Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Best (and worst) books of 2016

Yay bonus book day! 

First, the stats:

8% audiobooks
51% ebooks
41% real books

I used to read a lot more e-books because it was the easiest way to get a book. I like audiobooks but they are just supplemental for me, when I can't be reading an actual book - like when I'm driving or running. My favourite way will always be a real book though, and I definitely read more of those once I got my library card.

9% were male authors, 91% were female.
I'm not surprised, I don't do it on purpose, it just so happens the books I reach for are written by women most of the time. That doesn't mean I don't enjoy books written by men - I am loving the Red Rising trilogy.

26% were from the library, 15% were arcs and the rest were either purchased or borrowed from someone.
Considering I only joined the library back in August I think that's pretty good! Maybe next year I will change it to say already owned or bought in 2017 so I can see how many books I buy vs already own/borrow.

3% were nonfiction.
Nonfiction is totally not my jam. My non fiction choices are almost always memoirs like You're Never Weird on the Internet (Almost) or As You Wish: Inconceivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride, which are the kind of books that 'read' or feel like fiction, if that makes sense. They are also always audiobooks because non-fiction cannot hold my actually-sit-down-and-read-attention. 

As for other genres - so many can fit in different sections and I don't think I read a huge variety. Lots of YA, fantasy, romance and 'chick lit', with a sprinkle of mystery or thriller.

Star rating breakdown:

Clearly I am quite fond of that 4 star rating! I always feel bad giving 1 star, so not too many of those. I thought there would be more 3 stars.

No DNFs this year. I don't know why. Perhaps I just didn't even bother with books I knew I wouldn't like, or if I gave up/put aside really early I didn't record it because I might go back to it. It could also be because I suck at quitting books.

The first book I read: well, I think I started it in 2015 but the first book I finished in 2016 was Revolution which I very much did not like at all, no sir.

The last book I read: Well, we have a couple more days but as of right now it will be The Hypnotist's Love Story.

Longest book: Empire of Storms

Shortest book:
 Batter Up

The best books this year

Shades of Magic - I can't wait for the 3rd!
Soulless - I absolutely adored this book, the rest of the series was good as well, but the first hit it out of the park.
Take Me With You - I still think about this book and I read it in May.
A Hundred Summers - Loved this.
Swear On This Life - Such a good one, gobbled it up.
Beauty & the Clockwork Beast - this is definitely one that is not for everyone, but oh! My heart with this book. I wish I could erase it from my memory so I can read it again.
Maybe In Another Life and One True Loves - loved both of these. Girl can write.
Red Rising Trilogy - okay, technically not finished this trilogy yet, but I have a feeling I will love the 3rd as much as the first 2.


Runner up reads

Graceling & Fire - I loved both of these, Bitterblue less so.
The Wrath & the Dawn (and the second) - loved these, and don't quite know why.
The Butterfly Garden - I really don't read books like this often, and I couldn't put it down.
Small Great Things - Picoult always makes me feel all the feelings, but this time she made me really think.
Eligible - I recognise this isn't great literature, and it's not even a good P&P retelling but still. My heart loved it.
A Knight In Shining Armour - Not gonna lie, the ending made this book a runner up instead of one of the best. I understand it and it made sense, but it took away a little of the loving from my heart and I can't help that.
I Let You Go - another that's outside my normal kind of book and I couldn't put it down.
Penryn & the End of Days series - I don't know what it is about these books but I still think about them and got such enjoyment out of reading them. Definitely not for everyone, but absolutely for me.

Disappointing reads 
(they weren't bad, they were just disappointing for some reason or another)

Brooklyn, The A to Z of You and Me and When I Found You. I had high expectations for these for different reasons, and they all fell flat. I was most disappointed with When I Found You, because I loved Take Me With You.


Wish I hadn't read these

Exposure to a Billionaire and The Last Star.

Best books by month:

January: Of Beast and Beauty by Stacey Jay
February: Graceling by Kristin Cashore
March: Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld
April: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
May: Swear on This Life by Renee Carlino
June: A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams
July: Take Me With You by Catherine Ryan Hyde
August: Beauty & the Clockwork Beast by Nancy Campbell Allen
September: A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab
October: A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab
November: Empire of Storms by Sarah J Maas
December: Red Rising by Pierce Brown.

That's all folks. Linking up with Steph & Jana.

If I had to choose just one book to be my favourite of 2016.... I would probably say Beauty & the Clockwork Beast because I just loved it so much, and didn't expect to. Does that mean it was the best book ever, and everyone will love it? Absolutely not, far from it. But that's the fabulous thing about reading, something for everyone!

What was your favourite book in 2016?


  1. This is so helpful! I just got a Kindle 2 weeks ago and I've already devoured two books. That's already better than I did in all of 2016! One of those books was The Butterfly Garden and I was the exact same way, completely sucked into that enthralling and disturbing story.

