Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Books Lately

Happy first Show Us Your Books in 2017! I read a lot since the last link up. I had some bad things happen and I'm the kind of person that needs to stay busy in times like that, but I'm too frazzled to actually do anything. Books are the best kind of 'something' because I can do something while sitting on the couch or curled up in bed, it keeps my mind occupied without doing anything. If I'm out somewhere and I start to freak out, I just open my kindle app or turn on an audiobook and focus on that instead of whatever I'm thinking about. I'm not in denial or anything, I just tend to over think things and stress myself out for no reason. I'm not trying to be vague, just not ready to talk about it yet. So I read, read and read some more. Sometimes it backfires and I hate the book, but for the most part, it helps. All that to say, lots of books in this post, so, shall we?

Red Rising Trilogy - Pierce Brown - 5 Stars
sci-fi dystopian, society based on colours, kinda hunger games-ish

Such a good trilogy! Normally I read series back to back if I have them all, but I needed several books in between each one of these because they are so intense. Can't even explain why I loved these so much.
The Rose Garden - Susanna Kearsley - 5 Stars
time travel historical fiction romance

I freaking adored this book. Gobbled it up. Loved it. Didn't even expect a twist, let alone see it coming. Wish the ending was a bit more fleshed out, but other than that, seriously, loved it. Highly recommend if you like historical fiction or books with time travel.

Read for Erin's challenge - time travel category.
The Smell of Other People's Houses - Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock - 4 Stars
set in alaska in 1970s and I can't really explain anything else about it

This book was really good. The cover is gorgeous, the title is interesting, the synopsis.... eh. I didn't think I would like it as much as I did, and I love when that happens. It's quite a short book, beautifully written, I am not normally good with multiple POVs but they all worked and I love how the author tied everything and everyone together in the end.

Read for Erin's challenge - 6 word title category.
Dark Matter - Blake Crouch - 5 Stars NetGalley
complete and utter mind f*ck

SO good. Interesting, fast paced, terrifying, overwhelming, with a touch of feel good. Full of sciencey stuff that went straight over my head, but told in a way that made it okay to not fully understand it.

Read for Erin's challenge - genre you rarely read category.

Did You Ever Have a Family - Bill Clegg - 4 Stars
multiple people connected by heartbreak and tragedy.

More like 4.5 but not quite 5 for me. Very emotional story.  
Never Never - Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher - 5/4/3 Stars
two people lose their memory at the same time, don't know why or how

I haven't read a lot of Colleen Hoover books, but enough to know that when I started reading this series, it wasn't like her usual stuff. I could not put them down! But - spoiler - NOTHING is answered - WTF. The first book was like omg what is happening, I am so intrigued! The second book.. nothing new, more of the same. What. The third book? No resolution, just magically happily fixed. What the actual shit. I don't recommend them but I couldn't put them down.

Three Amazing Things About You - Jill Mansell - 4 Stars -  NetGalley
three women, three stories, all connected, rom com-ish

Totally adorable. I have read 2 other Jill Mansell books and they were all fun, light, the right amount of cheese. I was reading this one in public and I face palmed at one point because I was so embarrassed for one of the characters, and someone asked me what was wrong. Ha. It really was a fun, enjoyable read, and if you like 'chick-lit', I recommend.
Something like Normal - Trish Doller - 4 Stars 
marine comes home on leave, deals with best friend's death

I quite enjoyed this, very quick, pretty enjoyable. I have no idea what it's like to be a marine (or anyone else in the military) but I kept asking KC questions and he kept saying nope. Obviously not every marine and their experience is the same, but it was a bummer nonetheless because I so rarely read things that I can talk to KC about. Regardless of that, I quite enjoyed this. Heavy subject but enjoyable read.

Read for Erin's challenge - freebie category.
Persuading Annie - Melissa Nathan - 4 Stars
modern day persuasion retelling

Super adorable, different enough from Persuasion to be its own story, but the familiarity was there. I will say, Jake's note was nothing compared to Wentworth's original letter, and I'm bummed the author ruined that, especially with the spelling errors but eh. Overall, adorable.
The Hypnotist's Love Story - Liane Moriarty  - 4 Stars 
hypnotherapist meets a guy who happens to have a stalker. 

