Thursday, September 29, 2016

Stuff & Things

I had a bunch of weird little half assed posts in my drafts and decided to combine them all for a Stuff & Things post today with Kristin and Joey.

I loved Lauren's post here about real life and then Kait posted things she doesn't blog about so I thought I would share some real life tidbits, but I got stumped after like 2 things.

Real life is Chelsea having issues going to the bathroom and walking around with a very large turd stuck to her. We had to rinse her off, which she obviously loved, and it smelled so bad, I started gagging. The other cats freaked out because Chelsea never freaks out, Millie started hissing and Millie never hisses, Chelsea has more hair than everyone in our house put together and took forever to dry and no-one was a happy camper that night. and would you have a look at my back?

Also, real life is I refuse to throw those Woody Woodpecker boxer shorts out because my uncle got them for me and he calls me Woody, and it's not weird. They have no elastic and several holes, but nope. Not throwing them out.

Real life is our king bed - that we bought back in October (don't you love using your blog to look back on random shit?) - is sitting on the floor, just on the box spring thingy. I want a frame, but it has to touch the floor, there can be no space. Why, you ask? Because cats are bitches. Also, it's just what I want. Maybe. I think. Either way, we decided it wasn't a priority and my bed is sitting on the floor. So classy.

The bed below is the one I do want. It's fairly cheap as in still a shit ton of money but not like a million dollars. But now I'm thinking, do I want that one? Can the cats get underneath it? You'd be surprised what cats can shimmy underneath. Should I just buy a different kind of bed with plenty of room underneath it for storage, thus stopping the cat problem? 

The reason our cats are bitches underneath beds is that when we had our old bed, the box spring sat on slats or something, but you could see the bottom of the box spring (if you were a cat underneath the bed looking up at it). Penny somehow got inside the box spring and it was just hell all the time. Add another 2 cats into the mix, and fighting underneath the bed happens a lot, and since KC and I can't fit under the bed or inside the box spring, we want to avoid the cats getting in there as well. I know I could put a fitted sheet over the box spring so they can't get inside it, we actually did that with the old bed in the spare room, but that door is always closed and no-one sleeps in there anyway.

If the bed sat high enough above the floor, the cats could lay under there and fight if they wanted to, and unless they were doing some high jumps and kicks, we wouldn't feel it (like we would in a lower to the floor bed). You know?

Also, our bed (on the floor) and two nightstands (that we use for clothes) barely fit in our teeny tiny master. I'm afraid if we get that big bed up there, it won't fit. But one day if we have a bigger master (or more closet space so we don't have to use nightstands for clothes) I might want it?

Another style of bed I like without it hitting the floor is something like this:
 I know, completely different style. Or this one:

Can I put a box spring on that one as well as the mattress? I know it would be super high, but I don't like how low the mattress is. Although the bed in general is pretty low to the floor and the cats would get under it for sure.

I spend way too much time and energy thinking about this, I know.

Moving on.

I was browsing the pinterest board I made for my trip next year, and I noticed the caption on an outfit, where the girl was wearing hunter rain boots....
I know it looks like wrote it, but I 100% did not. I don't look at captions when I pin things, especially outfits. So. I have 2 things to say:

1. I was pretty against Hunter boots because they are super expensive! But I got them for $80 last year at Costco and let me tell you, best bloody eighty bucks I ever spent. They are fabulously well made, comfy and so sorry stranger on the internet, I wore them in the snow and they were way better than my snow boots. My feet didn't get cold and um.. yep. That's about it.

2. If you're gonna call someone out for being a 'moron' please explain what the f*ck enfasis is. Do you mean emphasis? HAHAHA.

A few weeks ago, this photo popped up on my timehop:

It's one of my favourite funny stories/photos of KC. I was holding that baby and my MIL asked me to do something, so I handed the baby to KC, who was sitting on the couch. I just plopped the baby on his lap (over his arm) and figured KC would adjust. All he did was put his hand on top of the baby's head. Hilarious. I came back 15 minutes later and they were still like that.

