Friday, June 19, 2015

Guest Post by Tracy

Today I have asked Tracy from A Change of Pace to guest post, and again - if you aren't following her already you need to be! She's super sweet, badass runner & triathlete, and she's got the capsule wardrobe thing down. Seriously, check her out.
A Change of Pace

Hello, See You in a Porridge readers! I'm Tracy and I blog at A Change of Pace where I ramble about fitness, my obsession with my capsule wardrobe, and life as a teacher-turned-engineering-student. Kristen is one of the sweetest bloggers I know (and I can vouch that she is just as sweet in real life!) and I know she is having the time of her life right now! I'm honored she asked me to help keep you guys entertained while she's off on her dream European adventure!

I became a runner a little over 4 years ago. It's easy for me to define when I became a runner because prior to 4 years ago, I very solidly was not a runner, had never run for more than a couple minutes, and then one day I decided to become one. As I've gotten more into running and made friends with other runners, I've started noticing some of the things that make us runners just a little bit...different. Today I'm sharing some of the things we do that are weird, annoying, and sometimes straight up obnoxious - to ourselves and non-runners alike.

Plaster our cars with stickers. The very first thing I did (okay actually the second thing, the first thing I did was go get a massage) after my first big race, my first half marathon, was make a beeline to my local running store and get myself the 13.1 sticker I had been coveting since my first visit to the store. I've since added a 26.2 (top priority after finishing my first marathon, like I couldn't even make it to dinner before I scooped up one of those precious pieces of vinyl) and a swim-bike-run just for funsies. You should see what the parking lot looks like when I get together with running/triathlon friends! It's obnoxious, sure, but it's a way for me to commemorate some special achievements I never, ever in a billion years imagined I was capable of. I remember seeing those stickers popping up on cars when I became a runner (weird how becoming interested in something suddenly opens our eyes to stuff like that, no?). While I was training for my first half, seeing them, that feeling of wanting to be part of that club, that's what kept me going sometimes.

For the record, I'm also a big fan of 0.0 stickers and those who sport them. I can take a joke.

Speak to each other in various number/letter combinations. PRs/PBs, 5k, 10k what does it all mean?! Sometimes I stand around after races talking with my runner friends for hours, as you do, about the race we just ran, and I'm sure some parts sound like we're speaking in code. For runners, these codes are everything. We know distances like the back of our hands (and are quite adept at converting back and forth from miles to kilometers). There is nothing sweeter than catching up with a friend afterward and hearing them yell those two letters - "I PRed!". Even better yet, being the one yelling! They might not make sense to the people around us, but they're sacred to us.
As if just yelling about a PR weren't good enough, my recent marathon had a PR bell you could ring!
Bitch about the weather. Our weather apps on our phones are our BFFs when we're training, and we stalk that hourly forecast leading up to our run like it's our job. When the weather isn't what we want though? Potential disaster. We see rain in the forecast, we bitch. Too hot, bitch. Too cold, bitch. Windy? Bitch. Basically, if it isn't 60*, partly sunny, with a mild breeze, we're cursing the running gods.

Jog in place at stoplights. We know, it looks like we're following along with our own personal aerobics video, but we don't care. We're not trying to show off, it's just that if it's only going to be a few seconds before we can cross the street, we'd rather just keep our momentum going.

Order all the carbs. True story: in March, I traveled to DC for a runcation with Kristen and Alyssa. We went out to dinner the night before our half marathon and chose an Italian restaurant because pasta. We ordered a huge plate of bruschetta to share between the 3 of us, and we each ordered an overflowing fettuccine alfredo entree. Running + carbs forever.

Stand on the sidewalk staring intently at our wrists. Another scenario where we look stupid out in public. No, we're not reading the world's smallest print novel written on our arms...we're waiting for our GPS watches to sync up. It needs our unbroken stare to find the satellites. I don't know how it works, it's science.

Post Garmin pics on Instagram. You know, sometimes a run is just so good an magical that you feel this overwhelming need to share it with the internet ASAP. And sometimes it's so bad you need to share it so that the Internet can assure you it's not just you. Sometimes you have a perfectly mediocre, nothing special or out of the ordinary run but for some reason that needs to be shared too. Pics or it didn't happen?


  1. Hahahaha! Yes! All of these things are so accurate.

    You'll be happy to know a coworker twisted my arm enough and I'll be running a 10K in October. Guess I need to start hitting the pavement again. ;)

  2. I'm definitely going to be tempted by the 13.1 sticker after my half in August! But I probably won't, because I've never done any sort of bumper stickers ever. I feel like I understand the running vernacular now, which is nice! But the rest I can only aspire to. "Not looking dumb in public yet? Don't worry, you'll get there!"

  3. This is so funny! I'm not a serious runner... But definitely do some of these! Ha

  4. Hahahah well you both know I LOVE this, and I can't even agree hard enough. I was thinking about the abbreviations and random letter combos when I was texting Tracy during Superhero, ya know—the first time I ever contemplated DNFing, after I totally blew any chance at a PR (let alone a sub-2) and was heading straight for a PW, even after a strong 5k split to start off.
    Also, me jogging in place at a stoplight and staring at my wrist on the street corner? Every. single. run. Sometimes I do jumping jacks too because WE'RE NORMAL, I SWEAR.

  5. I can totally relate to bitching about the weather right now! I have never sweat so much in my life as I did this morning for my run! GROSS!!!!!

  6. Aw you are too kind! Thanks for having me! Eat lots of pasta for me in Rome :)

  7. I really want to get a 13.1 sticker but then I think of running that far! Haha! One day! The garmin pictures are so true!!

  8. haha legit all of this!! You rock Tracy!


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