Thursday, February 8, 2018

Pumpkins, paper towels & pimples

Because who doesn't love alliteration?

Here's another one, P for Penny being cute.


I've been trying to incorporate more Australian things in my life lately, helps with the homesickness and I just want to be able to give myself a slice of home whenever I want. Not that these things are specifically Australian, more like they remind me of home. I made my sausage rolls, they turned out great. I ran out of the pumpkin soup (in cans) I brought back with me and my mum suggested pumpkin soup - to which I just laughed, baby steps mum. I watched my mum make pumpkin soup several times in my life and it was always such an ordeal, so I just bought the cans. Of course you can't get it here, though I did discover some at Trader Joes - I bought it but have been too scared to actually open it, because - generalising here - Americans tend to use things like cinnamon or nutmeg with pumpkin and try to make it sweet, and just... no. Nope nope. I prefer pumpkin to be savoury, so I'm scared I'll try it and it will be gross. Anywho. So I thought I'd start really simple and just make roast pumpkin - cut up the pumpkin, little bit of olive oil, some herbs and spices, in the oven and voila, delicious side dish.....

Except I can't find pumpkin anywhere! I even called a fruit shop and the guy was like 'no we don't have any pumpkin, it's February' (like I was the idiot) but suggested I try Kroger for pumpkin pie excuse me I didn't ask for pumpkin freaking pie. I was quite cranky. Why can't I buy a pumpkin right now?! 

Moving on to the second P. I've been meaning to 'confess' this for ages. I am addicted to paper towels. It's weird. Not just addicted to using them all the time - for napkins and tissues, but I can't go to sleep without a scrunched up paper towel in my hand.

Yep, seriously. I think it started because I like to hold things when I don't feel well - like water bottles or face washers. Plus my nose is always running or bleeding, so I started holding tissues all the time, but tissues are stupid and no match for my bloody nose. So, paper towels. All the time. I figured, may as well hold one in my hand in case my nose bleeds while I sleep, and now I am not kidding when I say I have a paper towel by my side at all times, always in my pockets or handbag, definitely in my hands if I am going to sleep. I realise this is not normal. Also, I feel like I wouldn't be as embarrassed if it started when I was a kid, but nope, definitely started some time in the last 6 years (I just know it wasn't a thing back home).

I want to use less paper towels around the house - they are so expensive - but the first step is probably to stop acting like a toddler and they are my blankie. But I just really like holding them you guys.

Hey, at least I don't eat them. That would be really weird.

Lastly, my skin. I hate it! It's so stupid. It hates me. Pimples everywhere! I feel like a 13 year old pizza face Kristen. Actually my skin is probably worse than it was when I was a teenager!

If we are friends on Instagram then you know yesterday I woke up with a freaking chemical burn on my freaking face after using this product (not an affiliate link because that would be really weird). I have actually used it a few times and this one several times, never had a problem with either except for yesterday. I had it on all my spots which was basically my entire face and obviously there were parts of my face that didn't need it and wanted to let me know. Funny thing is, it made my pimples go down, so yay, but chemical burn .. eh, not so yay.

I think I know exactly what started my skin hating me but I have no idea how to make it stop. I swear I have tried everything and I am about ready to put a paper bag over my face. Almost. In one last effort, I bought a bunch of new products the other day so hopefully they will get here soon and there will be a miracle product in there somewhere. All I want is:
- something affordable and I can get it multiple places (more chances for coupons or sales)
- something cruelty free (I will try anything right now, but long term want to find something cruelty free)
- something that actually works.

Is that *really* so much to ask for? REALLY?

So that's me for now. Pimply faced, addicted to paper towels and just really wanting some pumpkin.

Is anyone else addicted to something weird, or am I the only weirdo?


  1. I feel like what they call pumpkin here is what we call butternut squash in the US, maybe if you ask for that you will have better luck? That is so strange about the chemical burn, I'm sorry!

