Sunday, August 9, 2015

Book Lovers Day

Apparently today is Book Lovers Day, what! How freaking awesome. So of course I wanted to talk about books because books are awesome and I am totally a book lover and who isn't a book lover because books are awesome, right?

So lets talk about books and stuff, okay, to celebrate?

Read Stuff

Problems only book lovers will understand - no matter how many of these I see (or write) they always make me laugh and nod along.

Some of the best friends I've never met

5 books for when you're on hold

All of the interview with a bookworm series over at Jana's place.

A letter to books - co-signed, all of you.

The Reluctant Readers Book List

I love Buzzfeed, it's like a black hole of awesomeness. Check out these posts:

22 Places all book lovers must go. Yes please.

29 Pictures Only Book Lovers Will Understand - Samantha, you're in this post!

23 Struggles Only Book Nerds Will Understand

Instagram vs Reality book lover edition - seriously, hilarious.

24 Perfect Prints for book lovers.

28 things book lovers want their partners to know - I almost didn't like this one because of #2 (what?!) but then they got me with #23-28. Can't stop the tears.

27 Clever DIYs for book lovers - I wish I was crafty.

book tote tutorial

Buy Stuff 

FYI there are no affiliate links in this post. Just true love and wanting to bring your bank account down with mine.

I wonder if they'll ship to the US?

A book pillow.

I think I need both of these, but especially the open book on the left.

So, this is a thing.

So you can see it's really time you went to bed now.

Except it's almost $300 so how bout I stick with my iphone? It's also out of stock, but whatever. ($300?!)

I don't think KC would be down for this.

Just in case Goodreads ever breaks down.

A mug.

I need both of these in my life.

Pride & Prejudice / Cats, Books & Tea

So that we book lovers can identify each other!

harry potter jumper / the book was better jumper / books, rainy days, tea and cats tee /
i workout to carry more books tank / carpe librum tank / my workout is reading in bed tee
A tote.

You know, to carry all them books. Caroline Bingley was good for one thing only, and it was that quote - there really is no enjoyment like reading!

i like big books / no enjoyment like reading

Actually, I just discovered Bookworm Boutique thanks to Heather and if you like book related things, you need to check it out. Go through the link on their instagram profile to get free shipping till the 12th! This tote bag made me LOL:

eat, read and be merry tote
Laugh at stuff

I might have gone a bit overboard. 

and finally, a rather large handful of books I have loved (recently and not so recently).

Okay, I think that's enough from me today. Happy book day everyone. Hope you read something!


  1. hahahah i love this.

    btw, kayla won a stuffed owl at a picnic and she named it Hedwig. when i asked her about the name (it sounded so familiar) she said "um, Hedwig? like harry potter's owl?". oh, duh, obviously. i'm like girl you only read up to book 3 what do you know about Hedwig? LOL

  2. PS - i have the time traveller's wife but i haven't been able to get into it FOR since it came out. is it really that good?

  3. I love all of those memes! They're all spot on, especially the JK Rowling and George RR Martin one. Happy Book Lovers Day!

  4. Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god I love this entire post! I don't even know where to start. I love that I can finally get all the HP references and I NEED THAT TOTE BAG. And all those shirts. And the mugs. I love it all. Thanks so much for including my link! And for making my online shopping wish list a mile long :) Happy Book Lovers Day!

  5. lolololol Kristen this post is amazing. I love the harry potter sweater (on a scale from 1-10...) too funny! and the one about exercise in bed... haha! that book journal seems really cool. I bought a book that looks similar to that but it's more of a day journal. anyways, awesome post! you sure made me laugh a lot!

    Jessica |

  6. Ahh loved this. What a super fun post! :) I'm definitely gonna snuggle up with a book today!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog <3 Love, Nina.

  7. I so much loved this post, I love any bookish post but this was all-in-one!! I feel your enthusiasm :) Books is the best thing, right? Happy reading! <3

  8. Haha I love all the funnies & I want that Harry Potter 9 3/4 shirt.

  9. Haha I loved this post! Definitely makes me want to pick up a book and have a good read!

  10. This is positively delightful! I love that you took the time to curate this post for one of my favorite holidays. I spent a large portion of this weekend reading to celebrate and it was the best. :)

  11. Those book plates are strangely fascinating. I feel like I need them in my life. Love all the memes too! Can't even tell you how many times I've thought or said "one more chapter" and ended up finishing the book! Hehe. :)

  12. I had no idea today was national book lovers day. Probably because I've had my face in a book all day :)

  13. This is the best blog post I've ever read. :) I love those book plates/dishes...I want some! The Harry Potter shirt is also something that I need in my life ;) Happy (belated) book lovers day!!!