  2. whaaat? the nightingale didn't make the best books list?!

    great list; i've jotted several down to search at my library!

  3. SO many books! Taking note of your favorite ones from this year - I've got my Kindle charged up and ready to go. Just need to download some good books to read! :)

  4. Oh hey...I'm with Kathy! No Nightingale? (Maybe you didn't read it this year?) I've just started getting into audio books this year and so far I've only listened to non-fiction books. It just seems to suit the medium better! Anyway, this list will come in very handy! Can't wait to check out some of your top choices.

  5. I love bookish stats & am so curious about my male/female author ratio now! I've never even thought about that! My average rating was 3.3 and I actually had a lot of 2 star books this year I guess! I love how you did the best of each month along with your overall favorites! I'm so anxious to read Small Great Things, I feel like it's one book that I don't think I've heard of anyone disliking!

  6. I love the way you wrote the post, the stats and the breakdown of it all! I feel like the first half of this year all I read were baby/pregnancy books. And then I was so sleep-deprived and crazy for a few months I didn't even pick up a book. But these last few months of the year I've been reading a ton again and I just feel SO HAPPY about it :) I have missed my books (especially the real ones, although ebooks work too) I got Picoult's new book for Christmas and I plan on diving into it next!

  7. I can't wait to check these out! I'm reading Graceling right now and loving it. I crave a good non fiction every now and then, and I have a craving right now actually. I think I get it when I want to experience something but can't do it in real life or need advice or perspective on something. I'm into fiction probably 85% of the time. I can't wait to check out Goodreads to see my much less impressive stats haha. I actually haven't read most of the books you did, so that gives me lots to add to my list if I haven't already.

  8. You do yours UP by the stats - I love that.
    Yep - my life would be better if I never wasted the time for Exposure to a Billionaire.
    I tend to always go on trends for the same rating.
    Good for you not having any DNF - good judgement on picking up a book!

  9. Love how you listed out the best books by month. Which were your favorite Audible books since that's what I'm mainly into these days for my commute to work?

  10. Best books by month...genius. I might have to remember that for next year. I like all of your breakdowns!

    Third person in the link up to mention I Let You Go so I'm pumped to have it ready to roll.

  11. I loved loved A Gathering of Shadows. I loved it more than than A Different Shade of Magic but cannot WAIT for the 3rd one. Red Rising is on my list, but it'll be one of the first ones for 2017. I think I'm gonna try Beauty and the Clockwork Beast too. The Lunar Chronicles sounded really weird to me when I first heard about those and I ended up loving them so I think that Beauty and Clockwork Beast will be like that for me.

    Also loved seeing your favorites by month. I'll have to remember that for next year! :)

  12. Love how you broke all these books up girl! Also I love that you included books you didn't like, that Exposure to a Billionaire book had me curious, but after reading from multiple people it was awful, I stayed away! Adding a few of these to my list for sure!

  13. I Let You Go just went into my Audible cart.
    I've already read 3-4 recommendations for it this morning.
    I'm going to start Red Rising soon. I bought it "for my husband" for Christmas.

  14. Taylor Jenkins Reid was my favorite author this year - I devoured all of her books!! I loved your breakdown!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  15. For some strange reason my library has a piss poor selection of Taylor Reid Jenkins books. GRRR. The plus side is my brother gave me an Amazon gift card for Christmas so I might just have to buy one of her books! You've completely sold me on Beauty and the Clockwork Beast. I'm actually reading Soulless right now. I tried reading it over the holidays which was a mistake because I'm not use to reading in 10 page spurts. It has been hard for me to get into the story. I'm only 20% in, so I'm gonna just bite the bullet and start over. :D YAY for loving Red Rising. It made my Best of YA too.

    1. If your library lets you access Hoopla, almost all TJR books are available there as audiobooks. That's how I read almost all of them ;)

  16. I got Small Great Things for Christmas and it's taking all my willpower to wait until January to start it (since I'm reading it for Erin's book challenge)! A bunch of these are on my TBR already. And I definitely read way more female authors too, without meaning to.

  17. So happy to see you are reading and loving Red Rising!

  18. I need to read a Taylor Jenkins Reid book so soon! It just seems like she writes books that I would love! And I've heard nothing but great things about Red Rising, and I need to get on that train too. I totally agree with you about Exposure To A Billionaire. It was just so terrible!

  19. Oh man, I had totally forgotten about Exposure to a Billionaire. It was a DNF for me so it didn't appear on any of my Goodreads lists...that book was NOT a good one. I think I need to read Beauty and the Clockwork Beast!!! Red Rising is coming up for me in early 2017 for Erin's challenge so of course I am happy to hear that you are enjoying that series :) I'm obviously going to need to add the rest of these to my TBR list now! Good thing I got some bookish gift cards for Christmas! haha

  20. Bahaha. I don't know one single person that did enjoy Exposure to a Billionaire. I like to forget that I even read it. You killed it (not surprised) with reading this year. I have so many of these on my reading list still, so I need to get going in 2017. As always, thanks for sharing and for all the great recommendations!

