Saturday, June 4, 2016

May Shopping

I wasn't planning on shopping in May at all, but then Laura had to go and post this dress and I just HAD to have it. I BEGGED stitch fix for it, but right before my fix went out, I changed the note to just say dresses, because honestly, I didn't think they'd send it to me. But it wasn't a big deal because I found it at modcloth!

Skies are Blue Beauteous Beach Comber Maxi Dress

Unfortunately, it was too short on me. It looked amazing on Laura though. Sigh. For that price, I sent it back (and had to pay $5 in a shipping fee, rude).

I might have added this mug to my cart (it was on my wishlist and on sale!) to get free shipping, and I kept that. Mugs never discriminate against your height!

I was thinking about doing another golden tote, but when I checked out their May sale, nothing jumped out at me. I might wait a couple of months and try again.

I thought this month would be expensive - modcloth, stitch fix and golden tote, but then I sent back the modcloth dress, didn't get golden tote and stitch fix was a bust (a $20 bust, but still). So, go me!

LOL just kidding, no pat on the back for me.

I bought 13 books from thriftbooks (they were having a sale!) and amazon (I had some swagbucks!) so I only spent about $35 total for 16 books.

I did buy a few things that will benefit future me but not current me, silly purchases that could have waited until the future actually rolls around, but they were on sale, so.. a lot of unnecessary money right there.

I also bought running socks (all of mine developed holes within a week, are you for real?) and 2 pairs of shorts (1 relaxing, 1 running). I also bought fancy new bluetooth headphones because I have gone through about 20 pairs of the cheap ones from target - not because they stop working, but because the cats find them (I'm not kidding, they open drawers or get them out of my bag) and destroy them. It is so weird because they never touch KC's headphones.

Then I bought 2 pairs of work pants - KC was with me, so does it really count? Of course it counts, sigh. Then I bought a bunch of work stuff off ThredUp.

Then I bought a blazer, even though I've had blazers before and hated them, every now and again I decide to try again for some weird reason.

I bought a clutch to use at Oaks - every year, whatever bag I use breaks. I'm not kidding. So I figured I would buy a cheap one to use and throw out because obviously it would break, but it didn't, so I dig it. I also bought sandals for Oaks, but I didn't end up wearing them. Oops. Technically I think I bought those in April, but whatever.

Oh, and I got a fit bit.

So total spent: too much. I don't want to add it up.

This is why I need to stop shopping. It's not because I want to be a minimalist or enjoy life vs stuff more, it's because I buy things here and there and then wonder where all the money goes. It's all good to laugh about it, but this is honestly obscene.

Comments turned off because this is mainly for me anyway. Something needs to change with my shopping habits.