I started watching Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on Monday night. Jamie had recommended it a month or so ago, and really it didn't look like my cup of tea. But it totally is. I finished season 1 last night. Obsessed. I really don't watch a lot of TV, not because I'm too cool for school with my books or whatever, but reading generally holds my attention for longer. I get bored of TV shows and haven't finished a season, let alone a series, of any of the last 10+ shows I started - this one is the first in a long time. Don't get me wrong, I can waste away on the couch in front of the TV for 8 hours no problems, I just normally choose HGTV or movies.

Anyway that is the gif that Jamie used and it totally sold me and I about squealed when it showed up and I recognised it in the first season. GAH. I SHIP THEM SO HARD.

It's kind of like Downton Abbey mixed with Castle? That's my take on it.. I just love all the characters and it is so freaking funny I regularly squeal and laugh and GAH. I just love it so much. I was afraid it would be too gory or murder/mystery focused, but it's not. I mean it is focused on the murders and stuff, but it's good, promise.

Also, it's Australian! Set in the 20s, but still. I think this is the first Australian show I have ever liked, I kid you not.


You should watch it.

Um... that's about it for today!

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What's New With You

So, what kind of bed should I get? 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Rent The Runway Review

I love Rent The Runway. It is one of my favourite websites/places to 'shop'. I love when I have a reason to dress up, and even if it's not a good reason, I will take it. I don't get to dress up all that much, and I hate wearing the same dress twice. I know that's so 'basic' of me, but whatever! I used to spend $100s (AUD!) on dresses that I only wore once, and where is the point in that? So when I moved to the US and found RTR, it was like a match made in heaven. Perfect for me, and maybe perfect for you!

Rent the Runway Review

I wanted to share my overall review of RTR and the dresses I have gotten. I didn't include prices because honestly, their prices have changed and what I paid is sometimes not what it is currently available for. No affiliate links were used, so feel free to click away.

Overall Review

Like I said, I love RTR so clearly this is going to be a good review. If you have not heard of them, basically you can rent designer dresses for like 4 or 8 days. This is great for weddings, special events, whatever you want. I can't afford designer dresses, and while it might seem silly to waste money on a dress you don't get to keep, I think it is better than spending money on a dress only to wear it once and have it sit in your closet. Plus, more often than not, the dresses I rent are way fancier and better quality than something I can find at TJ Maxx. Most of the time, anyway. When I went on my cruise, I wanted to use RTR but no dice - I was gone too long. So I found some cute dresses at Lulus and TJ Maxx that worked just fine.

My favourite thing about RTR is their customer service. It has changed a bit since I started renting from them, they used to overnight you a replacement for free if your dress didn't work out, now I think they charge you a fee. I mentioned it below, but I've had issues with sizing, quality, and cancelled events - RTR has been great in either shipping me a bigger size, giving me a discount or a credit. I think that is great service. I do think they should check their dresses before sending them out, or have better quality control because a few reviews mention things like broken straps/zippers or that the dress they received looked super worn..

Anyway, I think RTR has great reactions to things like that, they should just be more proactive about the quality of their dresses. Out of all my rentals, I have only had 2 items look like they needed to be retired, so that's not that bad at all.

The reviews that people leave are super helpful, especially when they supply their weight, height, etc and photos. Some dresses look crazy different on real people vs the models, not to mention you can find someone who looks similar to you body wise and get a good idea of how it would look on you. I always look for people over 5'8 and then check how short something is - because it's all good and well when someone who is 5'2 tells me it's the perfect length, I just want more.

You also get a backup size for free, which is great because sizing varies between designers just as much as it does at Target or Forever 21. Again, the reviews help immensely when choosing a size.

