Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Books Lately

I have read a shit ton of books lately. Not sure if it's because it's been longer than normal since the last link up, or because I have sacrificed sleep many nights to read. Not my brightest choice, I'm constantly tired, but at least I am book happy? We've been so busy with the kitchen and other stuff that the only time I really have to read is time I should be sleeping. It's fine. I'm sure I will crash and burn here soon and I won't touch a book for weeks, but until then.. lots of books. Also, I've really been into romances lately, you've been warned...

The Wall of Winnipeg and Me - Mariana Zapata - 5 Stars
football player asks assistant to come back after she quits (romance)
holy shit snacks. Is it hot in here? *fans self*

Sorry not sorry. If you like romances (I repeat. Don't read this unless you like romances) you need to read this. Trust trust trust trust. I finished it and immediately re-read my favourite parts. It's a slow burn but I loved it so much. SO good.
The Mountain Between Us - Charles Martin - 4 Stars
two strangers on a plane that crashes in the middle of nowhere after pilot dies
Unexpectedly funny given what it was about. Twist at the end. Very handy/coincidental that she crashed with a doctor, but if I crashed I'd like a doctor with me too. No epilogue, bummer, they are my favourite. I recommend. Movie coming out soon with Kate Winslet and Idris Elba.
Lord of the Fading Lands - C.L. Wilson - 5 Stars
fantasy romance with fae and flying cat things
I absolutely adored The Winter King by the same author so I had high expectations for this series. Yes, I know, ridiculous cover. They all are. This series is 100% an acquired taste, so if you don't like fantasy romance, step away. This series is a bit 'out there' so you really have to dig the fantasy romance genre. It's really slow paced as well, the first two books cover like 10 days, I kid you not. It didn't feel slow though. I don't know what else to say, I loved them, but they are not for everyone. 
My Not So Perfect Life - Sophie Kinsella - 5 Stars
girl gets fired by fancy-has-it-all-boss, focuses on how we only share the perfect stuff
Typical and predictable Sophie Kinsella book but I absolutely gobbled it up. Such a delightful enjoyable read. Loved it. It's light and fluffy, with the right dash of everything else. It's not the absolute best book ever but if you like Kinsella, I recommend. I think it's my favourite of hers so far, though I haven't read them all.
Received copy from NetGalley
Obsidian - Jennifer L. Armentrout - 4 Stars
girl moves in next door to aliens
I normally don't talk about a series until I am finished with it, but I wanted to show Erin I actually read a book for her challenge! I am still working on the rest of the series. Honestly, I'm not sure how I felt about this one, it was good and I liked it, definitely similar to Twilight in some respects but I like the main character a lot more than Bella, she definitely has a backbone and I dig it. If I'd read this years ago I would have been obsessed but as of right now I'm just happily enjoying it.

Read for Erin's challenge - non human main character book
Winston Brothers Series - Penny Reid -  4 Stars
4 romance books about 4 brothers with beards
I am not a beard fan. I know lots of people are but meh. Regardless, I HIGHLY recommend this series, it was hilarious. I adore Penny Reid. I liked all the brothers, though the first one was my favourite. There's 2 more brothers to the series, so I'd wait until it's finished if you're interested. Also, I'd guess it would be better to read her other series first, as a couple characters pop up in this series and I've basically ruined those books for myself. I'll still read them though.
Flame in the Mist - Renee Ahdieh - 4 Stars
mulan retelling, reminded me of goose girl just a bit
I absolutely loved Ahdieh's other books so I had high expectations for this one. It starts off a bit slow but then all of a sudden I love all the characters and the story, which I think is how I felt with her other books. I didn't love the ending, not just because it was a cliffhanger but because it didn't really make sense. I'm still impatiently waiting for the next book of course.
It Ends with Us - Colleen Hoover - 4 Stars
domestic violence love story
I have two things that make me nope a book based on the synopsis/tags on goodreads, one of those is domestic violence. I knew what this book was about, I probably shouldn't have read it, but I figured because it was CH, it couldn't be that horrible. It was a bit ridiculous with the coincidences, dialogue and how fast everyone falls in love, but it was still hard to read and heartbreaking. I didn't like the guy you're supposed to like, and I liked the guy you're supposed to hate. What's that say about me? I've been in Lily's position - being the daughter of an abusive father, not in an abusive relationship thankfully - and as much as I should be ashamed to admit this, I honestly don't know what I would have done in her position.
The Opportunist - Tarryn Fisher - 4 Stars
girl finds out ex boyfriend has amnesia and uses it to her advantage

