Friday, September 15, 2017

5 on Friday

I loved Heather's post like this the other day so decided to copy. Thanks Heather!

5 favourite books so far this year:

- The Hating Game
- The Wall of Winnipeg & Me
The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo
- Beartown
- A Conjuring of Light

5 books I plan to read soon:

- Little Fires Everywhere
- Everything, Everything
Words in Deep Blue
- The Hate U Give
- Sourdough

5 books I want to read but they aren't out yet:

- Still Me (third book in Me Before You series) - Jan 2018
- Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe (I NEED THIS NETGALLEY) Oct 2017
- The Great Alone (Kristin Hannah!) Feb 2018
- Jane, Unlimited (by the author of Graceling!) released next week actually
- Burn Bright (last book in Alpha & Omega series) March 2018

5 things I've eaten lately:

- tuna, corn, chickpeas & mayo
- burritos
- 32 degrees
- vegemite on toast
- this pasta from budget bytes, I added chickpeas and then chicken for KC

5 things that made me not so happy recently:

- my friend sharing these super cute shoes on Amazon but they are out of the colour I want (not an affiliate link)
- stupid little pimples all over my face
- gross weather
- coworkers keep leaving
- finally got our dishwasher installed and it's freaking broken, we are out of the window for replacement but Lowes is still sending us one and we should have it in A MONTH so it's just sitting there all installed but not working, taunting me

5 things that made me happy recently:

- good books
- I have a kitchen sink and faucet!
- new Taylor Swift music
- Kate Middleton is pregnant again (and I hope she doesn't steal my baby names)
- whatever announcement is coming from Every Cloud Productions about Miss Fishers

5 funny things:

Happy Friday all!


  1. I have gotten so bad at the name thing! I'm sorry about the dishwasher. That's frustrating!

  2. Omg I'm dying over all those memes! Sorry about the dishwasher that has to be so frustrating!!!! Here's to the weekend though!!!

  3. Yummy, yummy pasta dish. Looks delish. And cheers to the dishwasher!

  4. OMG, the cat meme is cracking me up. Thanks for the laugh this morning. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on "The Hate you Give." It's on my list but I think I'll see what you think of it first! ;)

  5. I saw that letterfolk post and totally agreed. Thanks for the push to add the Celeste Ng book - I've seen that it's coming out, but if it isn't during SUYB then it rarely gets added to Goodreads!

  6. oh, that sucks about the dishwasher? can you find out from Maytag directly if they can do anything since it's BRAND NEW ie. not used?

  7. I have not read a single one of the books you listed. Why are there so many books?

    Booo to the dishwasher.

    LOL at the nutrition labels thing. If I open something I am probably going to eat it all so just go ahead and tell me how bad that's going to be!

  8. SHUTTTT UPPP!!! I didnt know there was another book in the Me Before You books!!!!!

  9. That totally sucks about the dishwasher. Must be so frustrating. We use ours pretty much daily and I would miss it! Love that you did this post! I enjoyed many of the same books as you this year although I still need to get to shades of magic # 3...oops. I think you will like Words in Deep Blue! I'm looking forward to that new JoJo Moyes book too since I actually really liked the second one. Didn't know Kristin Hannah had a new book coming! I might need to do this post again someday :)

  10. That is so me with remembering names! lol
    Sorry about your dishwasher - such a bummer, but at least you have a new one coming! We just had to buy a new one the other day because I accidentally melted all the baby bottle lids (they fell onto the drying ring at the bottom) and everything smelled like burnt plastic no matter how many times we ran the washer or tried to clean it -- oops! lol

  11. Hahaha that is so me with the names thing lately. My brain is gone and I fear it will never return!!! What do you mean your dishwasher is broken?? Isn't it new?? WTF? I have got to get on The Hating Game. And I hope you get the Christmas P&P book!!! I am liking Pie & Prejudice so far. It is a little cheesy but in a cute way. Those shoes on Amazon are so cute, so rude they dont have what you need!