When I first started using RTR, the dresses would come inside a normal box, and in the box there was a fancy garment bag that you could keep - along with the coat hangers. My closet is full of RTR hangers ha. They also normally throw in samples of things, which I honestly don't normally look at. Also included was a UPS bag, which is how you shipped the dresses back. My last couple of rentals have arrived in a black bag that is both the garment bag and the parcel you ship it in, so they changed that. You still get the hangers though.

Rent the Runway - pro membership, pay one fee and then you don't have to pay insurance or shipping for a year!

I paid for the pro membership once or twice I think, and it gave me a year of free shipping and free insurance, and it's only $30. You also get a free birthday dress - meaning you get a $50 off code around your birthday to rent a dress, it doesn't have to be specifically for your birthday or anything (I used my most recent one for Oaks, I think). With the pro membership, the price you see is the price you pay. Without the pro membership, you pay for shipping and insurance.

Insurance is $5, and shipping is $10. You also have to pay taxes, but this is America and you should be used to that (unless you're in one of those cool states that doesn't pay taxes).

Speaking of insurance, a lot of people ask me the same question - what if I destroy the dress? What if it arrives damaged and they blame it on me? Well, if it arrives damaged, you should notify RTR immediately. They will send you a replacement, give you a credit or a discount for the next time. If you spill red wine or catch it on fire, the insurance you pay covers it. You probably shouldn't light it on fire though.

One more thing - when you rent a dress and you get the free back up size, you also have the opportunity to rent another dress for like $35 or something. This is great if you have multiple events within the same few days, or maybe you're going away for a weekend trip and want to dress up. You do not get the free back up size with the extra dress though.

Okay - I think that covers it all! I know it's a lot of information, and it's really not interesting unless you are considering using RTR. I hope I have helped answer any questions you might have had though!

Parker Floral Getaway Ruffle Maxi dress

My very first dress was this maxi dress for Oaks, which is the day before Derby. I loved this dress. So fun, fit so well. I got it in a long though, everyone else was complaining about it being too long and it was barely long enough for me. That's the tall-ish life, I guess.

Rent the Runway - Parker Floral Getaway Ruffle Maxi
Rent the Runway - Parker Floral Getaway Ruffle Maxi

Lilly Pulitzer Jordan dress

My next rental was wedding related for my bridal shower. I wasn't the biggest fan of this dress, and if I had known how amazing RTR's customer service was at the time, I would have definitely returned it. It was okay, it did the job. You can see in the (not great) picture with my mum at the bottom, it was just really stiff and awkward and sat weird. I was constantly smoothing it out. But it worked fine for Spice Girls poses, and what more can you ask for?

Rent the Runway - Lily Pulitzer Jordan dress
Rent the Runway - Lily Pulitzer Jordan dress
Rent the Runway - Lily Pulitzer Jordan dress

Mark & James by Badgley Mischka Hang Ten Maxi & Ali Ro Sweet Virginia Scoop dress

My next order was for our Chicago anniversary trip... which got cancelled because someone spent too much money in Australia. My bad. I was so upset and I contacted RTR and told them I'd be returning the dresses, not expecting anything, and they gave me a full credit back. Um, seriously? That is amazing. Our trip wasn't cancelled until the last minute, so I thought for sure I'd be missing out. I don't have the best photos of these dresses, but I liked them both. I don't think I would rent the orange one again, but I would definitely rent the maxi again (look how long it is! That is a 'long' size, so don't worry short people).

Also, one thing I mentioned above - you get a free back up, but then you can add another dress for an extra cost but it's still cheaper than getting that dress on its own, if that makes sense. But with that extra dress, you do not get the free back up size. I was worried about the length on the maxi and I didn't know RTR's amazing customer service then, so I asked them (before I cancelled) what would happen if it was too short, and they added a backup free of charge, which they obviously didn't have to do.