I could not put this down. What a freaking rollercoaster. All the characters were ridiculous and self sabotaging. Reminded me of Beautiful Disaster. It was pretty messed up, and (highlight for spoiler) there's no happily ever after. The series continues but I read some spoilers and I don't think I have it in me to get punched in the gut twice more.
St James series - Jamie Beck - 4 Stars
3 beachy romances about 3 siblings
I really liked this little series. Predictable but funny and enjoyable. After the punch in the gut of The Opportunist, I needed something a little more fluffy. This fit the bill perfectly. There were quite a few things over the 3 books that I didn't love, but I still recommend them if you like predictable, light, funny, sexy, happily every after beach type reads.

Caraval - Stephanie Garber - 3 Stars
travelling circus type thing where the audience participates in the show
I read this in one day so I was clearly into it and enjoying it, but it has more than a few plot holes and eye rolling ridiculousness. There was also a lot of things just straight up were not explained, like the fact the MC sees emotions in colours. I might have continued out of curiosity if I'd had the second in my hand when I finished, but I most likely won't now. It wasn't exactly a memorable book and I wasn't satisfied.
Love and First Sight - Josh Sundquist - 3 Stars
blind kid goes to mainstream school and then has operation to give him eyesight
This was mostly meh for me. Teenagers are annoying. It was cute and I feel like the author did his research. It was interesting and it did make me think. But overall it was a bit too simple and dramatic, as teenagers tend to be. Not mad I read it, but meh.
Hello, Sunshine - Laura Dave - 4 Stars
youtube cooking show lady turns out to be a fake and her secrets are revealed
I liked this book more than Eight Hundred Grapes. It took awhile to warm up to Sunshine (stupid name), gosh she was unlikable. But I guess that was the point. I eventually liked it and enjoyed watching her grow. I did think the book was a little too short, missing something. I would have liked a bit more. Some things wrapped up too neatly, some not at all. But it was fun and quick and I recommend it.
Received copy from NetGalley
Everything We Keep and Everything We Left Behind  - Kerry Lonsdale - 3 Stars
fiancé dies.. or does he? plus sequel.
The first book was a quick, interesting read, kinda like a beach read. It took quite a few liberties and coincidences for things to work out, but overall I liked it. I enjoyed the second about the same, though I'm not sure if I would have read it if I didn't have it on my kindle already. There is a 3rd one coming out next year and I really think she's beating a dead horse there. These were fine books and I enjoyed them well enough but not enough to read another.
Received the second book from NetGalley
Texts from Jane Eyre - Mallory Ortberg- 3 Stars
text conversations with your favourite literary characters
So, some of these were absolutely laugh out loud hilarious. Others went straight over my head because I hadn't read all of the books mentioned. Some of them were funny even if I didn't necessarily 'get' them.
Head Over Heels - Jill Mansell - 3 Stars
chick lit, rom-com, beach read about a bunch of different people in a small village
Not my favourite of Mansell's that I've read so far, but I still enjoyed it. I feel like I know what I am going to get with one of her books and I love it. Light, fluffy, a little bit sexy, full of happy endings. What more could you want?
Received copy from NetGalley
Anything You Can Do - R.S. Grey - 4 Stars
romantic comedy about two people who grew up hating each other
This was cute, funny, sexy and ridiculously predictable but I enjoyed every minute of it. I recommend if you like enemies to lovers books.
The Girls series - Rachel Hollis - 3 Stars
3 romances about 3 friends
This was a super cute series, predictable, light and fluffy. Not much else to say about it, if you're looking for a good pool side/beach read, you know, as we head into Autumn, I recommend these ones.
Under Locke - Mariana Zapata - 4 Stars
motorcycle club romance
When I really like a book by an author, I add any other of their books that sound interesting to my goodreads TBR. However, I try not to read them for several months (unless it's a series), otherwise I know I will compare, which is no fun. This is why I shouldn't have read this book so soon after The Wall of Winnipeg and Me. It was good, I enjoyed it. It was my first motorcyle club romance and from other reviews it looks like it's very tame in that area. Though I did like it and do recommend it if you like romances, it didn't hold a candle to Winnipeg & Me for me.
The Look of Love - Sarah Jio - 2 Stars
woman can see love & must identify the different types or she loses her chance
Maybe 2.5 if we did half stars. Clearly Sarah Jio and I aren't meant to be. I really didn't like Always but this one sounded better. It was but it still wasn't my jam. Too simple and short for what could have been a good story, I'm disappointed. I didn't completely hate it, but I don't recommend it.

