Thursday, April 20, 2017

House update (ridiculously long)

We bought a house! Yay for us. We saw the house on the 1st of March, put in an offer immediately, and closed early April. There was a time period in late February that I was like we are never going to find a house and have to live with your mom forever and it was not a good time. Of course, logically I knew we'd have to find something eventually, but we sold our first home because we'd settled - I didn't want to settle again.

We found everything we were looking for (good location, 3 bed, 2 bath + garage) and more (basement, all brick, sunroom, fantastic neighbourhood in a great area) for a great price. Of course, we got the great house in the great area for a great price because inside, not so great. Green and blue carpet, ugly colours on the walls, super old outdated kitchen and bathrooms, small rooms.. things KC and I don't really care about. We can paint, we've ripped up carpet before, no worries. We are not big house people, we both grew up in ranch homes and had small bedrooms. Both of us only had 1 bathroom in our childhood homes and we survived. We just wanted enough room for our furniture in our bedroom, and we're fine. We don't need huge bedrooms and neither do our cats (and future kids). Our last house was fairly small (not like HGTV tiny homes small, but like not McMansion) we would have stayed there forever if it weren't for the location and no garage. We are small house people. Depending on your definition of small.

So there you have it. Found the perfect house for us. Just needed a bit of TLC.

We closed on a Monday afternoon. We went over and cleaned, I think? I've already forgotten. The seller was an older lady and had mobility issues, for that reason and a few others we told her to leave whatever she had trouble moving. So she left us a lot of crap. Ha. We started clearing things out and moving things in the basement so we'd have an easy time doing stuff.

going into the house for the first time as owners // cute furniture she left behind
fancy mirror // gold jewelry thing // ugly heavy ass couch
selfie in our new house! // gift from lady who did our mortgage, so sweet // snazzy light switch covers // green carpet
yep that's a barre thingy or perhaps physical therapy thingy we'll never know, it's gone now also I don't know why I am standing like that, can you tell I was kicked out of ballet when I was like 5

Tuesday we started painting and we got internet set up (priorities).

You can't really tell. but the bedrooms & hallway were painted this really light blue that looked white from far away. We painted basically the entire house the same colour grey, the same colour we used on our last house. I just really like the colour and I know I like it, so why be adventurous?

Tuesday night a coworker of mine came over and we started knocking down some walls! I don't know if I've mentioned this before, I don't really talk about work, but I work for a construction company. I'm in admin, so I don't actually do any construction, but it certainly gets you some great contacts. He was there till after midnight, even though it looked easy enough (as easy as taking down walls can be), those walls were legit. Had wire mesh in them and stuff.

Here are the 'before' pictures. The two walls were kind of just pass through walls, although the one next to the kitchen had a door and cabinets attached. I've never been super obsessed with big open floor plans, but we just thought it would work well in this house, especially because the living room itself is pretty small (compared to our last one anyway).

You can see in the last two photos how far KC and I got with that heavy ass couch. I am fairly strong and can move most furniture. That couch was far too heavy for me. The two ends were recliners and it was just a tank. My brother in law had to come over and move it with KC. But it stayed in that position for a couple of days.

And here are photos of the walls being removed:

Here it is 'finished' aka no more walls to remove:

Wednesday we cleaned up all the mess, HVAC guy came over to reroute all the HVAC thingys now sticking out of the floor. I feel like we did other stuff as well but seriously, my memory.

We realised pretty quickly that we'd need some form of dumpster. I guess we didn't think it would create that much debris (LOL) so we decided to just figure it out. Thankfully there is a smaller (cheaper) choice when you don't need a huge dumpster. Enter in the bagster. Loved it. Got ours from Home Depot. I put in the request for pick up and they were there the next day.