If you compare this to Big Little Lies or What Alice Forgot, you'll be disappointed. But honestly, I really enjoyed this story - of course, I always love the Australianisms Liane uses, but on top of that, I just plain enjoyed it. Much more than The Last Anniversary. It was perfectly enjoyable and passed the time just fine. 
When All The Girls Have Gone - Jayne Ann Krentz - 4 Stars - NetGalley
cozy romantic mystery

I really enjoyed this one, much more than her other book (Secret Sisters). I think if you read a lot of mystery, it might be too 'cozy' or predictable for you, but I was super into it and really enjoyed it.

Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock - Matthew Quick - 3 Stars
honest, sad, lonely, heartbreaking

I am super conflicted about this one. Once I got into it, I couldn't put it down, and some parts of it were so heartbreaking and I felt so much for this fictional character, but other parts, I wanted to hit the main character over the head, which I admit isn't very nice of me.

From Manhattan with Love series - Sarah Morgan - 4 Stars NetGalley
three books, three friends, three happily ever afters

Totally adorable and predictable, exactly what I expected and needed. Super cute.
Burn Baby Burn - Meg Medina - 3 Stars
ya set in new york 1977 - serial killer & black out

I don't know if some of it kind of went over my head or didn't scare me because I knew nothing about what actually happened (or even that it did until I was finished), I don't know how accurate it is. One of the characters reminded me too much of someone in my own family and it made me antsy. Overall it was an enjoyable read.
The Lover's Dictionary - David Levithan  - 3 Stars 
a love story told in a-z definition format

Very different from anything I've ever read and jumps all over the place. Super quick read, emotional and honest, but not exceptional.
kinda like sweet home alabama

Lordy I feel sorry for this book. I was in a not great place and I don't think anything would have survived my mood. I love fluffy light books but I think my mood made me pick at every little detail and everything annoyed me. A few days later I didn't hate it as much and I could see that it was a cute, enjoyable read, just at a very bad time for me.

Always - Sarah Jio - 2 Stars - NetGalley 
woman's ex boyfriend vanished, turns up years later as a homeless man

I thought this book was awful. I hate to sound harsh, but seriously. It made me cringe so many times and was just written really poorly. There were also a few plot holes and some things really bugged me. Not a fan.
Today Will Be Different - Maria Semple - 2 Stars - NetGalley
woman is a hot mess

Unfortunately, I was not a fan of this one at all. Thank goodness it was super quick, otherwise I would have given up for sure. The ending annoyed me.

Soundless - Richelle Mead - 2 Stars
everyone is deaf, they start going blind, surprise, they were lied to

You know that emoji with the monkey covering his eyes? That's how I feel about the way I feel about this book. I wanted to like it. I tried to go in with normal expectations even though I've only seen negative reviews.. but I just didn't like it. I thought it was boring. Boo.
Dead Witch Walking - Kim Harrison  - 2 Stars
witches and vampires and stuff

I'm so bummed I didn't like this one, as it's pretty popular... but I must be missing something. I thought it was pretty boring, and the things that were somewhat entertaining didn't end up making any sense. I know with series you want to keep readers guessing, but to have absolutely nothing in the first book resolved or making any sense just doesn't make me want to continue reading. Bummer.

Read for Erin's challenge - homonym category.

I also read Congratulations, By the Way which was super short and can hardly be considered a book but I still wanted to share it because it is so worth it to read something like that, we all know these things but it's nice to be reminded to err in the direction of kindness.

Linking up with Steph and Jana.

Life According to Steph

TL;DR - I would recommend Dark Matter to everyone, even if you don't like sci-fi. I'd also recommend the Red Rising trilogy, even if it doesn't sound like your jam. The Rose Garden if you like historical fiction romance, and basically everything else if it sounds like your jam.

Read anything decent lately?


  1. I absolutely love these posts and the way you break books down! I find it interesting that you read whenever you're going through something bad to occupy your mind. That's such a healthy coping mechanism when you recognize that you're simply obsessing over something rather than productively thinking it through. Maybe I should do that more. I use to, but lately I've gravitated towards Netflix (and usually shows I've watched a million times), so it in no way actually occupies my mind.

  2. Books have gotten me through every major life change and every low point of my life. When I think about the past I can always recall the books that I was reading at the time. Through breakups, moves, and now a baby, only a book has been able to take me out of my head and let me live someone else's life, even if it is just for a few hours. I am slightly obsessed with all things Alaska so I hope to get my hands on The Smell of Other People's Houses in the near future. Thanks for the recommendations!

