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Books of 2017 - best & worst + stats

Yay bonus book day! Last year I shared my stats from the year and I couldn't wait to do the same this year. I find statistics so freaking fun, there's something about looking at a bunch of information and turning it into numbers and patterns. Just me? I mentioned how I do it in this post if you are curious. Goodreads has an export function and basically I just export to excel, sort the books and extrapolate the data from there. See? SO MUCH FUN!
This year, I read way more e-books vs real books or audiobooks. Oops. I tried to make an effort to read more real books this year but the simple fact is that e-books are just easier and I can cart them around everywhere without a backache. Plus there's the whole instant gratification thing, I am not a patient person. I was actually doing really well with real books and the ratios were closer together, but in the last few months I went absolutely crazy with e-books and left real books in the dust. I still prefer real books, but there's no denying e-books are more convenient. 

5% were male authors, 95% were female. 
I am 0% surprised by this. I think half of it is that I have always gravitated towards female authors, and half is that I read a lot of romance books, so...

38% were from the library, 9% were arcs, 25% were kindle unlimited, 20% were purchased and 7% were free, borrowed or gifted. I pay for kindle unlimited too, but I don't include them in my 'purchased' shelf on goodreads. I do sometimes include freebies, which makes no sense I know. I just want to know when I 'bought' them, even if they are free. I want to know how long they are sitting on my kindle for. My stats are 1% off and I think that's my book of the month book but I don't want to re-do my graph, so...
I am way too embarrassed to share how many books I purchased in 2017 - way too many that's for sure. The worst part though is that of the ridiculous amount of books I purchased in 2017, I only read 20% of them. I just 'had to have them'... so they could sit on my kindle or shelf at home.

I don't even want to look at the stats for how many books I didn't read that have been sitting on my shelves or kindle for years. I know, I have a problem, you don't need to tell me. 

I'm going to try, try, try, try not to buy (that many) books in 2018. Like, seriously. 

Moving on.

2% were nonfiction.
I am totally not surprised. Nonfiction is not my jam. I never 'read' non-fiction - I always audiobook them and they are almost always celebrity books.
Month by Month breakdown

Clearly, I was bit by the reading bug in the second half of the year.

Star rating breakdown
Like last year, I am quite fond of the 4 stars. About the same amount of 5 and 3 stars. I don't think I am particularly stingy with my 5 stars, but I don't like rating things 1 or 2 stars. I avoid this by sitting real nice and comfy in that comfort zone of mine, so it's rare that I read something I hate because if it doesn't sound like my jam, I don't read it.

I actually have 2 DNFs this year - Intuitive Eating (I tried the audio, wasn't retaining anything, meant to get the real book and then just decided not to) and The Dovekeepers (I tried, but I am clearly in the minority with that one).

My favourite books this year

Runner up reads
Favourite romances
To say I went a little bit nutty with romances this year would be an understatement. Here are my top 10. If they are already listed above, I didn't include them here even if they were romances. I know some of the titles and covers are ridiculous, don't judge me.

Disappointing reads 
(they weren't necessarily bad, they were just disappointing for some reason or another)

Wish I hadn't read these
Maybe putting Mansfield here is a bit mean, but I'd rather have just left it on the 'Austen books I've never read shelf' instead of forcing myself through it.

Best books by month - this was much harder to narrow down than last year!
January: The Hating Game // February: Bird Box // March: A Conjuring of Light // April: The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo // May: Beartown // June: The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet 

July: Confessions // August: The Wall of Winnipeg & Me // September: Own the Wind // October: The Duet // November: Eyes of Silver, Eyes of Gold // December: The Gamble

That's all folks. Linking up with Steph & Jana.

If I had to choose just one book to be my favourite of 2017.... I would probably definitely hands down no questions say The Wall of Winnipeg and Me. I read it four times. But just like last year, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it to everyone. But I'd recommend it to myself!

So, uh, anyone else really love statistics, or just me? What was your favourite book this year?


  1. You just make it all look so professional with your charts & graphs, impressive.
    I always look to your opinion.,i feel like we're on,the same book wavelength

  2. Wow!! I cannot believe you read Wall of Winnipeg four times!! That's amazing! It also made my list, along with a few others of yours. Evelyn Hugo would have been on my honorable mention list if I'd made one. I'd love to know how you liked the Anna Kendrick, Lily Collins and Gabrielle Union books? I really enjoyed both Leah and Lauren's books!

  3. Yay for book stats! I think my month by month would be the opposite of yours because I read so much during the first half of the year and not so much the second half. I never kept up with updating my spreadsheet on books this year, but now I'm curious to go back and see. I only had one 1-star book this year too, because like you said usually I'll DNF something before I dislike it that much, but I usually end up with one each year somehow.

  4. Happiness for Beginners is still on my TBR from when you recommended it months ago. I might have to pick it up!

  5. I love this! I have so many book stat-related posts at the end of the year haha.

  6. Wow! The pie charts were awesome! How about the books? LOL Just joking! Happy 2018!

  7. I love this break down! It's so cool! Picked Bear Town for my month for book club 2018. Glad to see you liked it! Thanks for highlighting all of your books!

  8. I love that you do a breakdowns of your readings for the year! I think that this year would be the first year where I actually had a good amount that were from the library which is awesome for me. Wall of Winnipeg and Me is on my list because of your review and I hope that I get to read it soon! I chose Evelyn Hugo for Erin’s challenge and I can’t wait to read it!

