Friday, March 31, 2017

2017 Second Quarter Goals

I decided to skip the whole year resolution type goals for 2017. I just change my mind too much, not to mention life changes and I'd rather accept and adapt vs feeling like I've failed if I need to change something. So I decided to do quarterly goals, and the first quarter of 2017 has come and gone. 

Let's just say it was a shit show goal wise and move on, shall we? Seriously, I accomplished nothing. Okay, that's a lie - out of all my goals, I accomplished 2 - paid off my debt and turned 30. I'm pretty proud of both of those, so I don't care about the others.

But let's move on to the second quarter. I am kind of regretting doing quarterly goals because life has been so weird and up in the air, and right when we are about to settle down it will go all topsy turvy here soon.

Second quarter - April, May & June.
We are leaving on June 9th, so I'm gonna go ahead and call my second quarter of 2017 April, May and the first 8 days in June.

I decided to split my goals up for this quarter:

  1. Close on our (hopefully) new house. I keep saying hopefully because until we have signed the documents and have the keys in our hands, I don't consider it officially ours. Pessimist at work right here.
  2. Do all the house things. There a lot of things. Walls to take down, wallpaper to take down (thankfully only one room and some of it on the walls that are coming down), paint all the rooms, new carpet, electrical, plumbing & radon work, move all the things in, buy some other new things like a new washing machine.

  1. Stay under our grocery budget. 
  2. Finish booking NZ. We don't really have anything to book for Australia as it's still so up in the air with what we will be doing, but we have a few tours still to book for NZ.
  3. Save spending money for trip. We were doing great with saving money and then had to spend a million dollars on the house process (give or take lots of dollars) and we need to replenish, as well as pay for all the above things LOL where is this money coming from?! I had a specific amount I wanted for a super comfortable trip, but that's not realistic anymore. The bad thing is, both countries are expensive compared to KY. The good thing is, our dollar (as in USD) is a bit stronger now and it should go a wee bit further.
hobbiton tours
  1. Exercise 5 times a week. Run, yoga, weights. Shouldn't be that hard.
  2. No. Eating. Out. FOR LUNCH. AT ALL KRISTEN.
  3. Meal plan. Once we are in our own home, this will be a necessity if we want to pay for all the other things and stay under our grocery budget. I want to plan at least all weekday meals.
  4. Make at least 1 appointment. In a dream world I'd do all of them but lets start small and try for 1: dentist, eye doctor, skin doctor or lady doctor.
  5. Lose weight. I am so sick of feeling like crap. I'm not putting a number on it because that's not important, but I want to feel better and have my clothes actually fit comfortably.
  6. Run my half marathon. I don't think this will be my sub 2. But hopefully I can beat my last time at least

  1. Go on at least one date/event/adventure type thing with KC.
  2. Call mum once a week and nana once a month. 
  3. Photos & photo books. I am almost done organising my photos again, I want to make sure they are backed up multiple places and then I want to start the process of organising photo year books. 
  4. Take all 3 cats to the vet (separately). 

  1. Read all books older than 3 months on Netgalley. Currently 7, though I have 15 total.
  2. Read at least 20 books that I already own. At last count, I own 86 books that I haven't read. I have 21 from 2015 and prior, 61 from 2016 and 9 from 2017. 17 ebooks, 5 ebooks and the rest are real books.
  3. Keep library books under 20 at a time - including ebooks. No-one can read 50 books in 3 weeks Kristen, stop borrowing so many.
  4. Don't buy any books. I don't like to put book buying restrictions on myself, but you can see how many I own and how many I borrow from the library. I don't need any more books. Exceptions: I have already paid for 3 months of BOTM and only used 1, so that's 2 that I will 'purchase' but not exchange money for. Also, free ebooks are okay but only if they are already on my TBR or have tons of good reviews on goodreads.
  5. Finish Erin's challenge. I have 3 books left and 30 days to read them.

We are starting the process of packing up again - most things are still in boxes but a few things we took out, like all these books I haven't read. They are now boxed up again with a huge TBR on them so maybe I will only unpack those when we move in. Ha.

I know this seems like a lot of goals, and it is. But most of them are things that are going to be done anyway, the rest are to provide goals/structure which I need.

So I started one goal already - made an appointment for Millie to go to the vet. Hopefully they will get rid of her mats (I'm not going near them again) but they said they might have to shave her whole body and sedate her even though she only has them on her chest (it's because of how she drinks water, silly girl) and I am totally freaking out, I thought I could hang out with her but I have to leave her for the whole day? And shave her whole body? The other cats will freak out and I'm not just saying that, they freaked out when we gave Chelsea a bath because she looked and smelled different. Is this normal guys? Should I make another appointment elsewhere? Or am I being crazy?