  3. Love seeing your hits/misses of books. I am currently listening to The Art of Not Giving a F---! He's a great narrator, whoever they hired. Only a couple of chapters in so far!

  4. i always love your book reviews! i'm currently reading 'Today Will Be Different' for the book club im in, and ugh, i feel you. i am not a big fan and it's hard to continue on trying to read it. if it wasnt our chosen book this month, i would of stopped to be honest. i really like jill mansell for the same reasons- light, fluffy and can make you laugh. sometimes we just need a book like that. thank you for the additional recommendations- adding some to my goodreads list now! i get to pick the book for our club next month so i will keep some of these in mind.

  5. I read a lot too, when I'm upset (part of the reason I read so much last January). It's escapism and there's nothing wrong with that. A lot less harmful than other ways people cope!

    Congratulations, By the Way was one I randomly picked from my library's audiobook collection and it was so unexpected! Like you said, can't really consider it a book, but a really good reminder. You're plowing through Erin's challenge! I only just started my first book for the challenge. :P Although I read one not from my list that was by that same "favorite author" but I never change my selections unless I have trouble acquiring the books.

  6. OH no..hope that you're alright! You've been reading up a storm! I guess I'm the same way with running..the worse things are the more miles I want to read.

  7. YES YES YES to red rising and dark matter! i'm on the 2nd book of the RR series and i love it.

    i also loved Leonard! so heartbreaking :(

  8. I hope that everything is OK!
    Ah, Wentworth's note: You pierce my soul! Hard to compete with that! But spelling errors?!
    The Rose Garden sounds fun, but I agree completely about Sarah Jio. I haven't read that one but the ones I have read... I hate to be negative but they are so bad!

  9. 100% know where you're coming from when if comes to reading and emotions. I do the same thing. I hope everything is better. Sending a virtual hug your way! :)

    Haven't read any of these but Red Rising is on my list. Hoping to get it from the library at some point!

  10. I'm reading Red Rising for Erin's challenge so I'll get to it soon! Glad to hear you liked it so much! I'm also going to read Dark Matter soon...it's not my typical genre either but sounds so good. The Rose Garden has been on the front page of my library's overdrive page as a book I'd like and I think I really need to try it now! The Persuasion retelling sounds super cute but bummer about butchering the letter! That's my favourite part of the original! Lol. I'm on the holds list for the Jayne ann krentz book. The Manhattan with love trilogy is so cute (haven't read the 3rd yet but I've heard good things!)

    I can totally relate to your thoughts on retreating into books during tough life moments. Thinking of you! Xoxo

  11. I understand about reading as a great way to occupy your mind when you need it the most! Hope you have the support you need right now and share when you're ready...or never. No obligations. :) Anyway, I have been thisclose to ordering Dark Matter a couple of times so I guess I'll officially have to make it my next book per your suggestion!

  12. Hugs. I'm sorry that you're going through things. I can definitely relate, big icky stuff happening here too. :( I didn't read almost at all in December and haven't read much this year yet either. I think I need a quick fluffy read to ease some stress and get me back into reading mode. I know that reading is good for self care. I just need to get started again. I linked up my favorites from 2016 since I missed it. Looking forward to reading Red Rising, and I'm adding 3 others from this list to my TBR. Hope you're doing ok! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  13. Today will be different keeps getting bad reviews. I hate that - I was looking forward to it.
    WHYYYY do they not answer things in books. That just rubs me so wrong. You want an END to a story that you read. That's kinda the point.

  14. Sorry you're going through some things! I am the same way though. Books keep my brain occupied just enough that I can forget about the bad things. Reading is great for self-care.

    The Hypnotist's Love Story has been on my TBR list for a while - I might have to pick it up sooner rather than later.


  15. It always amazes me how many books you get through in a month's span!

  16. There's too many books in this post that I'm adding to my reading list, so as always thank you for your reviews. More importantly, I hope you/everything is okay, and I'm here if you need to talk! Xo

  17. Burn Baby Burn is on my TBR from last month's TBR. Blake Crouch keeps popping up- I'll have to give him a try!

  18. I added The Smell of Other People's Houses and the time traveler book.

    Poor blueberry bakeshop cafe. LOL. I have taken my mood out on books too.