All clean of debris and all that jazz

Thursday we had the plumber and electrician over to fix the issues that came up in the inspection. We also had the electrician add new light switches - one from the wall that was removed to another wall, and the other was in the living room, we didn't notice there was no switch. The things you don't notice till you move in, right? You had to turn the light on by pulling the string on the ceiling light. I'm really glad we had him coming over anyway, because that is one of those things you'd put on the bottom of the list and it would never get done.

I am extremely excited about these two new light switches:

Thursday night we had the drywall guys come over to look at what would be needed, they cleaned up fixed a few small things so that we'd be ready for carpet the next day.

Friday I unfortunately had to go back to work. Womp. We had carpet installation first thing, and every single person who came into our house was gobsmacked we were doing carpet. Because, yes, there were hardwoods underneath. But we hate wood floors! I know! We are in the minority and HGTV would hate us. We just really prefer carpet. Yes, even with cats. Especially with cats.

I made KC send me snaps though:

Pretty carpet:

Thankfully, my company is pretty fantastic and I was able to leave early on Friday so we could go pick up the moving truck. The drywall guys came over again, they had to patch a bunch of holes and remove wallpaper. I think they came over 3 or 4 times in total, because all that stuff has to dry in between phases.

One of the days, I forget which as they all blend in, we went about mounting the TV on the freshly painted wall. The wall that was wood paneling. Which we knew. I looked into it, looked like it was doable and all that jazz. Well, the wood paneling was kind of buckling, but looked fine if we could mount the things into the studs. Long story short, we ended up having to rip a portion of the wood paneling out because it was absolutely not put in properly and the TV most likely would have fallen immediately. So we just ripped stuff out. That was probably the scariest thing we've done, because everything else we had people look at or help us, so I was like OMG YOU'RE JUST RIPPING OUT WALL. Thankfully it turned out fine and the drywall guys (who pretty much do everything) put in some wood and other stuff to make it nice and stable. I didn't get a photo of what they put behind the wood on top, but they made it super sturdy and whatnot. We painted again and mounted the TV (then KC didn't like it, had to remove it and mount it again).

When I was looking into mounting the TV over the fireplace, I discovered the internet is super divided over it. We rarely use our fireplace, and the only other option would be to put the TV on the wall opposite the window, which means couch in front of the window, and yeah no. That window is big and gorgeous and I want to see it. So we are camp TV over the fireplace.

Saturday was moving day!

Saturday night after everything was moved in, we went and got the cats. They really did not do well last time we moved, we moved them into the basement and then had to go clean the house we were selling. So they were alone for a few hours in a new place. This time, we got everything situated, the drive was much shorter and they did pretty good. Once we were in the house, it was completely different than last time. Penny was still a little bit wary, Chelsea was scared of everything, but Millie was as good as gold. She was being all adorable and cute and sweet, it was just like wow, she loves this house! She's doing so well!

Unfortunately because we went over so late, we went to bed like an hour after we got there with the cats. Chelsea and Penny jumped up on my pillow right away (thanks guys, zero room for me) and they were still a bit jittery. We thought well, Millie will be great! Yeah no. She meowed - loudly - the entire night, like she was a kitten again. They were all good as gold on Sunday though, and thankfully Millie shut the hell up Sunday night. I know they are cats, but seriously, they love the house. They are almost always at a window or just basking in the sunlight. I think they missed it as much as I did, living in a basement was no joke for any of us.

The drywall guys finally finished all of our stuff - all the walls are patched and look fine, the framing is covered by wood, the wallpaper is gone and that area was ready for paint. One thing we didn't think about with removing walls was the chair rail, it didn't go all the way to the new walls so we had to replace it. Since we won't actually be using this as a dining room, it's not really functional, but whatever. We'll need to redo the baseboards in a few months, but we have run out of energy!

Once that was all done, we painted the walls.

We got the cats a new cat tree/condo as the old one was pretty beat up. I got it on sale at groupon, but it's also on amazon with tons of great reviews. KC put it together while I was at work and I laughed so hard at the pictures. The cats love it, it's taller than me (and KC, as he shared below) and I love that it has 3 spots for them to perch, though they don't all use it at the same time.

