Monday, April 2, 2018

2018 - 4/12 - April Goals

Hi there! Hope everyone is well. I am so glad March is over, one step closer to summer. Which means soon we'll be opening the blinds and windows all the time, until KC declares it too hot to do so (rage). We have this storage bench thing that I put a basket on top of and the cats lay in it. It doesn't look very comfortable to me, but they seem to enjoy it.

March Goals:
- Read all netgalley books with published dates that have passed. 
Pass-ish - So close! I have 2 that were published in March. Other than that, I am caught up!

- No library books. 
Pass-ish - I didn't request any new books, but I had a couple come in that had been on hold for ages.

- Meal plan and stick to grocery budget. 
Fail - Let's try this again in April.

- Gym 3 times a week.
Fail - Ughhhhh

- Go back to kickboxing at least once.
Fail - my bad

- Try to limit book purchases to not at the library books only. 
Pass - We had a half price books gift card and I bought all books I could get at the library but they were $3 each and we didn't spend anything over the gift card so it totally doesn't count. I did look for books that my library didn't have, but HPB didn't have them either, so whatever. As for e-books, I didn't buy any that I could get at the library and I didn't buy any unless I used my no rush credits, so I'd say this is a pass.

- Catch up on blogs. 
Fail-ish - I did, and now I am behind again.

- Try one new recipe from a cookbook.
Fail - next month!

So wow, March was a huge failure goals wise, but onwards and upwards. Penny is judging me.

April Goals:
- Read all ARCs books with published dates that have passed. 
I have 2 netgalley books that were published in March and 2 that will be published in April. I also have 5 Edelweiss books that I should have counted in last month's goal, oops. So that's 9 ARCs I want to read in April.

- No library books except for book club book. 
Keeping this goal because I didn't make a big enough dent in my ridiculously overflowing kindle/bookshelves in March. 

- Cancel Kindle Unlimited & Audible, no book purchases.
I've cancelled my kindle unlimited membership already, but I have until April 16th to use it. I'll join up again in a couple months, but I need to take a break so I can work on books I own. I signed up to Audible a couple months ago for half price for 3 months, that ends April 13th, so I need to use those credits and cancel that for a little bit. I seriously have almost 25 audiobooks, and I don't listen to that many a year. Finally, do not buy any books Kristen, seriously, I don't care how good the deal is, save your no rush credits for May. NO BOOKS.

- Meal plan and stick to grocery budget. 
Instead of just trying the same things and it not working, I am trying something new in April. I will report back if it works.

- No solo eating out. No unnecessary spending.
My personal expenditure has gotten out of control lately, I was doing so well with bringing my lunch to work, but I have fallen off the wagon lately. 

- Gym 3 times a week/10,000 steps per day.
I have never really been one to care about 10k steps a day, but I need something that I can actually work towards and meet, so I'm going to try that.

- Go back to kickboxing at least once.
Self explanatory.

- Catch up on blogs and emails. 
Also self explanatory.

- Try one new recipe from a cookbook.
I have them all tabbed and ready to go. Just need to actually make one.

Okay, I think 9 goals is enough, don't want to push it considering I am fabulous at not accomplishing goals.

Also, just a quick reminder to anyone who wants to link up - this Thursday the 5th is the next What's New With You link up.

What's New With You

So I need to get back on the bring-my-lunch-to-work train. What is your favourite lunch to take to work? Easy, healthy, meal-preppable, affordable?


  1. Happy April! Ours started with snow so there’s that crappy fact. You and all these books as always I envy and applaud you!!

  2. I do Greek yogurt + cereal or granola for lunch most days. It's quick and filling...I tend to snack all day, so this doesn't make me feel lethargic..I've learned the hard way not to eat too much at lunch!
    I'm convinced I would be much poorer if I even had the option to leave the building during my 25 minute lunch break :)

  3. Alright girl, you got this. I know you will rock your April goals. Do you have a microwave at work? I like to use leftovers so I'll cook extra the night before. Rice and black beans is good. No microwave I make big salads to go.

  4. i think the 10k steps is a good goal. and i have that one on my list too. and audible - seriously thanks for all your tips on that guy! i have read/listened to one book so far. anyway i believe in you!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Happy April! Good luck with your goals. I need to stop spending money on books when I already have 2 shelves of unread books sitting right here in my flat! (And that doesn't even include the classics that I don't keep on my to-read shelves)

  6. Oh sweetie, I am also fabulous at not accomplishing goals. :D It's why for a long time I didn't even bother setting goals. Now I do but not many because I am easily overwhelmed. One trick, especially with exercise, was I focused on it as a goal (and my only one) until it became a habit (miracles of miracles) and then set new goals because exercise was no longer a goal but a habit that I just do. I try to keep up with my netgalley books but sometimes it just isn't possible. Sometimes, I want to read something I choose, ya know? Not something I "have" to read.