    And that's how I deal with things I have to get through - by reading straight through them. Totally with you on that. Hope things are looking up.

  19. Hope you're doing okay. Sorry to hear about any bad times. I'm glad I'm not the only one who needs time in between the Red Rising books. They are really intense. I added a ton of these to my list. I think I've tried Richelle Mead before and wasn't a fan.

  20. I'm totally with you, books are my escape from life. I think that's why I read so much when my husband is gone! Red Rising sounds right up my alley and so does The Rose Garden :)

  21. Adding lots to my list from this, so appreciate the reviews.

  22. Sorry things are tough right now :( I'm glad books provide a little escape/distraction for you!
    Definitely checking out The Rose Garden and The Smell of Other People's Houses!

  23. I hope you're doing okay. I read too when I need a distraction because nothing fully engages and occupies my mind like a book. I'm so glad you loved The Red Rising series too. It's one of my all-time favorites! I am bummed that you didn't like Dead Witch Walking as the Hollows is one of my favorite series but if it didn't work for you - that's okay too! Dark Matter and Did You Ever Had a Family are already on my TBR. I'm adding the Smell of Other People's Homes - and you're right - that's a fantastic title!

  24. I think like three of your top books are already on my list and now I'm even more excited to read them! (Especially Dark Matter!) I might have to add The Rose Garden. I hope everything is okay!

  25. I pretty much want to add every single book that you read this month to my TBR list! Red Rising has been on my TBR list for forever, and I really need to get on it! The Smell Of Other People's Houses, Three Amazing Things About You, Persuading Annie, and When All The Girls Have Gone have all been added to my TBR list! I absolutely adore Susanne Kearsley books! Her books have always reminded me of Outlander without being huge books and without all the romance stuff. Plus, it gives you the opportunity to learn about new characters since she doesn't write series. If you haven't read The Winter Sea, you have to pick it up! It's so good and what introduced me to her in the first place! I'm glad that you're reading a lot because it gives me a ton to add to my list, but I hope that things are looking better for you!

  26. I hate that you've been dealing with bad stuff, but love that you've found at least a bit of solace in reading, sometimes you need a distraction to find a place of temporary calm. I am finally going to request Dark Matter the next time I have a spot on my hold list! I've been resisting it, but can't any longer, haha. The Smell Of Other People's Houses does have the prettiest color, and I don't think I've read much (if anything) set in Alaska. I know it's petty of me, but I was kind of glad you didn't like the Sarah Jio book you read since the one I read last year was the worst thing ever! I read the audio of Congratulations, but I didn't know how short it was and I remember I was at the gym thinking it was going to keep me interested for my cardio and then it was like 11 minutes long or something and I was like WHAT?! lol. Still really enjoyed it though.

  27. Wait... did you read these all in a month? If so I am amazed. I too turn to reading when I have things on my mind I don't want to dwell on. Books are a great distraction, if only I had more time!!

  28. You and Steph both were lukewarm to Burn Baby Burn. That makes me sad. It was one of my 2016 favorites.

    LOVED Dark MAtter. Loathed Today Will Be Different. And Did You Ever Have a Family broke me.

  29. Hope everything is ok girl! I cannot believe how much you read though!! Wowza, can you give me your reading and working out gene...thanks! Some great ones that I'm totally gonna check out!

  30. The Red Rising Trilogy is far and away one if my absolute favourites. I'd like to reread then, but I don't know if I should.
    Now I'm off to reserve a whole bunch of these from the library

  31. Sending you lots of love and hugs. <3 I'm so sad Always was so bad. LOL at your description for The Smell of Other People's Houses. That book was such a surprise. I've read some Susanne Kearsley books before and liked them, so I added The Rose Garden. Dark Matter definitely had some confusing science stuff, but I think it really showcased the writer's talent that it didn't really affect how much I liked the book.

  32. I love Jayne Ann Krentz! Her Arcane Society books are awesome! Also she writes under a bunch of pseudonyms so if you liked her stuff check out Amanda Quick or Jane Castle.

