Wednesday, February 28, 2018

2018 - 3/12 - March Goals

2 months down! I am finding that monthly goals are the way to go for me, even if I am not accomplishing all of them, they stay on my mind and I like the quick turnover and the ability to change them up because life changes and goals change, also my mind just changes a lot.

Here's a picture of my pretty little idiot, Chelsea.

February Goals:
- No new library books & read the ones I have 
Pass! I didn't get to them all because I have a problem with borrowing too many, but I read what I could and returned the rest.

- Meal plan and stick to grocery budget. 
Fail-ish We meal planned all but one week I think, but still went over the grocery budget. I know I could 'stick to' the budget if I increased the budget, but I don't want to. There has to be a way to spend less, we spend way too much for just the two of us. It is going down steadily but I still want to be under the amount I've set for us.

- Read all netgalley books with published dates that have passed. 
Fail-ish - I was way too overzealous with this one, no way I could have read all my library books and all my netgalley books, but I still made a sizeable dent. As of right now, I have 5 books that have passed their published dates.

- Gym 3 times a week.
Fail - I have some excuses - I was sick, it was my birthday, I dislocated my knee... but there were plenty of days nothing was wrong and I was still lazy.

- Paint my nails twice. 
Pass - I painted them twice the same colour, but it counts.

- Try to limit book purchases to not at the library books only. 
Pass-ish - I technically purchased 2 books on sale that the library also has, plus I pre-ordered one in a paperback that the library has in hardcover (I own the first 2 in a series in paperback and normally I don't care about matching, but for some reason this time I do) however in all of those cases, I used a gift card I got for my birthday so does it count? Does it?

- Limit eating out/bad (but awesome) food to already planned events. 
Pass-ish - Didn't eat out except for pre-planned birthday events. I probably had some bad food at home a few times, but it was birthday month so that was a stupid goal anyway.

If we are friends on Instagram then I've shared a million times how Millie loves the pig rug in the kitchen (me too Millie, me too) and she loves it so much she doesn't care if you need to stand on it to, say, do dishes. It's adorable. This could be only adorable to me but I don't care. So I'm sharing.

March Goals:
- Read all netgalley books with published dates that have passed. Same deal as last month. I will catch up one day!

- No library books. I need to start working on books I own, but when I have library books (or netgalley or kindle unlimited) I feel a need to read those first because of deadlines/value for money, but then I just keep getting/borrowing more, and I never get around to reading the books I own. So that's my focus this month. I might have a library book come in that I've been waiting for, but besides that, no library books!

- Meal plan and stick to grocery budget. Will this ever not be a goal.

- Gym 3 times a week.

- Go back to kickboxing at least once.

- Try to limit book purchases to not at the library books only. Even if I'm not reading library books this month, I don't need to be buying books if the library has them.

- Catch up on blogs. I am caught up on emails, but now I need to work on blogs.

- Try one new recipe from a cookbook.

Also, just a quick reminder to anyone who wants to link up with us - tomorrow is the next What's New With You link up.

What's New With You

I always love February because it's my birthday month, but I don't like it as much here because it's cold and winter-y. So I'm okay saying goodbye to February and hello March. I'm thinking I should just change my birthday to a summer month while I live here, which will be the forseeable future. I can have two birthdays? Yeah?

Do you have a favourite cookbook? I have bought a couple recently but I want to build my stash.


  1. I think you did pretty great on your February goals! Good luck in March. I feel like the grocery budget is a never ending thing, I know it is for me! I don't have an actual one set but I know about what I would like to spend a week, & stay under if I can, so the weeks when I get to the register & I'm over I know I make a face right there in front of the cashier.

  2. I think you did a good job. February is way too short to set proper goals anyway. You blink and it's already done ;-)

  3. It's always hard to not treat yourself during your birthday month! I think you did great. Also - I need to work on a grocery budget. We spend WAY too much!

  4. Monthly goals are the way to go - good going on the ones that were pass or pass-ish! But you dislocated your knee? Seriously?? Joy of Cooking is my go-to cookbook -- I have others but always go back to this one for classic recipes.

  5. I've had meal plan and stick to a budget on my goals list several months in a row too! I have the meal planning part down but I am still struggling with the budget!

  6. My birthday is Halloween which I hate. I have seriously considered celebrating my half birthday instead. Would you prefer an August birthday?

    We spend A TON at the grocery store, too. Like, $80-100 a week and Andrew doesn't eat breakfast OR lunch from that! But, cat food alone is around $10 a week and then I always need something like dog food, coffee, razors, etc. that is an extra $15 and not food. So that's $25. Maybe yours is the same? Maybe not, just trying to let you know you aren't alone!

