Thursday, August 31, 2017

Things in threes

Three meals I could always eat
- nachos
- any kind of pasta
- a burger (or two)

Three songs I always sing along to
- Heart of Stone - Cher
- You Don't Own Me - from The First Wives Club
- Wake Me up Before You Go-Go - Wham

Three favourite TV shows
- Doctor Who
- Grey's Anatomy
- Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

Three things I do when I need to recharge
- have a ridiculously long bath
- read
- clean or organise things that don't need organising (like pinterest or goodreads)

Three places I want to visit again
- Italy
- England
- Queensland - we meant to go on our last trip home but didn't want to plan any time away from my mum. Maybe next time!

Three movies I watch when I need to feel good
- Bridget Jones' Baby - or the first Bridget.
- The Decoy Bride
- Nanny McPhee

Three books I've read more than once
- The Book Thief
- Pride & Prejudice
- The Hating Game

Three things that made me happy recently
- good books
- drinks with coworkers, some of them soon to be ex coworkers
- putting away all the things in my almost finished kitchen

What's made you happy recently?


  1. Hooray for your almost finished kitchen!

    What's made me happy recently.... lots of time with friends! We've been socialising up a storm!

  2. I went through a major Pinterest organization spree a few months ago. Almost time to do it again!

    And yay for an almost finished kitchen! Can't wait to see pictures. I feel your stress and know the pain of that kind of remodeling.

  3. I love these types of posts. I could eat pasta every day, too. And pizza. Can't wait to see the completely finished kitchen! It looks great.

  4. One thing about reorganizing or tidying up my kitchen/cabinets -- I don't want to have to use anything and mess up the tidiness!

  5. oooh yes for organizing things. I definitely love breaking pinboards into more specific pinboards. LOL. Easier to find things that way! Love the new cabinets, oooh so fun to put everything away in its new shiny home! OMG Bridget Jones's Baby gets me every time, but I do love the original as well. Miss Fisher! Did you see they are FINALLY moving on the next piece!?!??!?!?! KC sent it to me last week? Two weeks ago? Eep! I've mostly just been reading... so we'll go with that (specifically ACoTaR), binge-ing through a new to me show (the 100) and seeing my nephew! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  6. I love following along with your kitchen progress and yay for getting everything in there!! I LOVED Bridget Jones's Baby! So good!

  7. That kitchen looks awesome!! I can't believe it's almost done!
    Nachos are some of the best food ever...
    Your gif gave me alllll the Miss Fisher feels. Now I feel like I need to watch them all again. Lol

  8. Yay for an almost finished kitchen! And food.... yummmm to all the pasta <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. I haven't read the other two books besides P&P, I guess I need to!

  10. Aw I love the Bridget Jones movies too! And I'm also a big pasta fan. I'm going to check out Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries

  11. So many things to comment on! First, PASTA! All day every day! My mom used to wake me up by singing that Wham song when I was in middle school haha. The Book Thief is one of my all-time favorite books. I actually just requested I Am The Messenger by the same author. Soon to be ex coworkers? Are you switching jobs? Also, I have some serious kitchen envy- it looks great!

  12. OOO I love those drawers! Our lower cabinets have drawers and it makes me very happy. I just have a bad habit of putting heavy shit on them and then I can't open them very far.

  13. I just watched the first Bridget Jones for the first time and was like whyyyyy have I not watched this sooner?! I can't find the second one and am tempted to just watch the newest one-- or should I wait until I can see the second one? Your cabinet space and pantry are like a dream! Soo excited everything is almost done for you guys.

  14. So happy as an adult to see cabinet org pictures. LAME.

    I freaking love the first Bridget.

  15. Yay to the almost finished kitchen! Can't wait to see all the after pics. :D I can always, always eat pasta. I wish I couldn't. :D

  16. I need new cabinets just so I can clear out & get organized.
    I cant believe it- I've never seen Nanny McPhee.
    Or read Pride & Prejudice. WHAT?????