Rent the Runway -  Mark & James by Badgley Mischka Hang Ten Maxi & Ali Ro Sweet Virginia Scoop dress

Robert Rodriguez Sea Water shift

My next dress - and this is where I found out that RTR had even better customer service than I thought - was this gorgeous Robert Rodriguez Sea Water shift. I ordered my normal size, but because of my lovely hips and booty, it was so tight and did not look right on me at all. Neither did the size up. I was so upset. Plus, the size up was very worn and frayed, not cute at all. I contacted RTR and told them, they overnighted me the next size up, but they also offered me any dress in their selection if that wasn't a good solution - any dress regardless of price. Not bad, RTR, not bad. I also think they gave me a refund, but I don't remember. According to my post they did, so they must have.

Rent the Runway - Robert Rodriguez Sea Water shift
Rent the Runway - Robert Rodriguez Sea Water shift

Trina Turk Walk Like An Egyptian Dress

My next order was for our New England girls weekend trip. I got 2 dresses, one for a night out, and one for a day out on the town. I also got my first necklace, and it's the only necklace I've rented (twice) because it's not something I would own, but it added a fun pop of colour to the dresses.

The walk like an egyptian dress was one of my favourites. Totally my style and I knew as soon as I saw it that I'd love it. Again, perfect for Spice Girls poses (what, you don't do this with your friends?)

Rent the Runway - Trina Turk Walk Like An Egyptian Dress
Rent the Runway - Trina Turk Walk Like An Egyptian Dress
Rent the Runway - Trina Turk Walk Like An Egyptian Dress

Yumi Kim Pastel Paradise Maxi

This maxi was super fun and I totally didn't *need* to rent it, but again. Fun. This is a 'long' size, and you can see how long it is when I'm standing on the curb. Don't worry, there is a normal length, but for us tall-ish girls, it's nice to have options. I will say because of my small chest, it wasn't flattering when I slouched (when is anything flattering while slouching?) so I had to be careful about that.

Rent the Runway - Yumi Kim Pastel Paradise Maxi
Rent the Runway - Yumi Kim Pastel Paradise Maxi
Rent the Runway - Yumi Kim Pastel Paradise Maxi

Eva Franco Ora Dress

The next order was for our NYC trip, I got this cute bow dress. It was so cute and comfy, not to mention just plain fun. I love how it worked in a more wintery setting with the tights and boots. It was an absolute pain in the ass trying to find a UPS drop box in NYC though, I ended up begging a UPS driver to take it for me.

Rent the Runway - Eva Franco Ora Dress
Rent the Runway - Eva Franco Ora Dress

Shoshanna Judith Dress

Then for Derby last year, I got this dress. The colour reminded me of the shift I got above, but it was a fit and flare. Added the same necklace that I also got before, and it was a fun Derby outfit.

Rent the Runway - Shoshanna Judith Dress
Rent the Runway - Shoshanna Judith Dress

Trina Turk Pink Oahu Fan Dress

After that, I didn't rent again until Oaks this year. I chose this dress, then cancelled it, and then decided on this hot pink one. I was super nervous about it because it's not my normal style and pink isn't a colour I gravitate towards, but it worked out well, I think. It was definitely out of my comfort zone, very tight and I did have to pull it down after I walked a bunch, but that's my hips fault, not the dress.

Rent the Runway - Trina Turk Pink Oahu Fan Dress
Rent the Runway - Trina Turk Pink Oahu Fan Dress

Cynthia Rowley Midnight Lace Romper

Lastly, finally! I got this romper. I have been wanting a chance to rent this romper for years, I'm not kidding. I kept waiting for something that would warrant such a fun, 'sexy' outfit, and finally just said screw it and got it for a bachelorette party. It was everything I wanted it to be and super fun.

I requested my normal size and then a size up - I pretty much always size up when my hips are involved, and the normal size fit but was a bit tight. It was also insanely frayed and it looked like it had been worn through a tough mudder or something (slight exaggeration). I was super bummed and contacted RTR (their live chat is basically pointless, I'd avoid that if I were you) via email and they offered to send me a replacement. I thought the bigger size would make my hips look too big because of the pockets (something other reviews mentioned), so I was about to go with the replacement when I finally just tried on the bigger size and it fit like a glove. It didn't make my hips look any bigger than they already are (in my opinion) so I told RTR not to worry about it. After that, they did offer me a 15% off code for my next rental, which I thought was a nice touch.