We bought new bedroom furniture back in October I think, but purposefully did layaway as we didn't want them to deliver it to the basement and then us have to move it. I figured I would just set up delivery when we found a house. Then last month we decided to throw on a new couch (which I have wanted for 5 years, nbd) and get it delivered at the same time. Unfortunately, when I called they had like a 3 week delivery wait. Boo. So we have been couch-less and bedroom furniture-less since we moved in. Not a huge deal except we left the dressers that we'd previously used, which means we had nowhere to put clothes and they were all over the place. Thankfully, I am extremely persistent/annoying and we were able to get our stuff delivered earlier than expected.

I spy a Penny enjoying the bed already
It's not leather, I don't know if it looks that way or that's just me. We left the tags on  for a few days, I don't know why! The ends are both recliners and I love that I can lay down while KC is sitting at the other end - something that used to cause issues lol

We bought a new washer and should get it this weekend. This past Sunday night, the microwave she left - which we planned on replacing when we re-do our kitchen in just a few months - stopped working. Because OF COURSE. I was like no big deal, we'll be microwave-less for a few months! Then for the next 3 hours kept trying to use the microwave. Who knew you used the microwave so much? So I bought a $50 one to tide us over for a few months. I am really excited about the new washer though, we just got a top loader, nothing fancy. I actually despise front loaders with the fire of a thousand suns. Anyone else?

Other memories from this time I want to remember:

You know I love 'the best is yet to come' from our wedding song, I bought this print from etsy and ordered the canvas from canvas champ. Super quick delivery, pretty cheap too.
Every year there are glasses for the KY Derby - you can buy them at Kroger or get them at the Derby when you buy a drink. I collect them, and the seller had some pretty old ones from the 70s!
Gift from a new neighbour! So friendly! // First meal in the new house // Bestie got me a bottle of baileys, it has been much appreciated // KC got a new drill // Penny climbing on top of a mattress leaning against a wall // Froyo break // my 'I am so done doing work face' while KC asks 'why are you sitting down?'

After all that, our motivation to do stuff has definitely fizzled. We are still doing stuff, but man. Draining all of our energy and bank accounts. I am so sick of Home Depot. As of right now, we are 'done' for a little while (till after Australia). We still have little things to do, like actually unpack everything, hide the cords from the TV, hang things, find new places for things, buy a few pieces of furniture because the old ones don't work in the new space, buy a fancy 'library/reading' chair for me, buy blinds and curtains and bath mats (KC: where on earth did they go? Me: I did not throw them out, and by did not I mean I absolutely did on purpose). As for big things, we have lots of plans. Kitchen & bathrooms specifically. I will definitely share them when we get to doing them.

I know this is a crazy long post and update, but that's life right now. We are so happy with our house, the neighbourhood is amazing (everyone is so friendly! It's weird and I'm not used to it! We are the odd ones with cats, everyone else has a dog or 5), we just love it. It definitely needs work but the difference with this house compared to our last one is that we actually want to do the work as we will be the ones enjoying it for years to come. So it's worth it, and fun to be like wow, we did that!

So. That's my life right now. How bout you? Top loader vs front loader? TV over the fireplace smart or stupid?


  1. I'm glad that you're loving your new place & neighborhood!! Y'all certainly have done a lot to the house. It looks great! I understand the fizzling of motivation. I didn't even have to do all of that when I moved into my new apartment & after awhile I was like "Nope! I'm done for now!"

  2. I LOVE IT! KEEP THE PICS AND UPDATES COMING. I love that you knocked out those walls; it really opens up the space and makes it look so much bigger. Doesn't a splash of paint really change a room? i love the colours you picked.

  3. Ah! You guys have done so much work and it looks great! I love hardwood floors but only because of my allergies. Our whole house is carpeted and I have to vacuum several times a week. Ugh. I am team top loading washer too. Ours is about to die and we'll be replacing it with a top loader! I've heard nightmares about front loaders.