  21. I freakin love this layout. I did even think about the male v. female author ratio in my reads... Great ideas here! You are such a strong reader! I love when people have a large pool of "read" books to pull from!

  22. I loved all your stats! So interesting. I'm not big on nonfiction either. I'm hoping I'll be able to finish the one I picked for Erin's book challenge (I picked it as the genre I don't normally read). I've been saving A Hundred Summers because I love Beatriz Williams and that's the one of hers I haven't read (well other than A Certain Age, which I'm not sure I want to read). Swear on This Life was just so good. I heard she's coming out with a new book in 2017, and I'm just not sure it will measure up! Haha. Also, I seriously need to read I Let You Go and Butterfly Garden.

    PS-How's life? I feel like we haven't chatted in a while. :)

  23. I love the way you did this! And I love seeing TJR x2 on your list!

    Exposure to a Billionaire was awful. Horrible. So, so bad.

  24. I love the way you set this up - the stats had to take some time but are so interesting, especially the m/f author breakdown!

    I love TJR and recommend her often but didn't add any to my best of list. No good reason why not. Checking out I Let You Go right now.

  25. YES to Soulless! That book has my, well, soul haha I really loved it. Have you read The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer? I feel like you'd love that one!

  26. This is the best recap!

    Out of all of them I've only read One True Loves (which I really enjoyed!) so now I have a whole list of books to read!

  27. Looks like an awesome reading year! The only book that we had in common that we both liked was I Let You Go, which is interesting! But it was a decent book when the husband came into the picture. I tend to give most books either 3 or 4 stars, I hardly ever give books 5 stars because I'm mean :)

  28. Oh my gosh this post is intense. I love all the statistics!!

  29. I really loved Swear On This Life as well. I love how you broke down your 2016 reading. I got a lot of books in this past year, which makes me very excited.


  30. I enjoyed Swear on This Life but that's the only book out of your faves of the year that I read. Both the Taylor Jenkins Reid books have been on my to read list!

  31. I love how you organized this! Do you mind if I use a similar format? I'm so interested in your stats, now I want to go see mine!

  32. This gave me so many ideas for book to read in 2017!!

  33. I'm a fan of 3 and 4 stars too. I just don't give out 5s easily! I had one DNF this year, which is part of my book review post tomorrow! Congrats on an amazing year of reading, friend!

  34. I'm reading The Hypnotist's Love Story right now too!

  35. One True Love is at the top of my list too!

  36. How is it that we have such similar taste in books and yet I haven't read a single one of your top favorites from this year?! They nearly all on my to-read list so I clearly need to hurry and read them! :)

  37. Definitely adding some of these to my list! I've been wanting to read Small, Great Things by Jodi Picoult. I have to check that out soon.

  38. How did you do the stats?! That's awesome and now I wanna see mine.
    Due to your rave reviews, I've add this Beauty and the not beast book to my TBR list. After the challenge, I'm ready to surge on my backlog.

  39. I love your reading posts. I'm adding all of your top picks, and I'm hoping to get back on my reading game in 2017 -- after a loooooong year of not picking up many books!

  40. I have been in gold for Beauty and the Clockwork Beast FOREVER! I hope it comes in soon....

    Love all the stats! You are so patient to put all that together!

  41. Yay for One True Loves and Swear on this Life! They made my list as well. I had to laugh at the Billionaire book, I just about forgot about it. Woof. What do you think about Hypnotists Love Story? It wasn't my favorite of hers but still good.

  42. I don't wish I had blogged after xmas... except for this linkup *sobs* oh well I'll have to recap this week. Most of your faves are on my TBR. Looking forward to reading some of them this year. Soulless especially! XO - Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  43. You read so many books! How do you do it, girlfriend?!
    I've never broken my reading down in this way but I feel like I'd end up with many of the same stats, especially the male v. female ratio and the nonfiction percentage. I think I read one nonfiction and like maybe one male written novel. One thing I know even without officially tracking it, I'm all about series. Most of my reading is binge-reading a series, which granted makes sense because I love getting to spend time in a world/with characters but like standalones need love too.
    That said, I'll be bookmarking this post to get recommendations because we generally like and *cough* dislike the same things :)

  44. I did a similar "stats" type post mid-year. I keep meaning to do a 2016 wrap-up. I like the addition of the category of disappointing reads...not to book bash, but to just share that not all books resonate with all of us the same way. Hooray for books!

  45. Wow that's a lot of books! Well, I think I read quite a bit this year as well but I never really keep track of it. Maybe I should start doing that this year. Opening Goodreads and logging it all in never stuck with me before but now that I've been reading more lately, maybe it'd be a good habit to start.


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