Read for Erin's challenge - mostly yellow cover book
Miss You - Kate Eberlen - 2 Stars
two people meet once and then keep missing each other over 16 years
This book was not what I expected, not in a good way. Bit of a disappointing read, it sounded so good. The author used way too many exclamation points for my liking.
Wintergirls - Laurie Halse Anderson - 1 Star
anorexic girl dealing with death of bulimic ex-friend 
It is probably unfair of me to rate this book so low since I knew reading it would be hard and triggering. Maybe it's a good book for those who have never dealt with disorded eating, maybe not, I don't know. It just was not a healthy choice for me and I should not have read it. 

Read for Erin's challenge - fictional mental illness book
The Dovekeepers - Alice Hoffman - DNF
I have no bloody idea
My first DNF in over 2 years, I shit you not. I tried. I really did. But my eyes were bleeding from the boredom and I just couldn't hack it anymore. I just didn't care. I haven't read any of Hoffman's other books, this one had such good reviews - it's her most popular on goodreads - but nope. Not for me.

Life is too short for books you don't enjoy.
Opal (3rd in Obsidian series) & still working on Good Omens 

Here's where I'm at with Erin's challenge:

• 5 points: at least 200 pages – Heartless by Marissa Meyer (453 p)
• 10 points: starts with the letter “B” - Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia (563 p)
• 10 points: a (mostly) yellow cover - The Look of Love by Sarah Jio (286 p)
• 15 points: a picture of an animal on the cover -The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater (409 p)
• 20 points: published in 2017 - A Million Junes by Emily Henry (350 p)
• 20 points: a compass or cardinal direction in the title – East by Edith Pattou (507 p)
• 25 points: one of the most commonly banned books – The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie (230 p)
• 30 points: fictional book about mental illness - Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson (278 p) 
• 30 points: non-human main character – Obsidian by Jennifer L. Armentrout (299 p)
• 35 points: based on a Disney movie - Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a Book by Jennifer Donnelly (352 p)

Linking up with Steph & Jana.

TL;DR - I recommend The Wall of Winnipeg and Me - only if you like romances. Hands down my favourite book in this post, but I know it's not for everyone. Otherwise I recommend My Not So Perfect Life  and The Mountain Between Us.

Read anything decent lately?


  1. The Opportunist sounds so good!!

    I really liked the sound of Love and First Sight so I'm disappointed that you were disappointed. I'll probably still read it though.

    I'm not a beard fan either, but my cousin is the original beard lover. This current trend of everyone having beards again is like her dream come true. Every time I see a beard meme I think of her!

  2. Wow you weren't kidding with a lot of reading! Good for you! I'm taking some serious notes here... thanks for all the tips!

  3. Holy cow on all the books! I wrote down a few titles to add to my list ... avoiding romances for the time being. I saw the trailer for The Mountain Between Us and when I saw it was based on a book, knew I wanted to look for the book first.

  4. Hmmm I don't know if I'll read the book but definitely interested in Kate Winslet and Idris Elba as a couple... and your reading was out of control! Is this why there have been fewer cat videos on instagram??

  5. Oh good! I've read a couple of these so I could compare notes. Totally understand your feelings on It Ends with Us! I liked it a lot but understand your reservations and think a 4 star review is still pretty solid. :) I usually like Sophie Kinsella so not sure why I haven't picked up My Not So Perfect Life yet. Adding that stat!

  6. It's been so long since I read anything Kinsella, I should check this one out soon.

  7. I also loved Flame in the Mist...the ending was frustrating but looking fwd to the next one

  8. Well I think you basically just put together my reading list for our vacation in a couple weeks! So many that I want to read from this list, I'm game for a little love/romance. Not So Perfect life was actually one of my least favorite Kinsella books so far, but I'm glad you liked it!

  9. Wow! You've been crazy reading this month!

  10. Holy Moly you read so much. I love Sophia Kinsella books, so I totally need to read that. Hope the kitchen reno is going well!!

  11. I think I've had The Flame In The Mist from the library twice and never feel in the mood, but I really do want to read it this year, so I'm glad to see a positive review! The Look of Love... I think I'll always remember because I disliked it so much, and you're right it sounded soo good from the synopsis! I haven't read Everything We Left Behind yet, but I can't believe she's writing a third book?! I think I put The Mountain Between Us on my list when I saw the movie was coming out (love Idris!), but really hadn't heard very much about the book, so I'm glad it was at the top for you.