  4. I love all of the renovations you guys have done, the place looks awesome! Moving is tough and you spend so much time putting stuff away but it's great when you're all settled in. Can't wait to see you renovate the rest of the house! P.S. I think TV over the fireplace looks great!

  5. Wow!! This was such an awesome update and so fun to read!! I had so many thoughts along the way but I'll try to summarize. One - yeah for smaller houses! Less to clean, less $$ to heat and cool, less temptation to fill them up with stuff you didn't need before. Two- I love your paint choice and the fact that you chose the same one as your previous house. If it ain't broke!! Three- the house is coming together so nicely! Taking out that wall was a great idea to open up the space, your new bedroom furniture is gorgeous, and the new carpet looks so clean, nice, and soft!

  6. Holy cow, y'all have been so super busy! I love your new house and all of the things that you've done to it so far. But I'm definitely on the hardwood floor train... especially since they were already there! The only downside of all the hardwood floors in our house is all of the carpets and runners we've got to purchase. Other than that, love them! :) Can't wait to see what else y'all get up to in your new house!

  7. I love that you and KC could look past all of the carpet/ugly colors and all of that, because most people can't and they miss out! It looks amazing, and all of your hard work is definitely paying off! Keep the pics coming!!

  8. You guys did so much massive work in such a short time! Good for you!! I don't care about the tv over the fireplace especially if there is no other option. Windows cannot be blocked. And I also don't care about washers. Lol. Whatever right I'm cheap so if it works I'm sold!! Well done and enjoy that comfy new couch of yours for a bit!!

  9. We are totally small house people, too! I never understood why people need a mcmanison for only 2 or 3 people. No thanks, I'll use the money I save elsewhere.

  10. So exciting! I've loved watching all your snaps of the progress you're making, and that fireplace is fabulous. Perfect for your tv above it! And that couch - LOVE! Why you ask? We have the same exact one, and isn't it so comfy?!
    Green Fashionista

  11. There's seriously so much goodness in this post! That's seriously so exciting that y'all found your dream home in the right neighborhood, and all that needed was some TLC! To be perfectly honest, the thought of doing a lot of DIY stuff around a house or doing any sort of renovations scares the crap out of me, so I have so much respect that y'all tackled this house like that! I'll tell you what, take as much time as you want to get everything unpacked and hung up around the house. I feel like until you live in a house for a while, you really don't know where everything is supposed to go.

  12. Yay! I have been so excited for you guys and loved seeing all the progress! Knocking down walls seems soo scary and I've been so impressed/inspired with how handy you guys are, even if some of your friends work in construction. I had no idea there was an issue with putting the tv above the fireplace? I think it totally makes sense there and yayy for a new couch that can recline- that sounds like a dream!

  13. You guys are killing it! I love how open it is with the walls removed. And how you were persistent to get your furniture earlier because at that point living without furniture feels torturous. So glad the cats are loving it too. I would definitely mount the TV over the fireplace in lieu of having to put the couch in front of that nice window.

    It's a great house! Enjoy it in good health!

  14. The changes you've made already look AMAZINGGGGG... I've loved watching your progress on IG. I had no idea that that Bagster thing existed. So good to know!

