Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Books I just HAD to buy... and still haven't read

Inspiration for this post: past topic from Top Ten Tuesdays

I feel like I have grown and come far enough that I can now say I don't have a shopping addiction anymore. Which is great. I still buy things, sure, but I don't have as big a problem with impulse purchases, or buying things that look great on other people, or a mountain of credit card debt because of all of my stupid purchases.

But.. I still have a teensy bit of a book buying problem. I am definitely better than I once was, but I still like to buy books. It used to be because I wasn't a member of a library here, so I had to rely on my ebook library from back home or books I purchased. Now I am a member of the library (best day of my American life, sorry KC) I buy books when my library doesn't have them or I want them sooner than the library can give them to me. Also sometimes they are so cheap or I know I'll love them and want to own them, so I just buy them. Which is fine. I'm allowed to buy books. I'm a grown ass woman. Also, I love books and reading so it should be fine, right?

Except, when I buy a book, I do one of two things: 
- I read it as soon as I get my hands on it.
- I put it away and don't touch it for years.

There is not really a middle ground for me. But I want to be better about it, so I thought sharing this today would give me the kick up the butt I needed to get to these books that I just HAD to own.

The rest of the Outlander series. I read the first Outlander, loved it, bought the rest and.... that was in 2015. Oops. At this rate, I need to re-read the first one before I continue with the series, which truthfully isn't that much of a hardship.
Frederica and Cotillion - I adored The Grand Sophy so, so, so much that I immediately added all of Georgette Heyer's historical fiction to my TBR and purchased 2 of them. In 2014. Problem is, I know they can't compare to The Grand Sophy, so I'm nervous to read them.
Jane Eyre - yeah, I know. I own 3 copies of this, one I bought in Paris (in 2015)! But I still haven't read it.
The Goddess Test - I accidentally spoiled something for myself by reading the synopsis of the second book, so I'm trying to wait until I forget it.. but honestly, that's stupid because it's not even a spoiler, you know it has to happen for the series to continue, so I need to get over it and read it.
Anna Karenina - another one I bought in 2014. I think this might have been a case of I *should* read it or reading it will make me smart and worldly or something. But on the shelf it sits.

All Our Yesterdays - I was drawn to this book like a moth to a flame, or like a Kristen to a book. Yet I still haven't read it.
The Eyre Affair - this book sounds SO interesting and unique. I have no idea why I haven't read it yet. Another one I bought in 2015.
I Capture the Castle - saw this one on so many favourites lists so I bought it in 2014 or 2015 and yep... still on my shelf.
Shadow and Bone - I am 97% sure I will love this book, which is why I bought it sometime last year. Perhaps I will get to it before I am 50. Maybe.
Across the Universe - it has over 100,000 reviews on Goodreads and sounds right up my book alley, which I am sure is the reason I bought it in 2014. I should probably read it.
Deep blue - mermaids! Sold! I bought this and then read another of her books and was not a fan, so now I'm scared of this one. At least I've read all the others in the picture below...

I Am the Messenger - honestly, I am terrified of reading this. There is no way in hell it can come close to The Book Thief and I shouldn't compare the two but I know I will. 

Matched - 2015, I think? I might have been super into YA and dystopian books. I read less of them now but I still read them. I'm sure I'll get to this one eventually.
Love Walked In - I don't know what made me buy this book in 2016, the title, the cover or the recommendations.. I don't know why I haven't read it yet. Story of my life.
The Life Intended - pretty cover, author's name is Kristin, described as Sliding Doors meets PS I Love You.. have you ever met a book that sounds more like my jam?! Why haven't I read it?
Open Road Summer - Jamie has recommended this one so many times, so I bought it in.. 2015? Maybe earlier? And yeah. Oops.
Emmy & Oliver - totally bought this because it was super hyped when it came out and the cover is gorgeous. That was in 2015. The cover is still pretty, not that I can see it wedged in my bookshelf the way it is.

^ At least I've read 4 books out of that pile...

Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet - lots of my goodreads friends like this book and it ticks a lot of boxes for me yet.. it's still sitting there.
The Lumatere Chronicles - purchased all 3 of these because my library didn't have them, I seem to love Melina Marchetta as an adult even though I hated her books as a teen.. I'm sure I will love these but on my shelf they sit.
The Shadow of the Wind - another one that sounds SO interesting and my goodreads friends love it. But... still unread. I bought this in 2016 so.. not that bad.
Jurassic Park - yeah, I know the story, seen the movie a zillion times, but I've heard the book is amazing. So I bought it. Aaaaaannd yep.
Heartless - pre-ordered this because I adored The Lunar Chronicles. I am not an Alice in Wonderland fan, so I'm nervous. I bet myself $100 that I will re-read The Lunar Chronicles before getting to this one.
Disruption duology - this one makes me laugh the most because I needed this book series so badly that I bought it from an Australian website because it wasn't available in the US. I shipped it to my mum and made her bring it with her on her last trip to the US. That was well over a year ago. It's available in the US now and I still haven't read it.