  2. Have you checked Green Bean delivery for pumpkin? It might be listed as 'winter squash' but maybe try acorn or butternut for your soup. I use those in my savory recipes so they might work in your soup - hopefully! I wish I had suggestions for your skincare -- I've started using coconut oil w/ essential oil in the evenings and it's helped with the winter dryness and the spots - weird that using oil cuts down on oil, but I don't question what works most of the time, or try not to. :)

  3. that's actually an psychological association (it soothes/helps relax you) and to be honest, it's not harming anyone so i don't see the big deal. it's a similar association people have with stuffed toys, certain pillows etc while going to sleep. my H has had a pillow - it's not even a pillow, it's this tiny decorative thing - that he just NEEDS to sleep with in order to sleep properly. he takes it on every vacation/trip. LOL he would kill me if he knew i put this out in the blogworld.

    i really hope your skin clears up. that happened to me as well; it took weeks for my face to heal. i had to quit all skin products and only use argan oil until it calmed down.

  4. I was wondering where on earth you found pumpkin this time of year! But now I see you actually didn't. So hopefully the tips above about winter squash will help you out! My skin breaks out terribly once a month and the only thing that really helps me is waiting it out...or birth control. :/

  5. My skin flipped out when I went off the pill and undiagnosed PCOS flared up (the pill had masked it it). I went on medicine for PCOS and that helped a lot. In addition, I barely sell Rodan and Fields these days, but it helped me and may help you. I can’t not recommend it, I suppose. I can send you a few samples if you want.
    I sympathize :(

  6. Your pumpkin soup stuff sounds delicious - the back home stuff. I'm not a big fan of super sweet pumpkin-y stuff either. I also have some weird sleep habits with a blanket, and since it doesn't hurt anyone, I rarely think about it, so power to the paper towel, girl.

  7. Oh Kentucky. So sorry you haven't been able to find pumpkins! I'm also sorry about your skin and can relate. I've been getting breakouts in places I don't normally get breakouts (my cheeks for some reason) and it's really stressing me out... which causes more breakouts. It's tough when you're trying to combat wrinkles and pimples at the same time. Hope your skin is feeling better! My nose runs all the time thanks to allergies so I always have napkins/paper towels on hand. I don't sleep with them in my hand but I have my own sleep things - like my face has to be covered at all times.

  8. I get frequent bloody noses in the winter due to dry air. A trick I learned this year: If I am going to be spending time outside I will coat the inside of my nose with vaseline using a qtip. It creates a protective barrier which prevents the dry air from pulling the moisture out of nose. Sorry if this seems like a gross tip, but it really has been helping.

    Be careful adding a bunch of new skincare products at once. It takes several weeks for a skincare routine to start showing results, so if one product is helping and one product is making your skin worse, you won't be able to tell which product is which.

    Good luck getting it sorted out. My skin went berserk last year and it really sucked and started to weigh on my emotional health/self esteem.

  9. My skin has gone BERSERK over the past six months. Zits and everything I use is freaking burning me.

    Nooo lol on paper towels. I use mostly washable napkins and rags and wash cloths. Could you hold one of them?

  10. Maybe that's why I've never liked pumpkin things... I might need to try it as a savory thing instead. I hope you find some!!

  11. That's interesting that pumpkins are hard to find. A new appreciation for when everyone goes nuts for PSL. HAHA

    The paper towel thing is so interesting. I love hearing everyone littie quirks

  12. 1. I learned from living overseas that often "pumpkin" in other places is actually just "squash" here. Maybe try an acorn squash or butternut squash and see if that is an alternative? I fell in LURVVE with pumpkin soup in Bahrain and it wasn't until I got back to America that I learned it was actually just squash soup. #LanguageBarrier

    2. I have a blanket that I sleep with all the time and I always have to have my hand curled in it to sleep. What if you used a wash cloth or something instead of a paper towel? Then you could still use it for nose bleeds/blowing your nose, but you can just wash it instead of the whole paper towel expense process. Also, I always have a lint ball with me to roll. I'm pretty sure it's some kind of sensory disorder that I've just learned to mitigate through rolling the lint ball, but it doesn't bother anyone, so everyone I know just accepts it.