  17. Ahhh look how organized your kitchen is looking! Cant wait to see the finished product! I need to read the Hating Games!!! I downloaded the Book Thief a while ago and I think it is up next. Right now I am reading Falling by Jane Green. I am so with you on nachos, pasta and burgers!!! The First Wives Club. Gosh I love that movie...and that song! I haven't gotten through a Bridget Jones movie. I think I tried to watch the first one last year but I wasn't feeling well and fell asleep rather quickly. I think I would love them if I tried them again.

  18. ALMOST FINISHED KITCHEN! Y'all are just rocking it! <3

  19. I could eat pasta everyday too and pizza and eggs any style. Organizing Pinterest is the best way to waste time! Anytime I'm sitting around board I waste tons of time on there :)

  20. Yes to nachos! I swear that was always my go to lunch growing up- just boring chips, cheese, and salsa, and I still have it now! And hooray for your kitchen almost being finished! That's so exciting and I can't wait to see what it looks like!

  21. Oh man a freshly organized kitchen would be at the top of my happy happy list! Getting there!!

  22. Reading tends to really relax me too and I LOVE The Book Thief. That's one I need to re-read. I have only been out of the U.S. once and that was to England a year ago and Omg, I need to go back!


  23. What a fun post idea! I really like this...I might have to steal it sometime (and give you credit, of course!)

  24. Check out that kitchen! It looks amazing! It is my dream to have a tupperware cabinet like that one day. Sigh.

    I do the cleaning and organising thing to relax as well. I think it's a very strange thing to do so I'm glad I'm not the only one! When I'm stressed and cleaning S tries to get me to stop and/or do it for me, and I'm like no you don't understand this is helping!

    Yessssssss Miss Fisher. Legit stared at that gif for about 10 minutes. I miss it so much!

  25. Hell yes to Grey's Anatomy. I have watched nothing but Grey's since I decided to start from episode one for the first time somewhere back in like April or March I think. I finally finished and now I'm seriously like....what do I do??? Cannot wait for the new season to air.

    I get a big kick out of organizing projects that aren't "necessary" too, like redoing my desk drawers or sorting through pinterest boards (I'm on my way to deleting them) and such. Feels so calming!

    Look at those gorgeous cabinets! I love all your pyrex so perfectly lined up. I have like... half a shelf for mine so it's all stacked and mushed together; I'm jealous of this display.

  26. look at that kitchen! it's coming along. and you know i share your love of P&P - the movie just brings so much joy too :) and nachos all day everyday ha.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  27. Yes! I love burgers! And nachos...and pasta... lol Your kitchen is so organized!

  28. I've always loved the You Don't Own Me song! Definitely a feel-good song to belt out. That movie was one of my favorites!

  29. How is Pride and Prejudice not number one on the books you've re-red hehe. Love your answers and hope your mum is doing well - Im sure you'll visit Queensland again soon.

  30. so many fun things! i could always eat burgers, pizza and fries! ... so healthy! haha and just thinking about going back to italy in the future makes me so happy! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  31. I still have yet to read The Hating Game! It keeps getting pushed back by other books, but I think I might get it from the library and take it with on vacation next month. Can't wait to see your kitchen. And, give me all the pasta and Miss Fisher's any day. ;)

  32. what made me happy this week was a new desk in my apartment to create a work/writing space (you can see it hilariously being put together by my crazy parents on IG Stories - lol). it's a little silly thing but I love how it looks & it's making me feel all kinds of happy!

  33. Yay for happy things! I'm incredibly impressed with all of the work you guys have done on your kitchen! Want to come redo mine next? ;) ha

  34. You Don't Own Me is such a good song, and of course, I love Doctor Who and P&P, too :)

  35. I'm right there with you on the nachos and pizza girl!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  36. Yes to Pride & Prejudice always. :)
    And YAYYYY your kitchen is looking amazing and I love pictures of organized cupboards! lol

  37. i can't wait to see your kitchen transformation!


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