Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Books Lately

Happy book day with Steph & Jana! I feel like all I have been doing lately is reading. Sleep, work, read. Repeat. Throw in some cats and food and that's my life. I'm not complaining. KC's grandpa passed away on Friday night and his funeral is today. Life is too short, do what makes you happy and hug your loved ones.

Bet Me - Jennifer Crusie- 5 Stars
chick lit-y romance-y 
I absolutely adored this book. It was funny, cute, fluffy, everything I wanted. It's like a romantic comedy but in book form. I laughed so many times and even though you know what you're going to get in the end, the getting there was so much fun. Highly recommend if it sounds like your jam. Borrowed it from the library and loved it so much I ordered my own copy.
When Dimple Met Rishi - Sandhya Menon- 4 Stars
parents push two unsuspecting teens towards 'suggested arrangement'
This book was crazy enjoyable. So cheesy and predictable but I enjoyed every damn minute of it. Not exactly 'couldn't put it down' but I did love it.

Other books I read and loved recently but won't bore you with reviews:

The Foxe & the Hound (love this author so much), Rock Chick Series (I have one more to go but it will be several books before I get to it because of how her books are connected), Heartbreaker Bay seriesRoomies (thanks Netgalley), and The Gamble.

The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland - Rebekah Crane - 4 Stars
4 kids at a summer camp for at-risk kids
Oh, I loved this. It was so much more than I expected. It deals with a lot of heavy things a little too lightly, it could have been a lot heavier, but I liked it the way it was. It worked. It was cute, funny, sad. I liked it a lot.
The Roanoke Girls - Amy Engel - 4 Stars
dysfunctional family, girl goes back home because cousin went missing
Yep, just as disturbing and messed up as everyone said it was. Such a hard book to read, like at times I would just have to put it down because it was... well, for lack of a better word, disgusting. But it was also engrossing and I was so wrapped up in this dysfunctional family. I absolutely loved the ending.
Received copy from NetGalley.
When We Were Worthy - Marybeth Mayhew Whalene - 3 Stars
aftermath of fatal car accident in small football loving town
I did not enjoy this one as much as her other book, The Things We Wish Were True. It's definitely heavier, made me think about what I would do in these situations. It passed the time just fine but I didn't love it. Reminded me of Beartown, but not as good.

^ book club + dessert spread
Ensnared - Rita Stradling - 2 Stars
beauty and the beast retelling with robots
I wanted to love this, but I didn't. It was boring, had too much going on, most of it pointless, and just wasn't well developed. Womp womp.
Received copy from NetGalley.

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TL;DR - I recommend When Dimple Met Rishi & The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland - Also Bet Me and the other romances if they are your jam.

Read anything decent lately?


  1. I have slowly been whittling away at my to read list so this couldn’t come at a better time! Such a fan! I need all the books! And i am very sorry to hear of you’re loss. Not an easy time of year for it either. Hope you and KC find some peace...

  2. I was kinda Meh? on When We Were Worthy, too.

  3. This time of year I just can't take anything heavy, hence the reason Wall of Winnipeg was so perfect! Bet Me sounds like I might need to read it too! Looking forward to your thoughts on Eleanor Oliphant because that's on my TBR list!

  4. I do want to read Eleanor Oliphant! I thought When Dimple Met Rishi was really fun. I can't wait for the companion novel. :)


  5. If I didn't like to read I would still want to come to your book club for alll of the food, lol. I have so many of these on my list to read, so I'm glad most of them were all really enjoyable. I might finally bump up When We Were Worthy because your mention of Beartown makes me more intruiged. Which reminds me I just read that there is apparently going to be a sequel, which makes me excited but I also don't know how I feel about it.

  6. Now I'm craving all the desserts! I like that you said When Dimple Met Rishi was cheesy and predictable which would be a great read this time of year <3
    Green Fashionista

  7. I want to read Roanoke Girls and When We Were Worthy - it's the time of year where I just want to stay wrapped up in a warm blanket and read all the things, but work and holiday events get in the way. Hoping for some snow days this year so I'll be "forced" to stay home and read. :) Very sorry about KC's grandpa - it's never a good time to lose someone and the holidays seem to hit harder.

  8. The Roanoke Girls is on the TBR, glad to see a good review!

  9. Can't wait to get my hands on Worthy.

    Loved Grover and Roanoke.