    3. My face finally cleared up when I STOPPED using products. I was always getting crazy acne and I just went cold turkey off all "cleaning" products. Instead, I "wash" my face with a wet wash cloth in the shower in the AM and before bed I will use a face wipe (usually equate brand because #ElCheapo over here) and then put on some night cream/Cetaphil moisturizer. My face has never been clearer. Also, it's cheap, so then you could keep holding your paper towels.. :D

  13. I don't like sweet pumpkin things either. And it is totally weird you cant buy them more than just the fall. They make pumpkin a regular in baby purees, why cant we have it more as adults too?? My nose bleeds like crazy when we run the heat in the winter. Every. Damn. Day. I play with the tags on my sheets/blankets when I am falling asleep. Always have.

    You know my skin problems. It is so annoying and unfair that we are still having pimples while we have to start worrying about fine lines and shit. I am pretty sure that Kate Somerville anti-bac is cruelty free. Though it isn't exactly cheap, it does last a long time! I have tried so many things. So many!!!

  14. My guess is the Trader Joe's soup will be too sweet because we do tend to add cinnamon and nutmeg to pumpkin soup. Now I know it's not pumpkin but it tastes very similar (seriously my mom often uses it in place of pumpkin in desserts) but have you tried butternut squash? You can roast it just like pumpkin. And honestly, once you've done that - just throw it in a blender or food processor and add chicken broth and whatever spices you like and you got soup.

    Sorry about your skin. My skin is so dry this time of the year and I feel like it looks old, which makes me very, very cranky. Hopefully you find something that works - and please share when you do!

    P.S. I just wanna give Penny's belly a smooch!

  15. I'm intrigued by the paper towel thing but also get it! I get bad migraines and like your nosebleeds, they often start while I'm sleeping. I always have to have my prescription meds and a bottle of water on my nightstand EVERY night. No exceptions. I dont sleep holding the bottle, but one needs to be there.

    As for the skin, ugh. I went through this two years (my skin still isnt perfect) and went to a dermatologist who legit saved me. I cant use OTC products; I just can't. I can use a sensitive face cleanser and moisturizer, but anything else needs to be prescription bc my skin freaks out using anything else.

  16. A few people have already mentioned it, but maybe a winter squash of some sort would be easier to find and kind of similar to pumpkin flavor? I'm not a fan of pumpkin so I really have no idea though. So sorry about your skin, the burn and the breaking out. I've had terrible skin my entire life and have never found anything that really made THAT much of a difference, so I'm also zero help with that, but I hope you find something that meets all your criteria!

  17. I’m not as obsessed as you are with paper towels but we use them all the time too! It totally drives my mom nuts that we’ll use paper towels at dinner instead of napkins! And why is it that our faces freak out as adults! It’s seriously so annoying!

  18. Alliteration is one of my very favorite things! I consistently have pizza face, so I feel your pain. I randomly decided to do the whole 10 step Korean skincare routine a few weeks ago and it's helping with the overall look of my skin, but I'm not convinced it's solving my breakouts. So annoying! I thought I'd be over this crap by the time I was this old!

  19. So, no idea what the pumpkin soup of your dreams is like, but Budget Bytes has two savory recipes that use canned pumpkin (NOT canned pumpkin pie mix)
    ^This one I make all the time & I love, & is great with some bread & goat cheese. Mmm
    ^This one I haven't made, but it sounds good. :)

    And I agree with everyone else, butternut squash should be super simple to find this time of year, and similar in taste. But also, if you're making a pureed soup, canned pumpkin should be fine.Just make sure the only ingredient is pumpkin, because there is canned pumpkin pie filling and NOPE.