It really was so pretty and one of my favourites, I think. It was not fun going to the bathroom though, which is what you get with a romper.

Rent the Runway -  Cynthia Rowley Midnight Lace Romper
Rent the Runway -  Cynthia Rowley Midnight Lace Romper
Rent the Runway -  Cynthia Rowley Midnight Lace Romper

Anyway, I know this is a lot of information and I am quite biased because of the great experience I've had with them, but I wouldn't continue to use them if I didn't like them. If you have something fun coming up and you are the kind of person that doesn't like to wear things twice, you should check out RTR. Why not, right?

This post is in no way shape of form sponsored - I have paid for every dress out of my own pocket, I get absolutely nothing if you join or click or anything. I am really just a huge fan of Rent the Runway, and wanted to share my many good experiences in case you were hesitant about trying them.

Have you used RTR? Is this something you would use, or do you think it's kind of silly to rent a dress?

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Things that make me rage

Pet peeves, things that make me want to hit someone over the head, grinds my gears, whatever you want to call it, these things annoy me:

- Real women have or do this or that. Last time I checked, we are all real. So real women watch this, or wear that, or have curves, or do whatever you do and thus want to put it on a shirt or meme - shut up.

- Whistling or playing on your phone with the sound on. Don't be an asshole, yo. If I wanted to listen to shit, I'd do so.

- People bumping into me. OH YOU'RE SO BUSY.

- People who stop suddenly or look at their phone whilst walking. You deserve for me to bump into you, and I will do it on purpose.

- People who complain about the same things constantly. The ones that complain about summer every summer, or winter every winter (oh hello, that might be me, I'm trying to be better), or facebook when they can, you know, not go on facebook.

- Dirty bathrooms. Not because of lack of cleaners, but because grown women apparently don't know how to not make a mess. You do realise bathrooms wouldn't be as gross if people like you weren't as gross first?

- Telling me something is wrong because it's different. This has to be my number one expat pet peeve. I might have mentioned it before. Oh it's WRONG that Christmas is in summer at home. It's WRONG that we drive on the opposite side of the car/road. It's WRONG the way I spell or say something (because didn't you guys know I made all these decisions, so please tell me how wrong my choice was?). Please educate yourself on the difference between wrong and different-because-it's-not-what-you-grew-up-with.

  1. 1.
    not correct or true.
    "that is the wrong answer"

  1. 1.
    not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality.
    "you can play this game in different ways"

- Accidental spoilers. Like the other day I saw someone put a book on a 'suicide' shelf which TOTALLY ruined the book - they didn't mean to spoil it, I didn't mean to see it but ohhhhhh lordy it makes me rage.

- One uppers. Anything you can do, believe me, they can do it better and will tell you about it.

- Mouth noises, but especially eating with your mouth open. Second to this is people who immediately make that noise as a joke when I tell them I hate it. Oh, you are so funny, seriously.

- People who aren't ready to order or pay, but refuse to move. This makes me SO antsy. I love my mum you guys, but she is the kind of person to get to the front of the line and say 'um...' and I'm the kind of daughter who will say 'omg mum HURRY UP THERE ARE PEOPLE WAITING OMG'.

Apparently a lot of shit annoys me you guys. Who knew? Well, I did. Do any of these things annoy you, or am I way bitchier than I thought I was?

Monday, September 19, 2016

Movies Lately

I used to have a super weird obsession with movies. My mum and I would go to the movies almost every Thursday, and I was on a mission to own every movie on DVD. Yes, I wanted to own all of them. I don't think I could go a week without buying a DVD - what a weird obsession, right? I had 900 at last count, though I stopped counting around then because I was scared to get into the thousands. Thankfully, I moved overseas and couldn't bring all my DVDs with me, couldn't be bothered starting over from scratch, so the weird DVD buying addiction stayed there.