  1. Thanks for reminding me I need to make my lady doctor appointment... can't wait... ha

    I need to get back into meal planning/meal prep. I have been so bad at it which means I eat out more because I either have nothing, don't want to make anything, or don't like what I have. It's getting ridiculous.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. These are such great goals! Your house project sounds daunting, but I'm sure it will end up being more fun than anything else! Hope that gets squared away soon!I do the same thing with library books! They have to bag them up for me because I can't carry them all out! Hope you have a super weekend!

  3. So exciting about the house!! Sounds like some great goals for the next few months. I hope it all goes well with closing and that all of the renos go well too! Sounds like it will be a bit intense but I'm sure it will turn out to be so worth it!! I have that same problem with library gets to the point where it is actually stressing me out and I really have worked hard to cut back on requesting them unless I have nothing to read (which is never, hahaha). Have a great weekend!!!!

  4. this is a great idea Kristen! I normally do goals for the entire year but it's hard to stick with something for that long. Setting up a shorter timeframe seems like it would make it easier to stick to something and actually get things done.

    Midwest Darling

  5. Ugh, doctor's appointments. I have Tuesdays off, and I still keep putting off that shit. I've gotten a crap ton better about bringing lunch to work -- it saves so much money, and it's usually healthier, too. I've got my half marathon in a week, and I have barely trained for it, so I'm super nervous! I know you'll do great!!

  6. Oh my, I'm feeling overwhelmed for you!! This is a long list!! You did a great job of organizing them into the different areas of life, and like you said, it's all doable. It's just a matter of taking the time. And UGH. Why is it so miserable to make and keep doctor's appointments? I need to schedule one too (lady least fave) and am procrastinating BIG time. Thanks for sharing these! I always love reading other people's goals.

  7. ugh the dentist. i have yet to make that appointment because it's the dentist.
    your new house look so adorable! looking forward to seeing more pics when you guys move in and get settled.

  8. I need to make dentist and eye doctor appointments. I don't want to.

    I'm the same. Until the papers are signed and the keys are in my hand, it could very well not happen.

  9. Your book goals are INSANE and I love it! Go you for not eating out through the week, that's really hard for me because everyone is always eating out here! I need to get better at that. It's a matter of making sure we have enough groceries on hand to keep me on track! My best friend did the Hobbit tour in NZ and loved it!

  10. So so many goals! You can do it! Paying off your debt is HUGE! I know I say it all the time but I am baffled by all your reading. And envious!

  11. Keeping my fingers crossed for your closing! What part of town did you buy in? I feel like things fly off the market up there or they're outrageously overpriced! We want to move that way so bad but our mortgage is so cheap here! And can't wait to hear more about your trip!

  12. Absolutely love all your goals! Your trip is going to be EPIC!! I hope the closing goes well and the move goes smoothly! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  13. Making a doctor appointment is a good goal - I have one day left to make mine for my March goals, haha. Fingers crossed everything goes well with the house closing and then in turn all the other house stuff. You should be beyond proud of yourself - paying off your debt it seriously so amazing!! Congrats!

  14. I need to do better at calling my parents too. Good reminder.
    Hoping those keys are in your hands soon!!!

  15. Oh my goodness, I can't wait to hear all about the NZ tours you guys decide on. And I'm the same way about a new house or anything big. Happy Friday gurlie <3
    Green Fashionista

  16. I love that you made turning 30 a goal!

    This time last year I was in New Zealand! I mean, I was about to come back (we left on 1st April), bit I still wanted to mention it.

    Good luck with Erin's challenge. You can do it! That's a lot of owned books you haven't read. I'm not sure how many books I own I haven't read, but I'm guessing under 30. I usually can't resist reading books I buy. Unless they're for The Big Read and I'm putting them off until I can force myself. lol.

  17. These are all great goals!! Can't wait to see what you do with the house!

  18. I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed for you with the house! And I hope all the renovations go super smoothly once it's yours!
    How the effing eff does one READ SO MUCH. You seriously amaze me. (Also, as far as saving money goes, would you get a discount if you took two or three of the cats together? We get a teeny tiny discount when we take the dogs on a double appointment.)
    I feel like there's an air of stress in your post. Don't put to much pressure on yourself, friend. Slow down, notice the little things in the day that make you happy, and focus on some self-care :)

  19. I obviously LOVE your meal planning and money saving goals. YOU CAN DO IT.

    And honestly, sometimes it's not the time for goals. Or goals are like, feed myself, don't kill husband, remember to brush teeth. And it's just kind of like hanging on for dear life. And that's okay. Because sometimes it's the opposite and you're all like YEAH, DO THE THINGS, accomplish the stuff, better myself!