  12. I almost picked up that Sophia Kinsella book & have seen nothing but good reviews today - makes me want to go back & pick it up.

  13. I really loved My Not So Perfect Life. Definitely my favorite of hers!!! I also enjoyed Hello, Sunshine too. And like you, I wasn't a fan of her at first but she grew on me as she grew as a person. I think you already told me about the football romance because I had it to read on my list already. And same with the beard series lol. It Ends With Us was already on my TBR too. Glad you liked it.

  14. Life is indeed too short.

    Okay, I don't like romance books typically but I feel like even I might like your first one. I do read them every once in a while.

    Definitely reading Charles Martin. I absolutely loved Water from My Heart.

  15. I love that you read such a variety of books! And these lists always give me such good ideas of what I should pick up next ;) You are amazing though...I have a hard time getting through one book a month and you just kick ass! hahaha I have been trying lately to go upstairs and read instead of sitting in front of the TV at night though, so that is helping! xx

  16. I'm usually a big Laurie Halse Anderson fan but hadn't read the one you mentioned here...now I'm a bit curious about it, though I'm not sure if I'll pick it up now. Her book Speak is one of my top YA books I've ever read.

    Also, I hadn't heard of that Text from Jane Eyre, but it sounds like it could be a lot of fun!

  17. OOh I love Colleen Hoover, I read that book last year! You have some great books! I feel like I end up clicking want to read on a lot of your books on goodreads!

  18. Oh my goodness, soooo many books! I added The Wall of Winnipeg to my to read and The Opportunist sounds good as well. Actually, a lot of them sound good.....you may have convinced me to give Kinsella's new one a try. I haven't read much of her stuff recently. I love Colleen Hoover and It Ends With Us. I read the first book in the Girls series, Party Girl and was surprised that I enjoyed it as much as I did. Haven't read the other ones though.

  19. I enjoyed Not-So Perfect Life. Kinsella always makes me laugh. Love at First Sight and Texts from Jane are already on my TBR. And you had me at "flying cat things" so now I must check out Lord of the Fading Lands. I like fantasy and typically prefer romance when it's paired with something like fantasy or a thriller. And I'm also trying to expand my reading. My thrillers are started to blend together and have become a little meh. And God help me, I'm going to try The Wall of Winnipeg and Me because you intrigued me. I should hate everything about it - football, romance-only - and just you watch: I'll love it! :D

  20. I do not like romance books at all. It's one of the genres I generally avoid at all costs. But some of these do not sound horrible. So that's good news.

  21. "fantasy romance with fae and flying cat things" - that had me laughing so hard!
    It seems like everyone read My Not So Perfect Life this month, lol.
    I hope you like Heartless when you get to it.
    Definitely added a few of your reads to my TBR list :)

  22. Haha, Sarah Jio and I are definitely not meant to be either.
    I also liked My Not-So-Perfect Life. I never got into the Shopaholic series but all her other books are super cute and fun.

  23. Good Omens was funny, it felt very British humor to me.

    The mountain Between us sounds very interesting, adding it to my list.

  24. So many good books I can't wait to check out!

  25. The Mountain Between Us sounds interesting! I should read it before seeing the movie :)

  26. Girl, you REALLY need to read a Sarah Jio historical fiction (Blackberry Winter comes to mind). She should only really write historical fiction. All her contemporary stuff is awful. The Mountain Between Us sounds so good! I saw ads for the movie and had no idea it was a book! I really liked My Not So Perfect Life, too.

  27. I loved My Not So Perfect Life too! It was in no way a challenging read, but it was such a nice break from reality. I love books like this that put a smile on your face :)

  28. I've heard The Mountains Between Us is so good, so it sounds like I need to move it up on my reading list. And I totally agree with you on My Not So Perfect Life. It was totally the normal Sophie Kinsella but I still loved it! And I have to be in the mood for a romance, so I'll definitely add Wall of Winnipeg and Me to my list!

  29. Oh wow you have read a lot! I got My Not So Perfect Life at the library today, can't wait to read it!

  30. I hope you give Hoffman another try. She's one of my favorite authors. I liked Dovekeepers but she went through a period of historical or period writing and this is where it started. I think you'll like her other stuff. Try Faithful or Pratical Magic

  31. Ive been reading a lot but keep stalling on drafting a post ... but man you killed it with the reading this month. So many recs. I have my not so perfect life lined up on my kindle so I'm glad you gave it 5 stars. it just jumped up the queue.