So there you have it. So many books, not enough time to read them all! I know there are even more than the ones listed, I just focused on the ones that I had that feeling of omg absolutely must own this book... so it can sit on my bookshelves for years. According to my goodreads shelves (because we all know I love to obsessively organise) I have 19 books from 2015 and prior, 58 books from 2016 and 55 books from this year. See, I have a problem.

I think my problem is that most of the time I am in the mood for a certain book and I'm not going to force myself to read something I'm not in the mood for. I think yes I want to read this.. just not right now. Which pushes it back and back. That's why I have so many books, whether it's library, netgalley or owned - must have options!

Have you read any of these that I just *had* to own? If so, which should I finally get around to reading?


  1. So, the thing is, I might possibly like Cotillion better than The Grand Sophy. It is a hard choice but I think that is the way it is. So, yes, read it. Preferably, today.

  2. I think I've read three from your list. I highly recommend The Eyre Affair (and all his other books), but read Jane Eyre first since it's also on your list. Fforde's book goes into a bit of Jane Eyre so it definitely helped to know what he was talking about - plus, Jane and Rochester ... not quite Lizzie and Darcy, but still good. Also Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet -- good one.

  3. oh i am so there with you! i have to be in the mood for it and then it gets totally put to the side and suddenly it's been years. typically i get all my books for christmas gifts. it bores whoever shops for me but it is what i want ya know? but the library! what a wonder that is turning out to be!

  4. ooo I loved shadow of the wind! read that one next!!!

  5. Same with Anna Karinina. The cover was so beautiful and I thought the story would be amazing. Read one page and haven't picked it up in five years.

  6. The only one I've read on this list is Hotel on the Corner of Bitter & Sweet. It takes place in Seattle and I read it when I lived there (or just after I moved away? I'm too old to remember those details anymore). Either way, my connection to the city helped me enjoy the book more. It was cute but not a favorite so I wouldn't bump it to the top of your list just yet if you have others you really want to read!

  7. Oh my goodness, I need to do a post like this! I think part of my problem is that my Mom volunteers for the county library's discard sale room so she grabs books for me for under $2 and I go and help volunteer when I visit and grab a stack as well.

    I loved the goddess test series and I have shadow and bone from a friend right now in my to read stack.

    Jess at Just Jess

  8. I'd die without my library book app - I mean, die. I haven't read any of these, so let me know if you like them when (WHEN) you do.

  9. How did I not know Jurassic Park was a book?! I need it in my ife! And a copy of Jane Eyre you picked up in Paris? Perfection <3
    Green Fashionista

  10. I'm so notorious for buying books and not reading them either! I can't pass up a good deal, so I buy ebooks when they're on sale and books when I'm at Half Price Books, and then I do the same thing and just let them sit on my bookshelf. I think that it's because I have to be in the right mood, like you said. I think that you need to get around to reading Outlander, they're so good! But to be honest, I don't think that you're missing much on the Matched series. They compared them to Hunger Games I think, but it was nothing like Hunger Games!

  11. I have The Matched thinking I'd read the series & never got to the first one yet either.
    I have 3 whole shelves of un-read books in my house... that's awful.

  12. I completely agree with not forcing yourself to read books you're not in the mood for! I used to to this all the time, and it was ruining my reading experience. never again.

  13. I only fall into the first category with books that I own - Must read as soon as possible! And if I have to delay because a library hold came in or something I can feel it out there burning a hole in my bookshelf!
    I looooooved Love Walked In (and there's a sequel too I liked even more!) so that's my vote for your next read.

  14. I used to buy a lot of books but I was a stay in my lane kind of reader, so I only bought books from series I read, like In Death. So most books I own, I've read. The few exceptions were books I bought when Borders went out of business and I got a little excited with all their marked down prices. I've read the first 2 Outlander books and enjoyed them but I'm okay with stopping there. I actually like The Lost World better than Jurassic Park, which is the opposite of how I feel about the movies. :D I was not a Heartless fan but I am not an Alice in Wonderland fan either. It didn't even compare to Lunar Chronicles for me, but I am pretty much the minority there. Most people seemed to really love it. I have the same problem as you - I either am scared to read a book and not like it, which seems so silly but is a real problem! Or once I have it, I lose interest. And I am no longer doing forced reading. A hold book comes in and I'm not in the mood, it goes back unread. A netgalley book is due but I'm not interested at the moment, it can wait. I ain't in school - reading shouldn't feel like homework or a chore!

  15. LOL at the comment about the best day of your american life! I had picked 5 books at the start of the year that I own and wanted to read and I literally didn't even think about reading any of them-- I guess there's still time, but I doubt it will happen. The Shadow of the Wind was really good and one I think you'll enjoy, but definitely wait until you're in the mood to read it, it was more of a slower read, at least for me.