  14. That's an awesome post, and I really need it because I've been slacking when it comes to books! All of the memes are hilarious! I'm definitely going to read my book today :)

  15. Soooo much goodness in this post! Loved all of the hilariousness at the end and OMG Bookwormboutique should just take a portion of my paycheck automatically, so many things I want! Such an interesting bookmark, I wouldn't have to grab the nearest paper product or string to hold my place, lol.

  16. Ummm ... I want the GOT rug and I want it now dammit!

  17. I love this. Books forever. LOL that Hunger Games / Allegient meme... lol. XO -Alexandra

    Simply Alexandra: My Favorite Things

  18. Between the shirts, the PILLOWS & those plates?!?!?!? I'm just going to send my hubs over here for my Christmas wish list ;)

  19. I officially can have a good Monday now that I've read this post - I love EVERYTHING about it. Those book pillows basically need to happen, and I warn my husband all the time to just back off when I'm reading or day dreaming about one of the characters. Ha!

  20. I weirdly love those book pillows, and all of the graphic tees-- too funny! I love the picture of the library and all of the different types of books- so true... if only I had THAT big of a bookshelf :) haha

  21. hahahaha so good! How did I not know Book Lovers Day existed?! Oh man! And I missed it! I love all of your memes!

  22. Happy Book Lovers Day! I love those plates though..

  23. OMG yes to all of this! Those book plates are gorgeous! The Instagram vs. Reality is too funny! Books all day everyday!!

  24. Thank you for gathering all the things in one place! Thanks for the link to my friends post too.

    I want all the things, even though I'm waiting on two book mugs and two book t-shirts to arrive as we speak...shameful.

  25. ah! look at all the fun things you have here about books. I liked scrolling each one and love how much you love them. I wish I read more!

  26. This post is so freakin' fantastic I don't even know what to say. So many truths, so many books, so many funnies!! And I need EVERY one of those shirts!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Who knew there were so many book memes?! And I'm so not surprised there's a National Book Lovers day. Today is National S'Mores Day. Yup. What will tomorrow bring?! WHAT???

    That GOT rug doe ;)

  28. This post is fantastic!! I need that Accio book bag, so stinkin cute and those book funnies are amazing! love this!

  29. Ahhhhh all of the memes and funnies!!! I literally relate to every last one of them!!!!!! But especially having to read "just one more chapter" before bed and then it is like 2 hours later, getting an arm work out holding up my books, and not knowing what to do with my life because I finished a good book and was too attached to the characters. That happens way too often. In fact, I am thinking about my characters in the book I am reading right now. What are they doing? What is going to happen? I've got issues.

  30. Loving all these ecards - they are spot on! And I definitely think I need that Accio tote in my life, pure amazingness <3

  31. Oh my god those plates...ohhhh myyyy goddddd those plates!!!!!!!! Can you tell that I want them?

    Those shirts. I need all of them too. Except the HP one. Oh, and I don't work out. But, the others, I need the others.

    Me Before You and Still Alice are on my bookshelf. Haven't read 'em yet. Need to.

  32. Have you been collecting those book memes for awhile??? :)


  33. Those memes just kept coming! My favourite was the 14th one down :)

  34. I dint even know Book Lovers Day existed. The books clock is so awesome. I want it. The memes were super fun :).

  35. So much goodness in one post, but I particularly loved the Instagram vs. reality!

  36. Everything about his post is awesome!! Can you believe I missed Book Lovers Day completely? In my defense, I was on the road all day. :/

  37. Holy hell, this post was soooo good! Ever since I cleaned through my old things last month, I've been scouring the internet for more book memorabilia to add to my collection, so this post was like heaven. That Accio Books tote is EVERYTHING. Also, I laughed at the 9 3/4 sweatshirt for a solid 5 minutes.

    I have so many of those memes saved in my phone, but that Allegiant one? Girl... I can't.

    Also, I just bought a multifandom tank and I so can't wait to show you!

  38. You included the Selection! I loved that book! I'm actually headed to the library to pick up The Heir today! :) This whole post is excellent. The one about the realization that there aren't enough pages left in the book for what you want to happen, to happen... the worst! I've been there. And being so attached to fictional characters - yup. Been there. And the ending to Allegiant... Ugh.

  39. LOVE! The Book Riot Podcast is selling (still?) phone cases that read "This is my book" or something along those lines. I want one :). And yes, I cry all the time at character deaths and the end of books. My most recent ending that I hate-loved was the end of Allegiant.

  40. I love this post! I was laughing nearly the entire time I scrolled through. (Plus so many awesome links and things to purchase!) I really need a new tote for work (and to carry all of my library books, of course!), so I may have to order one of these!


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