  33. I love your book reviews! I wish I was more into reading books - I really do make an attempt but very rarely do I finish it unless I'm super sucked in (ahem, Me Before You) - it's only every so often do I pick up a book & love it so much that I just must finish it. :)

    Ciara @ Eat Run Love

  34. Holy moley, you read a lot! I generally have a hard time reading when I'm feeling down. I hope things turn around for you soon. Between you and Jana, I'm bummed about Today Things Will Be Different because I'd been looking forward to it but pretty sure it's going way way down on my list.

  35. I love love love love Something Like Normal! I really need to read more. When I had my book blog, I read like 7 books a week...now, it's like one a month ahaha

  36. Welp ... lots to add to my Goodreads queue and still haven't started reading anything since about October. I hope I feel like reading again soon, if only to knock my to-read list down to triple digits. Haven't heard of any of these but I'm adding quite a few to my list to look for. Nothing like reading to take your mind of things though.

  37. Wow you had an amazing reading month! I had the same feelings you did about Today Will Be Different. I love Colleen Hoover. However, I read Never Never and was very disappointed that I didn't bother reading the rest of the series. Red Rising is on my to read list. I've heard such good things about the series from others in this linkup. Just added Dark Matter and the Rose Garden to my to read list.

  38. I hear good things about Dark Matter so I'm definitely hoping to read that one. Sorry you didn't LOVE The Lover's Dictionary. I can see how that one would be a bit difficult to love for some people because it's not really a full story. I just love the style of it though!

    I want to read The Smell of Other People's Houses too. Normally I wouldn't be intrigued, but I've heard other good reviews so I do think it might be something I'd like. Sometimes I can't tell based on the synopsis and there are so many books to read!


  39. Now are these all on kindle? Library books? Just trying to figure out logistics here...

  40. I keep hearing that Dark Matter is really awesome but all sci-fi which I really struggle with. Even with your recommendation of not being a sci-fi fan , I'm still a little on the fence about it! Did You Ever Have A Family sounds interesting.. adding to my list right now!

  41. Sometimes keeping your mind distracted when letting it wander only leads to things you don't need to confront or be preoccupied with 24/7. I hope you're doing okay <3

    The Smell of Other People's Houses sounds really interesting! I go back and forth on Dark Matter and Did You Ever Have a Family constantly. I just feel like I don't want to be devastated and chicken out. Maybe that's weird though.

    I think Matthew Quick has a really interesting mind, but his subject matter is a little iffy. I'll probably read Leonard Peacock, but I'm not in a hurry. I like to space out books by the same author, and definitely books about topics of a sad nature.

  42. I like the sound of The Rose Garden. I've read one of her books before and really enjoyed it.

    Looks like you're off to a good start with Erin's challenge! You go girl :-)

    I hope whatever you need to distract yourself from is resolved soon <3

  43. You have the best book reviews, friend. I've literally stalked through your old posts before to find good recommendations, haha. I'm sorry you're dealing with something bad, but wishing you good vibes that it all gets better soon! I'm going to give the Red Rising trilogy a go as my start off for the year!

  44. Sorry things are rough, but I'm glad books are helping. I really hope things look up soon. I have managed to set aside zero time for reading in between deciphering shipping quotes and health insurance requirements, amongst other visa funtimes. I like the sound of The Smell of Other People's Houses though, especially just having been to Alaska. It's an interesting place.

  45. red rising and rose garden are on my TBR list. MORE IMPORTANTLY FEBRUARY IS ALMOST HERE!!! My Mere scorn shall continue soooo soon!

  46. Oooh I'm definitely going to give Dark Matter a try!

  47. Oh I loved the Red Rising trilogy. Some of my favourite books from last year. I'm quite interested to read Iron Rain which (I think) comes out next year and it set after the events of the final book. I hope it will just as good as the first three!

    I actually found Dark Matter to be a little dull. I think in the end, I gave it the all encompassing three stars of not great, but not bad. I guess most of the enjoyment is in the thoughts it wanted to provoke in you, but it just didn't stir anything in me. I'd quite like to read Wayward Pines though, I am always interested to see if I feel differently about other books by the same author.

  48. Ooh I'm excited to read The Rose Garden now. I haven't heard of that one before!

  49. I'm always so impressed with how much you read girl, and your reviews are always spot on! I need to add Dark Matter and Persuading Annie to my list <3
    Green Fashionista

  50. I think Red Rising needs to be my pick for the bonus round of "genre I rarely read". I've heard so much praise for it, I'm interested to see what it's all about. Dark Matter is my initial pick. And, The Rose Garden may need to be my time travel one from the way you describe it.
    You've read 5 books for the challenge - woot woot!