  15. I love it! I totally feel like I'm the kind of person who sees potential in icky interiors as well. Though we'll see if that proves true upon the house hunt whenever that happens. I love all the progress you did, and it sounds pretty fast to me, though I hate moving and I'm sure renovating isn't more fun/easier... so I feel ya if you are burnt out. Glad the cats are loving it. Since we are in my in-law's lower floor (not basement) and we have more space when the cats can be out... I think the cats will hate us when we move. The love my in laws, the sun, the big house, the stairs... Not excited for their initial disappointment someday. LOL I think the TV over the fireplace is totally fine, unsure if I have washer/dryer opinions... nice of you guys to let the lady leave things behind. Those dressers are pretty cute!! Love the derby glass collection. Excited for you guys!! Oh yeah, and I am 100% opposite. I will never ever ever have carpet again. Damn cats. :P Xo - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  16. This is just so fun to read - I'm excited for you guys and all the work that you've accomplished so far! You put Ryan and me to shame, lol. I'm totally one of those that thinks you're nuts for covering up those hardwood floors, but I also get it. Those are pretty old anyways, so I would've wanted to sand them down and re-stain 'em. I still hope that you're keeping that furniture that the lady left, those dressers are a dream. And, heck yes to a top loader! We currently have a front loader because that's what was in our house already, but our laundry room is so small and I have to sit on the floor to load/unload the washer because it's so low to the ground. Not cool.

  17. LOVED this post! I am so excited for you guys! Your house is looking so great already!

  18. Cannot believe how much you got done in a short amount of time! It looks fantastic with your updates.
    Totally opposite you though, I loooove front loaders. And we're having an issue with the cheap flooring upstairs so we have to replace it, and putting in carpet is like 1/3 of the price of anything else, so that's what we're going with and I'm RIDICULOUSLY upset about it. I freaking hate carpet. Even though it's only temporary (5 years ish) until we redo the layout of the upstairs, I don't even want to deal with it even for a short time. From the moment it's installed until it's ripped out 5 years later, I can guarantee on Hawkeye's life that I will not set foot up there, for any reason, that's how much I hate it.

  19. The house is looking amazing! I'm so excited for you guys. I love the way taking that wall out really opened it up. And I have tried moving couches with recliners in them. I didn't get very far. They are unbelievably heavy. Can't wait to see more!

    Midwest Darling

  20. WOW! You guys have accomplished so much already! I'd be exhausted too. It looks like a great home with good bones and plenty of opportunity for you and KC (and the cats) to put your own stamp on it. I'm glad that the kitties have settled in and I bet they are loving that sun room. It's funny that you prefer carpet while I wish so badly for hardwood floors, easier for me to deal with the Max Man's hairballs and occasional projectile vomiting from gobbling his food. Aren't you glad I shared that with you!

  21. Wow, you have done so much already!! Just reading it made me tired. The house is so fantastic!! It's funny that you like carpet, most people hate it. I don't hate it but I don't love it either. My mom has hardwood floors but all her bedrooms are carpet and I think I like that best.. My mom wanted hardwood but now that she has it she isn't that crazy about it. She thinks they are always dirty and she is always cleaning them. She is just ocd about things.

  22. I'm overwhelmed for you. The idea of fixing something up seems like so much fun, but all the work that would need to be done would sizzle my brain. Then again, I guess it's kinda like yard work, it's something to be proud of when it turns out ahhhmazing.

    I totally get the cats liking the new house. Phil and Meri did NOT like our new house at first, to the point they got back in the car! Obviously that has changed now.

    We were split on carpet/hardwood. We hate cold feet, but we also hate allergies. So we did laminate downstairs, which does look nicer, then carpet upstairs.

    Those dresser things that she left are a upcycler's wet dream. They are super cute!

    That is one SWWWWEEEEEEETTTT bedroom suite! :)

  23. This post came at a perfect time! My bf and I are scheduled to close on a townhouse next week and have some plans to replace the floors also.........opposite of you guys though because we can't stand carpet, haha! I was just thinking the other day that our cats should get a new condo since we're getting a new house so will def be checking out your link! You guys did soooo much and love that you tore down those walls for a bigger space.......looks so great! Also, what is the brand and color name of the grey paint? We'll be doing some of that too ;)

  24. WOW!! You guys are on a roll! Love the work you've done and the colors you've picked :) I feel you on home renos - we live in an almost 130 year old Victorian house that needed some work (and old houses ALWAYS need more work, constantly lol) and it's 5 years later and we are stilllllll working on things! We need to use you guys as motivation to get things done! xx

  25. Everything is looking so fantastic!!! Oh gosh all the work and just wanting to sit down I am totally in that boat. TV over the fireplace (unless there's a better place for it) and I've heard from many that top load is always the way to go. As a short person I've always wanted front load because it's hard to reach but I've only had top load. LOVE the super tall cat condo!!

