Tuesday, May 1, 2018

2018 - 5/12 - May Goals

And we are done with April! It started out cold and miserable, but we had a few nice days towards the end... and now it's supposed to thunderstorm Thursday and Friday. Sucks for people going to Oaks, but Derby day looks nice. I'm not going to either this year - we went for 5 years I think and it's just far too expensive to go each year. I'm sure we will go back again one day, just not anytime soon. Anyway - the weather is finally starting to get a bit nicer so that means open window season and the cats love it. I love annoying them by taking photos while they are trying to enjoy themselves.

April Goals:
You know what, I'm not even going to recap as I failed them all (go me!).

Moving on.

May Goals:

- No solo eating out, no buying books, no unnecessary expenditure.
We have a few big expensive things coming up and wasting money on jimmy johns, books, clothes, etc is just stupid. Must stop. I have $11 in no rush credits, I will allow myself to use that, but other than that, NO BOOKS KRISTEN.

- Work out 4 times a week + eat healthy.
I know my previous goals were 3 times a week and I was failing that, so it doesn't make sense to up it, but I'm trying it because I workout most Saturdays and Sundays, which means to meet the 3-per-week goal, I am lazy until Thursday and then I think screw it, the week is almost over and I'm lazy until Saturday. So I'm going to try 4 times per week in the hopes that it gets my ass out of bed by Tuesday or Wednesday. I know I shouldn't think in weeks like that, more like days, but I do, so whatever. As for eating healthy, I just need to stop eating chips and candy at work, what we eat at home isn't too bad I don't think.

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So just two goals this month, thinking if I focus on those two things - not spending money and being healthy - I might actually achieve them, and they are the most important things to me right now. No big deal if I don't read an ARC or paint my nails. Which I'm still going to do, of course. They just aren't goals right now.

In other news, we bought a grill this past weekend - online, it hasn't arrived yet. We had a small charcoal grill but this will be our first grown up gas grill. We are not big grill-er-out-ers (words, I'm good at them) but want to be, hence buying a bloody grill. I've mentioned it a time or two, I'm not the biggest fan of meat but KC is, plus I know you can obviously grill other things (veggies, fish?) so let me know if you have any absolutely amazing recipes or whatever for things you grill.

On another note, I just said grill so many times and it's one of those words that I've just adopted the american version. If  I say barbecue, people think I mean barbecue like the sauce/type of food like pulled pork, when I mean it in the 'throw another shrimp on the barbie even though we don't have bloody shrimp, we have prawns and I've never bloody cooked them on the barbie, the barbie is for snags and steaks, fair dinkum' kind of way.. Ha, how Australian can I get in one sentence. Snags are sausages by the way.

Look at those cute little flags and tomato sauce instead of ketchup. Man, I miss Australian sausages. They just aren't the same here. Not complaining, just saying I miss them.

Anyway, it's silly to keep using words you know people don't understand, and eventually it starts making sense to you too, you know?

So, grill/barbecue recipe ideas? Hit me.


  1. Pizza! You need to grill a pizza! It's SO good! Good luck with your goals! So I feel like barbecue is also a northern vs southern thing? In MN people say they're going to a barbecue & it means they're going to some get together where there will be grilling. In Texas it definitely means more than just throwing some burgers or hot dogs on a grill lol.

  2. Ahh - I need to get a grill. I'm not much of a meat eater but I've heard grilled pineapple is good. Also not much of a mushroom eater but I've seen people grill portabello "steaks". I love veggies on the grill. And I recommend a cedar plank for grilling salmon.

    I have the same goal on the no/low spend month. I need a budget and I need to sit myself down and just do it.

  3. I love grilling - but we also eat a lot of meat But yes to the girl who said pizza - that is some awesome shit. I also need to reign in my spending - we have a bunch of pricey trips coming up, so I really need to get a hold of myself.

  4. Cheers to a grill, we love ours. The best for the warm months. Makes cooking food and prepping for the week super easy and delicious. you've got those May goals, girl.

  5. Ugh we are trying to keep our expenses under control too but like I need clothes and summer shoes and Zoe needs basically everything in the next size up and well there goes the budget, you know? Chris does our grilling because I am terrified of the grill. And I do all the other cooking, so his turn! I love corn on the cob on the grill! Just wrap it in tin foil and stick it on there with whatever else! We haven't done a pizza on there but it is on my list to try. And with the workouts, I totally get it. I am either all in or I am not doing anything. I am trying to do five days a week right now. lol.

  6. I love cooking pretty much anything we can on the grill in the summer.

    Not that I have a great recipe - but a black bean or some sort of veggie burger would do well. I love any sort of veggie, but peppers, zucchini, mushrooms & onions are great. We literally just chop them, douse them in something like Italian dressing while we're at work & then grill at night.

    Pineapple is bomb. Pizza is too. I literally just grill store bought pizza because #lazy - or use Naan as your crust & make mini pizzas. Your dough does have to be cooked already.

    Corn on the cob is good too. And we'll make like little foil packets & use to put potatoes in.

    Also, if you can, get a "salt block" they infuse so much amazing salty flavor into whatever you cook on top of them. You would like set a piece of fish on top of the block, the grill heats the block & then cooks the fish. And IT IS SO GOOD.