  51. Love this round up and how you grouped them based on your reading experience. Gotta check the "couldn't put 'em down" list. :)

  52. I always get so jealous of all the books you read. I need to hop on this Red Rising train with you and Kathy -- I want to be in the cool group!! :)

  53. Your reviews are seriously so to the point and just what I need to pick my next book buy - I think I'm going with the emotional one, the terrifying one and the house smell one. hehe! Love it and thanks for sharing!

  54. I'm in the middle of Dark Matter right now AND MY BRAIN HURTS ALREADY

  55. I'm really intrigued by Burn Baby Burn. I've grown up in New York and so has all of my family. I've heard stories from my family about that summer and not being allowed out of the house because of the Son of Sam serial killer and then the blackout happened. This one is getting added to the list of books for me to read.

  56. I had the same frustration with the Never, Never series as well. With each passing book, I liked it less and less, although the first one blew my mind!

  57. I gotta read Dark Matter! I keep hearing great things about it but I haven't got around to it yet.

  58. Sarah morgans books are cute, I've enjoyed them. I have always and now I don't even want to bother. Adding Red Rising, Dark Matter and 3 Amzing Things About You. I loved Hypnotists Love Story! Glad you did too.

  59. I have just added SO many of these books to my list! Is the whole Red Rising trilogy five stars? I might need to check that out first!

  60. The Jill Mansfield book looks great - adding that to my library que!! I was on the fence about the Today will be different book but I'll pass on it since you weren't a fan!! Happy Weekend girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  61. The Smell of Other People's Houses! Sounds so interesting! Even though you said you couldn't describe much about it. haha! I know what you mean about books sometimes. It's good to have something to take your mind off things if it gets crazy. I'm reading The Woman in Cabin 10 right now, and it's kind of scary but I want to know what happens so I can't decide if I want to keep reading or not. The struggle! (I am scared easily)

  62. Once again, you're a freaking rockstar. Ohh, The Smell of Other People's Houses has me all intrigued!

  63. Wow, you really did read a lot! Totally adding some of these to my list. And I hope everything is going okay and that you are doing/feeling better!

  64. I bought Red Rising in paperback "for Scott" for Christmas. It's on my short list of books to get to. Especially because non-sci-fi-lovers keep saying it's great!

  65. Nothing can compare to Wentworth's letter, but Persuading Annie does sound cute :)

  66. I have tried to read Dead Witch Walking twice now and I have just never liked it. It really seems like I would too but I don't. Can't explain why either.

    I keep seeing the best reviews for Dark Matter! Hope I get to read it soon!

  67. Suppppper intrigued by the smell of other people's houses. That looks and sounds very interesting!

  68. I really want to read a Susanna Kearsley book, but every time I go to the library, they're taken out! I need to get on a list I think! Bummer about the Liane Moriarity book. I read What Alice Forgot and had really high hopes because everyone I talked to LOVED it, and while it was fine, I wasn't blown away really.

  69. lOL i LOVE YOUR REVIEW OF nEVER, nEVER. I didn't read them but now I feel like I don't need. Same with Soundless...that one was in one of my book boxes so I'm glad I didn't read it now :) Burn Baby Bury sounds interesting because I'm a little obsessed with serial killers.

  70. Sorry to hear that things aren't going well and I hope they've improved (I'm a bit behind on blog reading, clearly). I'm glad you've been able to at least find some solace in reading though. Hugs from NY.

    1. thank you lovely. things are getting better, which is very good news!

  71. For once, I gave myself a goal to read 10 books this year. I know that's nothing for you :) But I am trying to make reading a priority, so starting small, and hopefully I can increase the number by year!

  72. Quite like your review, I read 3-5 books every year, maybe I should read more :)

  73. You're a reading machine! Thanks for always sharing these! I don't get to read nearly as much so it helps to know which ones to filter in/out based on your reviews :)

  74. I have a bad habit of just laying in bed and scrolling through my phone whenever something bad happens, it's such a waste of time and reading a book would be a much better thing to do. I added dark Matter and The Rose Garden to my list. They sound great!


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