The point of all that is that I used to watch a movie every single day.. now, not so much. I still like movies, I'm just not on a 'gotta watch and own 'em all!' quest like I was. I'm more likely to pick up a book than watch a movie, though I am way more likely to watch a movie than a TV show. I'm also way more likely to rewatch a movie than I am to reread a book.

Anyway, longest intro ever. I thought I'd share a few movies I've seen recently, some new, some not so new. And by recently, I mean in the last year or so.

I thought the book was better, but the movie was super cute. I surprisingly did not cry, so unusual for me, but maybe it is because I knew it was coming? Not sure, but I liked it. I quite like Emilia Clarke.

I watched this on the plane to LA (don't you love when shorter flights have free entertainment!) and the trailer looked hilarious. I really enjoyed it, though it wasn't all funny like the trailer suggested. I thought the ending was freaking adorable, and it has Bilbo in it.

Another one I watched on the plane, because I'm all about kids movies. This was a cute, sweet, good-hearted typical Disney movie. Good message for kids.

Okay, I seriously watched this like a year ago, but I still remember it and really enjoyed it. Much funnier than I expected, and I just thought it was really good. KC enjoyed it too, we rarely like the same movies.

I'm not gonna lie, I've never been a huge Jungle Book fan. I could take or leave it. KC on the other hand, I reckon this is his childhood favourite though of course he tried to be all macho and 'I thought I'd take you to see The Jungle Book' when that man would never set foot inside a movie theatre he didn't want to be in... so anyway. Honestly, I liked this okay enough but overall eh. KC loved it. I imagine it's how I feel about Cinderella or will feel about Beauty & the Beast.

I had super low expectations for this when I saw it back in February, because the book was just so-so (it was seriously just P&P with zombies thrown in) but the movie was much better. I mean, it was still dorky and fancy movie critics probably didn't like it, but I loved it. Do you remember when I bitched about the guy they chose for Darcy? Probably not, but anyway - I was wrong, he was all sorts of fabulous.

I knew nothing about Deadpool when KC suggested we go see it, I kinda thought it would be a normal superhero type movie - which should have given me a clue, because KC won't go and see those. Anyway, if you haven't seen it already, it's super inappropriate and over the top, but hilarious. 

This movie is all sorts of corny and cheesy and dorky as all get out, but that is everthing I love in a romantic comedy. I've actually seen this one like 5 times in the past year, it's my go to lazy/sick/hungover/after a long run movie. Plus, David Tennant.

Okay, full disclosure, I first saw this movie years ago (it's over 10 years old!) but it's another one of those that I watch when I'm not feeling well or want to be lazy, it always makes me laugh and cry and KC always makes fun of me, but I can't help it. I love Emma Thompson, and of course Colin Firth & Kelly Macdonald.

Bridget Jones's Baby

Saw this on the weekend and have lots of feelings! I am a long time Bridget fan. Lame as this sounds, it felt like catching up with an old friend. I laughed so hard and I totally cried like a lunatic. I had fairly low expectations because some things should be left in the past, and you never know if they will ruin something you love. While I was never a fan of Wickham Daniel, I was unsure about McDreamy. But I thought it flowed and worked well. I loved it. Doesn't mean everyone will, but I absolutely did. 

If I had seen this with KC I probably wouldn't have laughed or enjoyed it as much because I would have kept looking at him and being like OMG and then oh, you don't get it. But I saw it with my MIL who is as big of a fan as me, and it was fabulous. 

I actually only just found out that Dan Stevens (Matthew from Downton) is to be the Beast in B&tB which I'm super curious about. I can't wait to see how they pull that off. When we went to see Bridget Jones' Baby, we saw a trailer for a movie called A Dog's Purpose and I'm not kidding, the trailer made me cry. Watch it and see if your emotions betray you as well.