  20. Best of luck with all of your goals! You can do it. A hobbiton tour would be kind of awesome if I ever made to New Zealand. :) I hear it's a beautiful place. I'm so jealous. lol

    I don't own cats, so I don't know if that's normal or not. Maybe call a couple other vets and tell them what you were told and see what they say? It's never a bad idea to get second opinions!

    Good luck with all of your reading!! I have so many books I physically own that I really need to read, so hopefully I can find more time for that this year and take on less review books.


  21. Good luck with your goals! I think once things are a bit more certain you'll get in your groove and really smash it. I've still got everything crossed for your house! And I'm with you on being hopeless at booking appointments. Plus now I need to find all new of everything so that's just daunting x a million. Yay!

  22. Oh my I am in the same boat with my stacks of books. I NEED to read them before getting any more. It's out of control. I also need to get my cats to the vet. One loves the vet and the other is a maniac so I loathe taking her. I can't wait to read more about your new place once you're in! So exciting1

  23. My Aunt has to have her cats shaved to get rid of the mats. I think it's just what they have to do?! She'll be okay! Maybe it will be easier for you to not be there to watch anyways? Lots of great goals! I need to do the Dr appointment thing too! Mostly dentist and dermatologist! Thanks for the reminder! You amaze me with all those books!

  24. So happy for you that the new house worked out! It's always a difficult time in transition with moving and fixing things up and everything is soooo expensive. BUT! It will be worth it in the end to live in your lovely new space.

  25. These are great goals. I'm so jealous that you are going to NZ. Life is so expensive though, isn't it?! Gosh. I swear, we're doing better at saving money for sure.. but things pop up. Eating at home helps though, and being less busy has made us more successful at this so far. I have done 2 dental appointments, tomorrow I start getting work done. :( *sobs* I went to the primary care doctor and got my BC taken care of. Now I just need the Optometrist and I want to go to a derm. for the first time. Then just a bazillion more times to get everything fixed at the dentist. ICK. I don't know anything about long-haired cats... that sounds excessive to me.. but I have no experience! Duchess definitely didn't think she new Scalawag when we brought him back from being neutered... he smelled different and they shaved half of his belly. She just hissed at him. :( Ha, you know my book ban! I'm doing better than I was before the book ban... but not following it perfectly either. I have been glad that of the books I own and have read.. I've sold them if I don't want to read them again... and I've read more that I own last year and this year (on track) than in the past. Update on that coming next week I think. Good luck!! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  26. Best of luck with the new house... what an exciting time for you!

    Also trying to get back on the weight loss wagon... tough stuff.

  27. OMG you book goals made me laugh! I have sooo many unread NetGalley books and for the love of God- I have got to stop checking out 10 library books at the same time! Lol

  28. YAY for the house! Crossing my fingers y'all close soon, so you can officially say it's yours. :) You know my recent disaster with NetGalley, so I kinda giggled that you have 7 that are more than three months. I am so excited your trip is coming up so soon!

  29. It's so nerve wracking waiting for a house to come through. Pessimism is only natural. Excuse me while I hop on over to Hobbiton Tours...

  30. So, I've been putting my eye doctor appt off for about two years ugh. And the dentist, I hate going to do anything with my teeth. But I have no issue going to my lady doctor and well the last year I spent lots of time there haha. Sounds like you have a lot of projects planned with the house. You have to share before and afters with us. Or at least me :) Meal planning is crucial for us. I sit down every Sunday and plan out for the week including our lunches for work. (Of mine at home.) grocery budget is a joke though. Ours went up 40-70 a week after Zoe now that I have to buy formula ($38) every week and diapers every two weeks. And you know, wipes and stuff too. Sheesh. Good luck on your marathon!!

  31. Hoping you get to close on the house sooner than later and once that happens you'll be a busy bee getting the house worked on, painted, AND decorated (the fun part). That's gonna be a workout right there! So fun trip planning for NZ!

  32. Ohh no, poor Millie! Hopefully they won't have to shave her or if they do, I hope the other cats can warm up to the change quickly :( Having a birthday and paying off debt are HUGE accomplishments for the first quarter of the year! I feel like the in-between house stuff is so hard because you want to be excited, but like you said until you have the keys, it's hard not to worry. Hopefully everything with closing finishes soon and you guys can move in and start your projects- I can't wait to see what you're going to do. I've been slowly working on a photobook from our trip to Boston last year, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets worried about having photos backed up in multiple places, just in case! haha. One of my yearly goals was to keep up with my Netgalley list before requesting more-- but you know how that goes! My library books seem to be at a standstill, so I should use that as the perfect time to knock out some galleys.