  32. You really hit the books this month!

    I liked Everything We Keep, more or less, a lot...but I didn't read the other one.
    I also liked My Not So Perfect Life well enough.
    I haven't even heard of anything else on this list. Feeling very out of the loop with books lately.

  33. Wait, I lied: I read Wintergirls about 10 years ago. Definitely not my favorite of hers, but I LOVE that author.

  34. I'm in the crash and burn phase right now and have read zero books this month. I am ashamed. I need to get back on the horse!

    I am definitely not above a good romance book, maybe that's what I need to kick things off again. And join the library! I need to do that.

  35. Well if you are skipping sleep to read then the books must be good! I adore anything by Sophie Kinsella so I'll definitely be reading the one you mentioned. Jodi Picoult, another writer I really like (though very different) had a book about domestic violence. You did actually like the male character and it was easy to see how the woman ended up in that situation. Books like that are very uncomfortable reads though.

  36. I also read Wintergirls a while back and I thought it was a bit meh. I can definitely see how it can trigger someone and I'm sorry that you couldn't enjoy yourself because of that. Some parts of it were a little too much for me as well, so I can empathise with you there. But I also thought the story itself wasn't all that great, I would have liked the ending to not have been the ending and it to have come earlier so we could have read more about her moving forward, I think that would have made some of the triggering content a little more "worth it" (although that's not quite the right wording). That and I wasn't actually expecting the book that we got, I think the synopsis didn't accurately describe the book so that made it a less enjoyable for me.

    I can see myself reading other mental health related books but not all that often. I like to read for fun, so in some ways reading about mental health struggles (which I'm usually trying to catch a break from by reading) doesn't seem like the most fun.

    Here's to a great reading September.

  37. I've read so many books in your love category!! I have to say it ends with us made me fall in love with that author - it was my favorite book of last year and I know what you mean about liking the guy you're supposed to hate in the book...so I'm right there with you!

  38. I've actually never read a Sophie Kinsella book, but I think I'll have to keep her in mind next time I hit a slump.

    I didn't really love Eight Hundred Grapes -- too predictable, nothing all that compelling, I thought -- so I was avoiding Hello Sunshine too, but maybe I'll give it a try when I need something quick.

  39. I'm so curious now about the romance one haha so not me but I"m intrigued! ps - you'd be so proud, I've read 3 books this summer - 3 whole books! (hahaha)

  40. Jeez you and me both! That's a ton of books! Alright, I shall trust and look into The Wall of Winnipeg even though that title is super funny. :P I don't think I've read a lot of true romances but I'm doubting I'll mind it. I'm always like, MORE ROMANCE PLEASE... in most books so there you go. Just added a slew of others to my list. Also, the bearded ones. I added it when you posted a while back. Sounds silly and great. I definitely want to read the Lux series someday, and I want to read the mountain one especially because I love Kate Winslet. :) Don't you love when you read a book and it's good (you read it ina whole day) etc. and then you're like... wait... what was it about? Did I like it? Guess so. LOL. That happens. XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  41. GOD you are a reading machine! I am actually blown away by your highlight for spoiler trick... I added that one to my TBR so I didn't highlight, but it was so tempting! HAHA

  42. i'm sorry you didn't like caraval more. it's not a perfect book, true, but i did like the characters and the idea for the conflict.

    i want to check out that mountain between us book. sounds really interesting.

  43. Omg, I've also tried reading The Dove Keepers and totally couldn't get into it so it's a DNF for me also. Since then I've read her other book and surprisingly really enjoyed it.

  44. Adding most of these to my TBR so thank you! ;) Wall of Winnipeg sounds like something I need after I finish Erin's challenge. Love the slow burn. Also just put the Texts from Jane Eyre book on hold because it sounds wonderful. Penny Reid's series sounds good too!! That Charles Martin book sounds a lot like a book I've seen around a lot called Castle of Water... I wonder how. Similar they are because I bought Castle of Water. I need to try Jennifer Armentrout sometime! Hello Sunshine and Everything we Keep are on my list but I don't know if I can do the Colleen Hoover book. Tough subject matter even if I can't relate personally. You are plowing through the books like crazy girl!

  45. Reading machine!!!! I've had my eye on the opportunist for awhile, and I want to get on the Sophie Kinsella train -- I read one of her books that disappointed me and I've stayed clear of her for awhile. maybe I should give it another shot.

  46. Just pinned this! You are such a reading inspiration! I don't get enough sleep as it is so no way no how am I giving any of it up to read! Lol.


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