  16. "I'm allowed to buy books. I'm a grown ass woman." I'm dying. Hahaha! I'm saying that to my husband next time I come home with 5 books in tow...
    Also, HE bought me a Kindle and obviously when books are like $0.99 or $2 on there I'm going to buy them... so it's his fault.
    I bought Outlander (#1) but haven't read it. I'd like to read Jurassic Park because I can't watch the movie. (Irrational dinosaur fear.) I think you'd like Heartless- I did. Lol

  17. I've had so many Bitter & Sweet recommendations both online and in person. I bought it for my kindle for like $2. Haven't read it.

  18. Wow you have a ton of books! At least you won't be running out of reading options anytime soon.

  19. I used to have a massive collection of books before I left the country I am slowing making my way back up there though. I am the same way though, I will either read a book right away or it will sit forever.

  20. I have books I've bought or received as gifts sitting. And sitting. And sitting. I think it's a comfort know they're there in the event I run out of my library pile and finally read all the NetGalley books.

    Please read I Am the Messenger. And Dumplin'. Seriously. I'll ban you from SUYB if you don't.

  21. I'd never heard of Top Ten Tuesdays until you mentioned it, but I'm so happy you introduced me to a new bookish blog to follow!

  22. I read both The Book Thief and I Am The Messenger. While I am the messenger isn't nearly as amazing as the book thief, I still think it was a great book and totally worth reading :) The Matched series was meh.

  23. I'm the same way-either read the books I buy right away or take forever to read them. I especially feel that way about Heartless. I got it for a gift last Christmas, and I'm just too nervous to read it!

  24. Hahaha I have a problem where I buy books and then they sit too!! I think it is because most books I read now are ones I am trying to read for Netgalley or Blogging for Books and I never get to the ones I actually own because I know they will always be there. I have an iPad full of free books I download off BoobBub that haven't been read too.

  25. Sooo many good books on your list! You'll love the Grisha trilogy! Also Shadow and Wind is one of my top faves. I am Messenger is good but obviously no Book Thief. You have to leave that out of the equation.

  26. Oh, my goodness, I am the same way! I actually bought that version of Anna Karenina back in 2006?, and I still haven't read it. But, every time I move, I take it with me...

  27. Jane Eyre is one of my favorite classics, so I hope that you enjoy it when you get around to it! I’m guilty of doing this now with Kindle books ... I buy them, and since I don’t see them sitting around I forget I have them!

  28. What a fun post idea! I remember I LOOOOOVED I Capture the Castle, and even though I'm REALLY not a re-reader, I think I'm going to re-read that one since it's been far too long. And Jane Eyre! Jane Eyre is a must. Some of your others are fun reads (Matched, I Am the Messenger), but not really life-changing.

  29. I am reading a lot in Summer, outside in the sun, but now I don t have any new books. I just finished the latest Nicci French!

  30. I know it's a cliche but Jane Eyre is stunning. It's just so BRITISH. Which I'm sure you've heard many times before which is why it's on the list. So I'll shut up.

    I have the same thing only with Audible credits. I even put my membership on hold for 6 months to try and catch up and I haven't. And now the credits are piling up again. I think it's because I'm in a podcast groove at the moment so any spare time I just listen to a podcast. Not sure if that's a good habit or not...

  31. Books are the only thing I buy without thinking. I go to the secondhand bookstore and all of a sudden I come out with 10 books,.. but I justify them because they’re cheap 😂

  32. I have a few books well that I have on my shelf, haven't read, and arent in the queue to be read anytime soon. Sometimes I stress about it, but mostly I have accepted my crazy.

  33. Oh girl.. this is why I started my book ban. That and thrift shops! Oy, $0.05 books in the summers.. "come home with me, all of you, I will love you!" LOL. I still buy books, more than my ban "allows". BUT I am definitely 1) reading more that I own, and 2) selling them once I'm done! + most of the books I've bought since have been with store credit at the used bookstore. Jane Eyre is my favorite book, ever ever ever. So .. read it. Mine had really good footnotes.. so... um... I felt like it was cool, but you don't NEED them. It's just super dark and kinda sexy for an older book. My girlfriends and I had a "it's SO sexy" gush at craft night recently. Most of us are pretty reserved so it was hilarious. The host's hubby turned around because he was so surprised she'd said that. LOLOLLOL. It was hilarious. I really enjoyed Anna.. I found it surprisingly easy to read. I was really worried.. Anyhow, found it accessible. But I know some who hate it... so who knows?! I also have Deep Blue and Shadow and Bone on my shelves/kindle app. I definitely need to get around to them. Recently I haven't felt like reading AT ALL. :( I got the second Outlander (speaking of your list) and just.. nope. I have 1.5 books left in Erin's challenge... don't even want to pick them up. ugh. It's the worst. LOL Good luck with your list! Glad you are feeling better about your shopping habits!! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  34. I am hoping to read Anna Karenina someday...I think I bought it in like high school. War and Peace too but I have at least attempted that a few times (and gotten TOTALLY lost), haha. Jane Eyre is quite good and I really enjoyed it but I listened to it :) I find this post so relatable...that whole feeling of OMG I NEED this book!!! And then it sits there for months or years. I hope you get to some of these soon so I can hear your thoughts :) We could do an Anna Karenina read along!!! ;)


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