts at beer pong.

7. Guessing what people are going to say in movies/tv shows. I find this extremely entertaining, I only do it when KC can hear me because I'd wager it would be annoying. Basically what I mean is I have watched so many movies/tv shows that I know when someone will say something predictable and I say it before they do.

8. Remembering and spouting off weird fun facts even if I've told you them a thousand times. I love fun facts. Did you know 90% of the world's disco balls have been made in Louisville? Did you know Southwest uses their own employees in their commercials? Did you know there is no Q in any of America's state names? Did you know your ears and nose never stop growing? Did you know no number before the number one thousand has the letter A in it? Did you know movie trailers used to be played after the movie? Get it, trailing the movie... I've always called them previews though. I also love sharing American vs Australian fun facts - meaning if something comes up, if there is an equivalent or random Australian story, I will share it.

9. Being on time. On time is late. I will be there 5-10 minutes early unless it is 100% out of my control and then I will apologise 75 times. I can't always control the people I am with though, so I've learned to let go and stop trying to herd everyone like cattle. Apparently it's annoying?

^ did you know she makes like $47 million a year?

10. Giving up on TV shows. I mentioned that I suck at giving up on books, but I do not have that problem with TV shows. Off the top of my head, here are some shows I started semi recently and never finished: beauty and the beast, jane the virgin, game of thrones, parenthood, arrow, supernatural, once upon a time, mr robot, twin peaks, suits, the shannara chronicles, the 100, vampire diaries, orange is the new black, doctor who, greys anatomy, scandal, pretty little liars, new girl, mad men, gossip girl, dark matter, castle, and most recently, ozark. Some of them I definitely plan on one day catching up, but most of them I have no desire to. Further example: I never finished Downton Abbey, recently restarted it a few months ago and have already fizzled out again. It's not intentional or anything against the show, I just have a really short attention span and more often than not, I end up picking up a book. I do want to finish it though, so I will.. eventually.

I am really proud that I made this list and didn't include reading. Because, you guys, I really don't suck at that. High five to me.

What do you not suck at?

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