  26. I have lived following along with the move and renos on Instagram! The house looks so bright and I'm sure you are so happy to be making it your own. I like the tv over the fireplace, by the way :) I also love what you're saying about "smaller" houses. The way I see it, a smaller house helps reduce clutter and less to clean, lol! The new furniture is gorgeous!

  27. Hooray for the new house! You know it's a good place if the cats like it :)

  28. Wow you guys really tore the inside of your new home apart and made it look so modern and new! So happy for you!

  29. Your house looks great! I love that you decided to knock out those walls because it definitely opens everything up. And that wallpaper... so glad you got rid of that, haha! I'm all for hard wood floors EXCEPT in the winter because they get so cold! It makes me wish we had carpet during those months. I would totally put the TV above the fireplace too & not put something in front of that window!

  30. Holly cow... You guys have been crazy productive! I think that's awesome! I love that you didn't settle- and that you're turning the perfect place into a place that's more perfect for you! And yay for the kitties adjusting!!
    We have a front load washer and I hate it :( It was free from friends, though, so I can't complain... I guess I'll just put a top load on my wishlist for someday. Lol

  31. I find it so amusing that you say we don't need big rooms then immediately remove a wall because the living room is too small :-D :-D It does look much more open and better without the wall though. I just love the irony ;-)

    The wood floors are pretty! I would prefer carpet in the bedroom though - I like getting out of bed and putting my feet onto a nice, warm, soft carpet. No way I'm paying out for carpets in a rented flat though!

  32. WOW!!! You guys have accomplished so much in the past couple of days. And once again congratulations on your new home. I have a front loading washing machine and like it somehow or may be I am just used to it. I can't wait for more pictures of your home. May be you can do a house tour sometime in future?

  33. WOW! I've always wanted to knock out a wall - I love how much it opened up the place! You guys are rocking it!! I also love your wine glass about the cat, cracked me up! Love what you've done w/ the place so far!

  34. This is so awesome! I'm glad you decided to share this long post ;) It looks great so far!

  35. CONGRATS. It's so awesome that you were able to get so much and pretty much all of the big stuff done before you moved in. That massive a project is just a nightmare with furniture/boxes/cats/people all in the way. It looks amazing, you guys did a wonderful job. Please update with pictures when you're all unpacked and settled in!

    (PS, I vote for TV over fireplace, if you're TV people. We're TV people, and I like the kind of unified focal point of the room. Makes perfect sense to me!)

  36. you guys did SUCH a great job! it looks so good! that's awesome you had someone you know do the walls -- we had a family friend who is a contractor do our work and it felt so good being able to trust him and not worry about it! anyways it made me laugh about the hardwoods -- my husband loves carpeting, i do not so we did mostly hardwoods in our new house but left the playroom and the bedrooms carpeting. and i hate to admit it (and i'll never tell him) but it feels SO good stepping onto carpeting at the end of the night after walking on hardwood floors all day ;) congrats again on your new house! xo jillian

  37. When we were looking at houses so many of them looked like this- old carpet and outdated furniture. I'm guessing a lot of baby boomers are moving out of their houses! I love what you guys did already and can't wait to see how everything turns out. So much hard work!

  38. I am glad you guys are settling in! I really love how much more open it is looking with the walls you took down. I am with you on liking colors and sticking with them. Love the new furniture!!! It looks like the exact couch Chris picked out for the smart room at his old job. That thing was so comfortable!!!! He wanted to get one for our house too but with it being one huge piece we wouldn't have made it work in our current set up...and I wanted leather with a baby and a dog. It is much easier to clean with baby puke, you know? Haha. But he has already said in our new homes game room he wants that couch.