  12. That meme about names is SO ME. theres an intern at work - poor thing i run from her because shes told me her name like 6 times and I just dont remember it.

    the dishwasher situation must be so frustrating ugh. What could possibly take an entire month?

  13. I really want to read Bear Town and Little Fires Everywhere. Name meme is on point, that happens to me every single time I meet a new person. Nutrition thing too, it's tough doing the math yourself!

  14. Hahaha, that cat picture definitely got me. Too funny! Hope you have a great weekend!

  15. I think that's cruel punishment to have a dishwasher installed that doesn't work. Mean! I love Evelyn Hugo too. I need to read Beartown and want to read the Shades of Magic series. And I did not know the last book in the Alpha and Omega series was finally coming out! I really enjoy that series. Do you read the Mercy Thompson books too? I enjoy Mercy slightly more, probably because I read them first. :D And she has a cat. And is a coyote married to a wolf. I just laughed so hard typing that last sentence. :D

  16. I hate hate hate appliance buggery. RAGE. I hope they surprise you and it's sooner than a month.

  17. haha 'what if I ate the whole damn thing'. SO TRUE!

    I've only read the first in the Darker Shades of Magic series but I loved it and need the other two.


  18. Sourdough looks good! I do love a good food book.
    I bookmarked the pasta too.
    Home Depot screwed up our dishwasher delivery/installation last winter, so they would've been just as bad. Neither HD or Lowe's is safe these days.

  19. haha when I saw Kate was pregnant again I was really excited too -- but then I kept thinking "I hope she doesnt have a girl and steal my baby's name!"

  20. I can't imagine what the third Me Before You book will be about because I really can't remember very much about the second book, but I'm really excited for it too! Sourdough sounds so interesting/quirky, so I can't wait to hear what you think. So frustrating about your dishwasher, but I'm so glad they're replacing it (eventually).

  21. Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe sounds adorable!

  22. Miss Fisherrrrrr! I just checked the instagram account and I am SO EXCITED. At last 2017 is beginning to redeem itself!

    I need an eat the entire pack label, too. It's my pet peeve when the manufacturer decides a 'serving size' which is clearly ridiculous (eg 3 chocolate buttons. Who eats just 3 chocolate buttons) just so they can display vaguely reasonable nutritional data per 'serving'.

    I hope the dishwasher fairy visit you asap!

  23. Ha, I'm laughing about your inclusion of Miss Fisher's! I'm actually renting the seasons from the library for my grandparents. I'm convinced they'll love it. Haha!
    Bummer about the broken dishwasher! I'm glad Lowes is still sending you a new one!

  24. How did I not know about the new Jojo Moyes book?! Need to keep an eye out for that. Girl, my skin has been like a teenager lately. You're not alone. Hope that you get the new dishwasher soon!

  25. I was so excited to read that Kate Middleton was pregnant again. Her children are so cute. Hope you get a new dishwasher soon. Washing dishes by hand is no fun.

  26. Oh my gosh the dishwasher is such a pain! Pretty jazzed about the new royal baby too! And I second the little pesky pimple gah I turned 30 and then started LOL!

  27. I'm weirdly obsessed with Kate Middleton. I mean, gorgeous, a princess and can give eye rolls when her kids are misbehaving?!? I love her. I hope they get your dishwasher madness sorted out soon!

  28. So many books!!! I need to get back on the reading train... thanks for always sharing your reads. Those shoes are super cute! Yay for a kitchen sink/faucet. Seriously life almost seems impossible without one! I couldn't imagine being amish. Lol. Kate Middleton is like perfection. It seems everyone loves to follow along with her!

  29. Oh hey remember me? Yeah I used to comment on your stuff all the time and was a blogger and then I fell off the face of blogging earth. But fingers crossed I'm back!

    My parents have been sans dishwasher for literally like 3 years and every time I'm home I get super irritated that I have to wash ALL the dishes as opposed to just like the pots and pans. lol Major first world problem, so I totally get where you're coming from.

    Lastly I'm about to read all your recent blog posts so be prepared for comments an ALL OF THEM!! ; )


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