Happy Monday! Have you see any of these?

Friday, September 16, 2016

Summer goals report & autumn goals

I'm off this week. Not off work, just off. Off centre, off balance, out of it. I don't feel like myself. It's weird, coming back from Australia or saying goodbye to my mum on her other trips, it just throws me for a loop. I feel disconnected from both worlds (er, countries), I don't want to talk about it, I want to go home but I am confused as to which home, I don't want to do anything and the less I do the more restless I feel. I am exhausted but can't sleep, my mind won't stop but I'm not actually thinking about anything. I feel like I am on the outside. That all sounds terribly dramatic, and I am not meaning it that way, I just feel off.  

But I got my goals post ready!

Summer goals

- Increase savings and stick to my payment plan. 
Fail, but not our fault. First, we had the accident and had to pay the deductible to get the car fixed, and when KC switched jobs, we were on one income for a hot minute. We had no issues paying bills and feeding ourselves, but it was not the season for making extra payments or adding more to savings.

- Meal plan and eat fruit & veg with every meal. Pass-ish, I still have a long way to go with meal planning, but we drastically cut down our little mid week grocery stops for one or two things, and for the most part I always knew what was in our fridge/pantry and what was for dinner. As for fruit & veg, I didn't have it for every single meal, but I absolutely increased my fruit & veg - salads, smoothies, throwing random veggies into a meal. It's a lot easier than it sounds, just needed to make the effort.

- Run 3 times a week. Pass-ish, most of June was a fail because of the accident (I was in a lot of pain the week or so after) and the cruise, but after that it was great. I ran 3-4 times each week.

- Get rid of 100 things. Fail, I kept meaning to do it but then I didn't. 

- Do something new in Louisville. Fail, but on purpose. As noted above, it was not the season to try new things since all the things I want to do cost money.

Bonus: Have a great time on our cruise. Pass, we had a great time. Ate all the food, drank all the drinks. We were lazy and it was great. We also got straight back into eating normally and working out the day after we got home, so that was great - it's normally something I struggle with. You can read the recap here.

Summer is my favourite season, but I'm not sad to see this one go. Bye Felicia.

Autumn goals

Technically (or not technically, but Kristen-ally) my autumn/fall has started since it's September-November, but because of my trip and the link up being today, I might go with America on this one.

- Declutter and get rid of stuff. Our spare room is overflowing, I have no coat hangers left and refuse to buy more, I can't even open most of my drawers they are that full, I have so many containers but not as many lids, I grabbed something out of the pantry the other day that had expired like 2 years ago.... My whole house needs spring cleaning.

- Track eating and lose weight. My weight is back up again (if you follow me on snapchat, you saw what I was eating on my trip and are now saying 'well, duh') and my eating is just out of control. I do not know why I struggle with portion sizes and unhealthy food so much. I've always been able to counteract bad eating with a shit ton of exercise, but it's getting harder and harder and the weight is just piling on no matter how many miles I run.

- Focus on running and speed. I feel pretty good about distance and consistency in regards to my running lately, but not about speed, at all. If anything, I've gotten slower. I need to focus on speed workouts and actually pushing myself. If I can walk faster than I am 'running', it's a problem. Okay, not a problem, but it's not where I want to be.

- Pay shit off, don't spend, save money. I think I will do a post on everything I bought on my trip, but lets just say I did some damage. I have to rebuild savings, stop spending even the little seemingly inconsequential shit and pay all my crap off. Well not all of it, but a chunk.

Here's a completely unrelated picture of my fluffiest kitty. We think she's getting fatter but it's hard to tell with all her fluff.

Linking up with Steph and Sara.

Life According to Steph

I had a great vacation with my mum (though of course we bickered plenty, like I said, she drives me batty) and I am glad to be home, but I am ready to feel like myself again. I'm hoping this weekend is what I need to reset.