  7. I totally understand the workout dilemma because that's how my brain works too. Right now it's doing that with eating right. I screw up and immediately give up for the week and say I'll start next week ... and you know what happens. My apartment has two nice grills we can use and I was very intimidated by them but finally give it a shot. And I love it. I mainly do simple things, burgers, grilled chicken, veggies (those are fantastic!) and sweet corn.

  8. Grilled pineapple is incredible. You can do kabobs or use half a grilled pineapple as a bowl for like a stir fry-type dish. SO GOOD!

  9. Keeping it simple goal-wise is probably a good thing. Try to juggle too many and you end up spreading yourself too thin.

    I seriously snorted when I read: "April Goals: You know what, I'm not even going to recap as I failed them all (go me!). Moving on." No sense in sugarcoating it! Too funny!

  10. Oh yes, BBQ! This weekend again here in the Netherlands!

  11. I love that you’ve kept things simple with this month’s goals - sounds like a perfect plan!

    Sausages really are so different in the US! Especially in the South as so many times Jesse asks me to make something Southern with sausage in it and the only thing I can find close is chorizo 😜

  12. I think it's great that you're narrowing your focus on your goals. And I actually think it's a good idea to try increasing your # of weekly workouts goal. It's easier for me to make something a daily habit than an intermittent habit just because of the way our brains are wired...and you probably know I've read lots of books about this!! Plus the old law of physics about a body in motion stays in motion etc. seems to come into play for me. I've had lots of goal failures lately myself though so don't worry - you're not alone!

  13. Girl, I think you should keep using all the Australian words you want! Haha! I love hearing others use words that are familiar to them or their culture!
    Congrats on the grill/barbecue! We just grilled out last night! :)
    Good luck with all you goals this month!!

  14. Haha huge fan of that aus sentence. I dig it. And your new button for Thursday! Tomorrow! Here’s to a new month!!

  15. i think it's super smart to only have two goals. i mean, why set up for failure and disappointment? that's what i say. you got this girly! i also think it's totally fine to not do derby every year. my parents used to go often bc they got free tix but not anymore and they are quite fine with it. it's a lot of work and seriously rains almost every year ha. sometimes its fun to just celebrate elsewhere :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  16. I literally throw things on the grill and hope for the best. I am relatively new to grilling out. My neighbors literally grill like every day.

  17. I grill ALL the things. My favorite right now is stuffed portabello mushrooms and beer brats. You NEED to try them!

  18. We just got our first grill too, so you should share any good recipes you come across!

  19. Yay for a grill! Grilling is so fun this time of year. And I really need to get on the no spending money on books train too. I have SO many to read, and my reading has slowed down a ton anyway, so it's a little bit silly how many I buy! Haha.

  20. Ha, grill. To me that's the thing in the oven that in the US you use to broil (which isn't a thing in my cooking language). Much confusion. As for barbecues recipes, I can't help I'm afraid because our balcony is too small for one. So, we rarely barbecue anything except for a few snags on the public bbq in the park. Even then I am side-eyeing the whole situation. I reckon a lot of veg does surprisingly well on the bbq, that's what I used to do when it was warm enough to use our bbq back in the UK.

    We just had a shocker of a month budget wise, so it's beans and rice for me in May. Until our next wave of visitors comes...

  21. Good for you for narrowing down the goals that matter to you! If that’s what’s most important, then that’s what matters/you should focus on. I’m not big on the grill either - I purposely never learned to use it so when we do want to grill out, Ryan has to cook dinner. Ha! One of our fave recipes is chicken Parmesan burgers - SO GOOD. I’ll try to find the recipe to send to you, otherwise just google/search Pinterest and I’m sure it’ll come up.

  22. I'd understand if you used barbecue in a sentence - also, at least where I live, people say BBQ a lot for grilling out. :) Good luck with your May goals. Bringing it down to just two should be helpful. I'm really trying to work out at least three times a week, so we'll see how it goes.


  23. hahahaha this cracks me up. Good to know that snags are sausages... learned something today... that's good. LOL. We loooove grilled asparagus. And believe me KC used to HATE veggies of all kinds. It's the easiest thing ever -- you just snap the spears (hold both ends and let it break where it wants to), wash, pour in some olive oil and coarse salt/sea salt/kosher salt..., toss, and grill! I think it takes like 5 minutes. I've never done it on a real grill... so you may have to just poke them. You'll know if they're too hard to eat hehe. So good and the easiest thing ever. My mom used to have grill basket and she'd chop up summer veggies and sprinkle with like a lemon pepper seasoning and they'd stick the basket on the grill while dad grilled meat. Yum. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  24. I just typed a big ole comment and then it didn’t post. Argh! I love shiskabobs (spelling) on the grill. Marinade in Italian dressing then put on sticks and grill. Chicken peppers onion mushrooms and tomatoes!

  25. I think everything tastes better on the grill and I love how there's never any pans to wash! I think one of my favorite things is actually shrimp (lol) with grilled corn and red onions on corn tortillas! Good luck with your goals this month-- hopefully they are going well so far!


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