  9. Damn girl, you have me wishing I did a stat post. Maybe for the beginning of January when I am lacking inspiration? LOL

    I also considered breaking it down by month but some months I read really exceptional things and other months...ho hum.

  10. Hmm... You have me intrigued. I read Under Locke by Zapita and liked it, so knowing that another one of her books is your fave of 2017... I've added it to my TBR for those moments when I need a good romance.

    Great post, btw! You have a lot of interesting stats!

  11. I love all your stats! Such a good way to look at your reading -- If I was better about keeping up with my books, I'd totally do this. I'm adding Wall of Winnipeg, because it's gotta be at least worth checking out if you've read it four times.

  12. I LOVE all the stats you kept on your books!! I wish I had the time to do something like this, but I barely have time to do this reports at my job!!

  13. From Japan; I will give Christmas Illuminations to Tomodachi in the world! https://ryoma2sakamoto.wordpress.com/2017/12/25/from-japan-i-will-give-christmas-illuminations-to-tomodachi-in-the-world/

  14. You really go deep into statistics! I did a cursory overview but this is fascinating!

    Love seeing Confessions and Evelyn and THUG on your lists. I did NOT feel the same way about Bird Box.

  15. Bear Town and The Hate U Give were on my list too. I liked The Seven Husbands but definitely not my favorite TJR book. I love your statistics. Never thought about doing such a deep dive into my reading habits!

  16. This post is just amazing! I love all the detail and the charts! Well done you! I don’t use good reads and I feel like that’s awful of me! I am ashamed.

  17. I cannot believe you mentioned so many books and I haven't read a single one of them! A few are on my list though.

    Yeah, I definitely won't be telling anybody how many books I bought this year. I have read probably about 90% of them though.

  18. Beartown is the only one on my list! I also read Kendrick’s book and enjoyed it.

  19. I couldn't stand Wintergirls either! I think The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo was my favorite of the year. It's been a long time since I've read fiction that not only sucked me in, but kept me guessing until the end. I've been recommending it to everyone!

  20. I love your stats! They're so colorful. I never think to compare male vs. female authors. Now I need to start paying attention to that!! Ha.
    I am definitely going to pick up The Hate U Give this year. I'm so glad I read ...Evelyn Hugo before 2017 ended. I loved it!

  21. I love how you break down your statistics! I'm totally into looking into data like that too, but I'm just not as savvy with Excel as you are! I do love that you shared how you did it though, just in case I ever want to take on the challenge and figure it out!

  22. I love all your stats and the graphics!! How fun. I LOVED Bird Box and you have a lot on your list that I still want to read like My Not So Perfect Life and Conjuring of Light (as well as the second one; I've read the first and loved it though).


  23. It's so cool to see your stats! I meant to use Goodreads more this year, but stopped after a few months. I need to do better in 2018...

  24. I LOVE how you do this. I'm such a stats person, so it's cool to see! Also love that The Secret Keeper is on your favorites list-my favorite Kate Morton for sure! I also loved Beartown and Evelyn Hugo and really didn't like The Wonder.

  25. Sooooooo many books on your list I haven’t read! Although I’m not a romance fan, so I’ll skip those. I rarely ever give 1-2 stars. Why waste your time on a book you really don’t like?

  26. Ooooh, I am LOVING this post! Adding a bunch to my TBR list now!

  27. Ok this is the coolest breakdown of reading I've ever seen! You're always killing the book game! I've amassed quite the collection of books I want to read but have been slacking on. Definitely going to carve out a lot more time for it in 2018!

  28. I love this post!!! And I love that we have so many shared favourites - and I now know what I definitely need to prioritize in 2018. I actually tried the first few pages of The Duet before Christmas but it just wasn't grabbing me - I assume it gets better and I think I was just in a weird reading place at that point in time (aka exhausted and stressed about the holidays haha). Can you tell me how scary Bird Box is?? I keep hearing about it everywhere but not sure if it is for me. Yay Wall of Winnipeg - it made my list too ;)

  29. This is so fancy! I started Wonder and could NOT get into it or care, so I'm glad I'm not alone. I was the opposite of you and read TONS of nonfiction this year, but I do not have a pretty pie chart to tell me. Your post looks so so good!

  30. I've been looking at all the end of the year book lists and yours is one of the few that contain books I read (BIG romance fan). How can I see all your 5 * reads? I spot on a few on there that I lOVED :)

    1. yay romance!! are you on goodreads Steph? if not, you can still see my profile and my 5 stars. https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/2932454-kristen hope you see this, i couldn't find your email!

  31. Hi there! Thanks so much for including 'Many Lives of Fitzwilliam Darcy' on your best-of list! I'm so pleased you liked it, and I hope you enjoy Longbourn's Songbird!

  32. I'm glad to finally have enough energy to get to everyone's favorites of 2017 posts. :) I had a ton of yours on my lists.... and added a BUNCH more. I'm feeling pulled toward romance even though I rarely read true romance. I do have Winnipeg on my ipad, and am excited to read it this year! I love the statistics too, though I haven't downloaded them from goodreads yet! I feel like I didn't read as many AMAZING books in 2017 as 2016... but I still read a lot of good ones. I hope 2018 is amazing. Also, I FINALLY counted up my books for my book ban update. Been meaning to since SEPTEMBER... but I can get a post up. That will tell the truth as to how many books I own that I've read, how many I've sold/donated, how many I bought. I have the same problem with "having to have" ebooks and then not reading them. LOL. I think it's often because of the book ban though. I can sell physical copies to my used bookstore! hehe Glad you had a great reading year! :) XO - Alexandra

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