    I love the idea of bagster and I am going to have to remember it when we move! I am sure we will be getting rid of lots of things. So awesome that you guys found such a great house in the perfect neighborhood!!! So happy for you!

  39. YAY for finally closing on the house! And so much awesome work has been done already. Way to go! I like the furniture she left behind for you guys. It's cute! And I'm glad the Bagster worked so well for you guys! I've wondered about those.

    I wouldn't say I despise front loaders because I've never actually owned one, but I heard that they can grow mold in the doors pretty easily and we've never had a problem with a top loading one (plus they're so much cheaper) so that's what we've always had. :)

    Congratulations on the new house! All so exciting! :)

  40. This is like watching HGTV but better because I actually know and care about the home owners ;-) So much work girl and it's amazing how much bigger a space looks when you take down those dividing walls. This is so exciting! Moving sucks but the end game is all worth it! Congratulations!

  41. So very glad to hear that things are coming together!

    Front vs. top... I like front bc I'm short.

    TV over fireplace... I don't know. It's a coin toss. I've seen it work in some homes better than in others. I think it depends on the angle that your head has to be in to see it.

  42. You guys are rockstars and it's going to be a great home in no time! We're just starting our first house hunt and it is no fun. I love the screened in room between the house and the garage!

  43. Wow, you guys have already done so much! I love it! Can't wait to see the big changes come to life as you put more work into it!

  44. Oh my goodness! When you guys decide to do something you don't mess around. As pretty as wood floors look, I'm not really a fan either. You have to be all careful and it's a big deal with you accidentally spill a pan of bacon on it or the dogs are playing because they'll scratch it up. Ryan is always telling me to be careful about x or y because of the floor and it's like, "Um, the floor should support my lifestyle, not the other way around!"

  45. Woo hoo, love your update! You'll have to give us a tour as you get settled! Bauer was terrified of our high ceilings for the first THREE WEEKS in our house. They were two stories and for some reason, he couldn't handle them so he stayed in my closet until we locked him out. We also have our TV over the fireplace. We have yet to use the fireplace since I guess it can mess with your TV, but also because my husband would never want to clean it up and it doesn't get that cold here. I like the way it looks, especially with my set-up - there are no good options! Congrats to you guys and you have made SO MUCH progress!

  46. i have never liked televisions over fireplaces. EVER. it's like two large rectangles are competing for the focal point on one small wall. too much dominance. i think it's ugly.

    we used to have a top-loading washing machine, and then we got a front-loading one. it's easier to get clothes into and out of the thing, but our laundry room is so small, the door is so large and it opens to the left, so i feel a little claustrophobic when i'm doing laundry. so it depends on the size of your room and what you're comfortable with.

    1. also... no shame in carpet. we've got it in much of our house. i love how it's soft on my feet.

    2. also our front-loader washer has a tendency to smell nasty.

  47. Oh my gosh you guys have already done so much!! I'm so impressed!! You're going to have a beautiful space that both you and KC love so much - can't wait to see it all!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  48. Top loader - all the way.
    TV location - not sure. I haven't had a fireplace in decades, so I don't know if I'd want a tv over it or not.
    You guys have kicked ass and taken names with getting so much stuff done! I'm beyond impressed. Of course, I am thrilled to read that your girls are getting settled in nicely.

  49. Carpet is good for cats - if they have claws, I'm sure the wood floor would just get beat up! Your house looks great though and I'm glad the cats are settling in fine. That's great you got such a good price and with everything that you wanted!


  50. Phew, you sound like us back in January! So much awesomeness, but so much work!

  51. I absolutely love it and all the congratulations to both of you!!! I'm a fan of front loaders because OMG so pretty and I love the TV over the fireplace. I was going to buy a fireplace tv console to put below mine but realized it wasn't something I truly needed.


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