    I'm waiting on Rishi from the library!

    So sorry about your loss. Peace and love to you guys.

  10. My condolences to KC.
    I'm going to have to do my post for this tomorrow - too tired right now. It took 24 hours to get from England to Basel thanks to flight delays and missed connections!

  11. I always take a deep breath before I click on your book post because I know I am basically adding everything you liked because we are pretty much book twins. My library doesn't have Bet Me, Dimple Met Rishi, or Walls of Winnapeg that you recommended before, so I am pissed. I have Eleanor on my TBR after several people raved about it, how you liking it?

  12. Cats and cheesecake? Sign me up. :D I'm really sorry about KC's Grandpa. Sending love and positive energy to you and KC. I'm 99% sure that When Dimple Met Rishi is already on my TBR. It sounds like a fun read. You know that I have a love/hate relationship with romances but still adding You Bet to my TBR too. I'm trying to read a few more lighter books so I read something else besides murder and mayhem. I really loved Roanoke Girls. It's gross but good!

  13. I think I read Bet Me years ago, the cover looks suspiciously familiar, and so does the author's name.

    You always have such a great variety of books, I'm going to check out We Were Worthy, thnks!

  14. I’ve heard Eleanor Oliphant is a good book!

    Visiting from the linkup! http://www.ashley-ziegler.com/show-us-books-dec-17/

  15. I really need to read The Roanoke Girls! I’ve had it on my list for a while, plus it’s a Netgalley book too! When Dimple Met Rishi also sounds like a good and cute read too!

  16. I have heard some things about When We Were Worthy, and I'm really intrigued by it. I've got Roanoke Girls just waiting for me to read, but I'm kinda not in the mood for messed up and weird right now - give me all the romance and fluff. Sorry to hear about KC's granddad.

  17. I loved The Roanoke Girls!

    Sorry about your loss. Thinking of you guys.

  18. When Dimple Met Rishi, Eleanor Oliphant and the Roanoke Girls have been on my to read list. Sorry for your loss!

  19. When Dimple Met Rishi is on my TBR list :)

  20. Ohh I do love a good Rom Com...so putting Bet Me on my list right now! ;)

  21. I had The Roanoke Girls from the library, read 3 pages, and then it had to go back. This happens to me a lot. Maybe I'll try again sometime.
    Worthy was fiiiine. Wasn't great.

  22. Always game for a cheesy romance, so you know those are going on my list! So sorry about KC’s grandpa, sending thoughts your way.

  23. I think I read When We Were Worthy before Beartown, which made me enjoy it more. I agree Beartown is much better. I want to read Bet Me. I'm all about cheesy romance these days.

  24. So sorry for your family's loss. I hope KC and his family are doing okay. You're so right.... Do what you love. I have been mostly doing the same as you lately...reading, eating, sleeping, working, and of course parenting a bit too... Lol. Looking forward to your thoughts on Eleanor Oliphant! I am looking forward to reading some RS grey books, I have the Duet right now but glad to hear others are good too.

  25. Aww, bummer. THe fairy tale retelling I read fell flat for me this month, too.
    The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland and The Roanoke Girls have been on my TBR list for a while. I'm glad it was a mostly good reading month for you! So sorry to hear about KC's grandfather!

  26. I'm so sorry to hear about KC's grandpa's passing. I'm very glad that you got to visit him recently though. Hugs. :( Didn't read at all this month... boo. I miss it! But there's been no time for extras! I'm already struggling not to treat ANYTHING fun like an extra. At least I passed my goal, and I hope to have time at the end of the month while I am off work! :) I wanted to let you know that I got Wall of Winnipeg when it was onsale. Stoked. :) :) Looking into Bet Me. :) XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  27. Oh man. Roanoake Girls was so gross, but so good. And that makes me feel weird. Haha! I'm next in line for When Dimple Met Rishi at the library. I need to add The Odds of Loving Grover Cleveland too!

    I'm so sorry about KC's grandpa. I'm glad you were able to spend some time with him recently.

  28. I read Bet Me ages ago. I only remember it because of the cover and I have absolutely no idea otherwise what it was about.
    I downloaded Eleanor on Audible and after I finish this tome (Outlander 5), I'm going to devour some shorter tales.

  29. Bet Me is going straight to my TBR list!

    Sending big hugs to you guys with the loss of KC’s grandpa 😢 losing loved ones is never easy!


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