  7. I'm giggling over all your books goals. Honestly, though, I look forward to your IG stories with all the Amazon deals! Haha! You're a bad influence on me! My husband got me a 3 month Kindle Unlimited subscription and it expired but I'm toying with starting it again... lol.

  8. I need to get my book shit together also. I have a lot on request right now.

    Curious to see your April food plan!

  9. Why are books such a struggle???? So irresistible. I always tell myself NO BOOKS - but that's where I head every time I go into any store.

  10. I have this terrible habit of requesting too many library books, and then they all come in at the same time! The clerk is always like, are you sure you want all of these?! I always take them but I don't always finish them.

  11. I usually just bring a sandwich and chips, soup, or dinner leftovers to work. I'm curious to hear more about your new meal planning plan. I'm so bad at actually making a recipe from my cookbook too. I have them tabbed, but then I'm always missing like 1 key ingredient so I push it off for another week.

  12. March was something else! I'm so glad it's April. I can't wait to see what you do food plan wise!

  13. My husband takes lunch to work every day, but we make it easier on ourselves by just having him take leftovers from dinner the night before. It does sometimes get tiresome having to make sure I ALWAYS make dinner (or at least space out our meals really well), but it saves us a TON of money!

  14. Hopefully April is better month for you to get more accomplished. Onwards and upwards as you said! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  15. I'm not good with lunch meals for other people, because I usually do a protein bar or these shakes I'm supposed to be drinking (I'm in a weight loss program) but yeah, I'd suggest looking at Pinterest. They have some great ideas that I'd like to eventually do in the future. I do need to get better at meal planning and prepping for dinner though. I know once it gets warmer my family will want to grill out a lot, so that'll help!

    Oh gosh, not buying books. It's so tough right? Good luck with all of your reading goals!! I have MOST April review books read, but I'd like to get all of those read/reviewed and move on to May by the end of the month. *fingers crossed*


  16. I need to get back into kickboxing classes, one of my favs! And I hear ya on the meal planning, I've fallen into a rut so it all goes out the window sometimes :-P
    Green Fashionista

  17. Catching up on blogs and email is one of my goals for the month, too :)

  18. I've been eating these a lot recently: although it's been hot here so all I've wanted is cold salads. If it's freezing where you are you may want something hot... in which case I've got nothing. I find a bad month usually follows a good one for me; I can only behave myself for so long. Probably should work on that! My steps have been a solid 5k a day for too long so I'm going to join you on that goal for April. Good luck to both of us!

  19. You did much better with your March goals than I did! I think I should also make catching up on blogs/catching up on responses to comments a goal because I keep falling behind. It's so easy to do because there are just so many I want to read and comment on and there's only so much time. (As you know.)

    I'm interested to hear about your new meal plan. I hope it works for you!

    As for lunches, I always bring mine to work. I usually bring half a Tasty Bite with some rice, half a Steamfresh protein pack, half a can of soup, or dinner leftovers. I also bring fruit (usually a banana, but sometimes something else). It doesn't sound like a lot of food, but Eric and I have been splitting the stuff to make it last longer (and so we're not tempted to eat way more than we need to) and it seems to work. I'm never starving when I come home or anything. We tend to eat a bigger dinner, though, so maybe our bodies have just gotten used to eating smaller things during the day. I usually eat my breakfast at work, and that's just a granola bar and maybe fruit or nuts. Eating two smaller meals at work probably also keeps me from starving.

    Good luck with your goals this month! :-)

  20. Not buying books is sooooo hard though. Especially if you devour books - and I’m pretty sure we have a s8milsr appetite for books. I feel like I have a fear of running out of books so I keep buying 😂 So bad!

  21. I looooove salad in a jar for a healthy lunch for work. I used to make 6 of them on Sundays and have lunch ready to go for 3 days and then just get through Thursday and Friday. I know you do salads a lot anyway but much easier to do all the chopping at once :) I also love smoothies but they aren't for everyone :)
    Good luck with the gym and the 10K steps!! You can do it!!

  22. I have so many books I'm so far behind on all around - and I read too slowly and they all come off hold at the same time, and then I get stressed about that. Good luck with your gym goals, and I'm interested to hear about your meal planning/grocery budgeting for this month!


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