  7. yay for birthday months! i feel like you are allowed to eat out a little more and treat yourself a little more during those. how is this month over already?

    xoxo cheshire kat

  8. "pretty little idiot" HAHAHAHA that's how I feel about my younger dog, Dexter ;)

  9. Your "pretty little idiot" line cracked me up, too. Hahahahaha. I often refer to my dogs as idiots, monsters, assholes, etc. even though I love them more than life. LOL
    I'd say the giftcard purchases definitely don't count ;)
    I love the Pioneer Woman cookbooks!

  10. Chelsea and Millie! You know how I love seeing your fur babies! And yes, cats gonna lie wherever they damn well please, whether or not it's in your way. To be honest, I think they like being in the way! Gift card purchases most definitely DO NOT count. It's not your hard earned money! You're doing really great with your goals overall. Birthday months are hard to eat well because you know ... celebrations! I think mastering the grocery budget is one of the hardest things to do. Since you would prefer not to increase your budget, what are the "extra" things you buy? Like do you buy a ton of snacks? Are they necessary? And it's okay if they are! Do you have a lot of food waste? Meaning could decrease the amount you buy and/or cook to stretch your budget further.

  11. I’m the exact same way with books from the library getting read before books that I own! I’ve been doing really good about not buying books but it’s hard to resist ebooks when they’re on sale. I love your goal for trying a new recipe! I personally love the Skinnytaste cookbooks because the recipes are super easy, usually really fast, and taste really good and aren’t bad for you. It’s a win win!

  12. By some miracle we were under the grocery budget this month but I think it's only because it's a short month. That is always always a struggle for us too. HOW do we spend so much at the grocery store?! Gah.
    One of my favorite cookbooks is Love Real Food (which is vegetarian) and I also love Seriously Delish.
    Love that photo of Chelsea - She looks so regal!

  13. I think you did great! So many goals and you do your best ya know? The reading goals always impress me. Like. Whoa. And now that the birthday month is over let me say: happy birthday!!!

  14. I have the same problem with not reading books at home because of the library/netgalley/kindle. And also, I have the problem of buy books the library has! I wish I had the willpower to change -- but I'm working on it!

  15. We spend a fortune at the grocery store. It is ridiculous and I am constantly trying to spend less etc. but it is a constant work in progress. Sounds like you had a great bday month overall and no gift cards don't count towards spending like that imho!!!
    Your kitties are my favourites - I get to see lots of pictures of them and enjoy their fluffiness without sneezing in their presence ;) I keep forgetting to tell you that Molly and Lucy also love your cat pictures lol.

  16. Oooh kickboxing sounds fun, I haven't been in forever! I like the idea of no library books until you work on the books you already own <3
    Green Fashionista

  17. I think you did an awesome job of your goals! Netgalley makes it so easy to get carried away with books 😂

  18. I like your monthly goals! I am getting back into the swing of blogging, answering comments, writing for Year of Gratitude, and youtube (kinda).. so I am still working on other monthly/weekly/whatever things. I made jan/feb goals.. but kinda didn't do too much. I love your Netgalley one. I have been chipping away at mine.. did 3 in Jan (two of them came out in Jan though.. ) and now I want to finish it off. However I picked poorly in the beginning of my Netgalley time.. and am paying for it. Yikes. LOL. Good luck with the March goals, you crushed February in my book! - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  19. With you on Netgalley/reading books I already have. One day I’ll finish everything! I love all of the Pioneer Woman cookbooks. Millie is the cutest on that rug!

  20. I'm down to daily goals over here, ha. The struggle is not pretty. I'm glad you're finding monthly ones helpful though, sounds like they're helping?
    I'm good at meal planning for the most part but will then fall spectacularly off the wagon. I'm trying again this week, we're usually good until Thursday and then I go completely off the boil and just want to order in pizza for every meal. As you can see the diet is going very well around here!
    I also love how much Millie likes the pig rug.
    This is my favourite cookbook ever: it's not so great for just normal meals, but anything normally glutenous you can find a decent recipe for in this book. And it doesn't ask you to use 17 different types of flour. I use it a lot.

  21. I'm obviously super late with commenting on this post (clearly I'm having issues keeping up with reading/commenting on blogs as well!), but better late than never. Right?

    I've been doing monthly goals as well, though they can be pretty hit or miss for me. I think you did well with your February goals, especially considering it was your birthday month! It's so hard to stick to things when you've got a bunch of other stuff going on, so it's impressive that so many were "pass" for you. (Oh, and buying things with gift cards definitely doesn't count toward spending! I never count that.)

    I laughed when I read that you have a problem with borrowing too many library books. I do too. I never think it seems like too many at the time, but somehow they still pile up. When I finish a book, I usually don't know what I'm going to read next (unless I can't renew specific books, and then I try to read them in the order they're due) ... So I like having a bunch of books to choose from. I just like having options, I guess.

    I wish I had a cookbook recommendation, but I get all of my recipes online. I've thought about checking a cookbook out from the library at some point just to see if I'd like it enough to actually purchase one.

    Oh, and I always love the pictures of your cats. I'm not even a cat person, and I like looking at them. They're so pretty and fluffy! :-)


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