  20. Ok girl there's something about our age I guess b/c I've had the same problem!!! SO much worse then as a teenager Argh!!!! I tired both of those products and they didn't help me but the Aztec Healing Clay and Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask have helped me tremendously! (Both from Amazon)

  21. Eating drywall is definitely weirder than a paper towel addiction, ha ha. Skin reactions are the worst. Hope you find something that works for your skin soon!

  22. I know you didn’t mean this post to be funny but girl. I laughed. We all have our stuff right? My normal could be your weird and that’s what makes the world go round! I’m sorry about the pumpkins though. Odd! I guess I never thought about trying to find them “off season” or whatever. Here’s to hoping those products work for you! Not fun. Dealing with that.

  23. I am still getting used to how seasonal fruit and veg is here - in the UK it seemed like you could get most things year round, if you really wanted to. Here, things are off the shelves before I even know what's going on. Anyway. I'm sure that's just me. Good luck on the pumpkin quest and I totally agree about cinnamon and nutmeg. It's a vegetable, it's not meant to be pudding (also I don't like cinnamon or nutmeg so I'm biased).

  24. I've been having the same face issues lately. It's way worse than when I was a teen! I don't know if it's cruelty free, but try Clean and Clear Persa-Gel 10. It's the only thing that works for me. Also, I'm currently testing out an acne light therapy mask for 30 days, so I'll let you know if that works! Good luck finding some pumpkin!

  25. I’m the same way with sleeping with something in my hand! Not paper towel, but a tissue, the corner of my pillow, a small stuffed animal ... I think it’s a comfort thing. Who knows. UGH PIMPLES. You already know I’m with you. Let’s decorate paper bags and make them look pretty to wear together. :) Just started my new Kiehls stuff, so I’ll report back when I know more.

  26. I know some other people said it, but is the pumpkin you're looking for called butternut squash in the USA? The recipe title made me think that. I could be totally off, though.
    The paper towel thing is unusual, but I get it. It's funny how we develop habits later on in life.
    I think I said it on IG, but I really really love Shea Moisture African Black Soap products. I just started using them at the end of last year. The whole line has been awesome.

  27. Yeah, definitely go for butternut squash if you can get it, even kabocha squash will pass!

    But then different states have different produce situations. Some states have everything all year round (because they ship it in) but other states stick to seasonal more local produce.

    I feel you on the skin woes. My skin is super sensitive and my hormones totally mess with it. My mum was the same though but apparently once she got pregnant with me, her hormones leveled out, her skin cleared up and she has almost perfect skin now.

    I’ve never ever had a nose bleed.... and weirdly, I want to have just one because I’m so curious and confused as to what it would feel like, haha!

  28. Look into Livia Skin care. It has made SUCH a huge difference for me. You can buy online, or look and see if there is a facialist in your area that is an authorized retailer. It's all natural and the smells are AMAZING!

  29. Good luck with the pumpkin experiments. I wonder if you could get chopped up pumpkin frozen? Maybe at health food type stores? I have seen squash done that way, so it is worth a try. You can basically use it like fresh. Good luck. *shrugs* We try not to use too many paper anythings because I'm so nutty about environmental things. KC makes fun of me because I will use like half a kleenex and then set it down on the table next to me (while reading or whatever) and then use it again before throwing it away. Like, hello... that half is not even crumpled let alone used. LOL. It's fine. I really like ACURE Organics. We have it at Target here, and health food stores. I love the cleanser, the oily toner, and the day cream. I don't get super dry skin... but I used to use the night cream and it was great if you need heavier stuff. The scrub is also good. I dunno. They are cruelty and chem free, and work really well on my acne prone skin... but you'd have to see if they worked for you. I have a post on it here: (its super old so the products look different now, etc. I need to update it... sorry! but have been using for years!) XO - Alexandra

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