  33. They had to give our dog anesthesia last year to clean his teeth. I feel like it's a necessary thing. But holy expensive. And I spent all day fretting about it because I had to drop him off in the morning and pick him up later.

    Also, lots of goals! Your book stack stresses me out. I noticed I Capture the Castle. I'm reading that now. I like it.

    Good luck!!! And maybe push some of those goals to July?

  34. You have a busy few months of goals ahead of you, girlfriend! I'm so excited for you and the new house (hopefully). Please tell me you're going to visit The Shire while you're in NZ ... I don't know how anyone could go there and NOT visit the set of that movie, lol. I'm with you on meal planning and losing weight - both of those will be the death of me.

  35. I'm so excited for you on the house, but I totally am in the same boat. Noting was official until it was official. Also, I'm super jealous of New Zealand :)

  36. HOBBITON TOUR. i am a thousand shades green with envy. dammit, girl. you better take a shit ton of pictures and post them ALL.

  37. You are going to be a busy girl! I'm a huge pessimist when it comes to house stuff too, so I don't blame you. And I totally giggled about the separate vet appointments, because really there's just not enough love to go around when there's multiples freaking out!

  38. i'm a bit like you with the whole house situation - but I don't think it's pessimistic - I think it's more realistic! I mean, you don't want to get your hopes up and then have them totally squashed.. it's like self protection, haha!

  39. oh yeah, there is always so much to do when you get a new house. Lots more than you even think. You'll be busy! There is something great though about decorating and making your own house special. I also want to find the time for doctor's checkups. I've been meaning to make an appointment at the skin doctor for ages plus I'm due a teeth cleaning which I always put off. There just aren't enough hours in the day sometimes!

  40. It is a lot but I have full confidence that you can do this! Good luck!

  41. I'm right there with you with not viewing a house as ours until we have keys in hand. Chris always told me that I was being negative, but there are literally so many things that could go wrong with buying a house and nothing is guaranteed. I have 4 books left to read for Erin's book challenge, and I'm hoping that I'll be able to do it! And I totally need to get my Netgalley list down too! I have so many books that I've requested and then I never read them... Oops! After Erin's Challenge I think that I might go for a Netgalley only reading list except for Book Club books to try and get the numbers down.

  42. I spy PIVOT POINT in that pile of books! You're going to love it! I really love that you're so specific with your goals. I really need to get on this because I've slacked since Ryan deployed. Not really an excuse anymore. Which half are you running?

  43. I am in complete admiration of your goals!! Yes, it's a lot, but if anyone can tackle it, it's you, doll! Best of luck and kill it this month!!!

  44. I know nothing about cats and caring for them, but it does seem a little excessive that they need to shave her whole body. Hopefully someone else who knows more about cats can help out with information on that!

    Girl, you have so many upcoming goals! It's awesome that so many of them are things that have to get done anyway. It feels so good to accomplish things! :)

  45. I like that you set small goals that are more achievable for you! Houses are soooo expensive, not just the buying it but all the crap that comes afterwards! I am so not looking forward to signing away my life savings basically!I've had friends who have gone to NZ and totally recommend the Hobbiton tour!

  46. Buying a home just makes you bleed money... Like, where do all those expenses even come from?! 5 days a week at the gym and all weekly meals planned is a lofty goal girl - get after it!

  47. I'm pretty sure we've talked a bunch about this but just to reiterate, YAS. Quarterly is so the way to go, I'm doing it this year too. And the crazy thing is I tried to write down some Q2 goals in early March, and even by the time April 1 hit I had to scrap a few because circumstances had changed so much. Crazy!

    Sorry you don't feel like you accomplished much in Q1, but seriously, paying off debt is a pretty damn good goal to achieve! Proud of you :)

    I'm reading this post from the future, so yay on those house goals getting done! ;) I swear, meal planning properly has changed EVERYTHING--how much I spend on food, how well I eat, how good I feel about how I eat. I don't know why I dragged my feet for so long on it. Also, I have been telling myself I'd get my photos sorted and backed up since like... last summer. MAKE ME DO IT PLEASE.

    When is your half??

    I don't know anything about cats or what you're dealing with with Millie but hugs and good luck!

  48. Good luck with all the house stuff - I do love that whole process but can understand how stressful it can be too of course! "No eating out at lunch" I'm currently saying to myself on REPEAT lately ugh! Can I come to NZ with ya'll? haha Hope you're doing well! xo


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