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10 Ways to save on your wedding - Bestie Guest Post

Hey all! To end my little guest post series, I asked Megan to do another guest post and she thankfully obliged. This time she's going to share 10 ways that she saved on her wedding, and if you are getting married in the foreseeable future, perhaps these will help you. 

10 ways to save on your wedding

Hello again faithful See you in a Porridge readers! It’s ye’ old bestie here for another guest post while Kristen is off frolicking in Europe :)

So lets get right down to it! I recently came across my “Wedding Spreadsheet” on our laptop the other day and thought – “wow, we did well.” So I thought I would share some of my personal tips on how you can save some money and still have a magical day with your friends, family, and most importantly – you partner <3

FYI - This list is not in any specific order and I thought I would also add some fun photo’s and gifs because why not?!

 1.  Don’t have a long engagement. So I know most of the time this is unavoidable for many reasons, but I felt personally that the longer I had to plan the more money I would end up spending…. Also, a short engagement = less time you have to change your mind (and change your mind again, and again). Side note – I had roughly 12 weeks total from getting engaged to saying “I Do”.

10 ways to save on your wedding

2.  Figure out what your 3 MUST HAVES are and let those be the things you will splurge on no matter what. Have dreamed of a certain dress since you were a little girl? Do it. Or maybe you want to have a complete open bar? If it is a must have, do it.

3.  Try and find a venue that is already decorated/doesn’t need a lot of work.  The “small things” add up very quickly. Maybe there is an old historic home in your city that is already beautiful but a bit pricier that the old rustic barn that is empty. Keep in mind you may spend a fortune on decorations for the barn that you will be stuck with at the end of the night…

10 ways to save on your wedding

4.  Open Bar with Beer and wine only - NO LIQUOR. In my experience, an open bar with beer and wine is perfectly sufficient for a wedding.  Your guests are getting this wonderful free night of celebration on your tab and liquor is suuuper expensive and it never fails – there is always a handful of guests that take way to many shots and get messy…. And who wants to deal with that shit?

5.  Do your own flowers! This was both cheap and fun for me to do. So if you are even the least bit crafty – go for it!! You can get flowers quite cheap at your local costco or supermarket.  Remember Pinterest is your friend. Do a practice bouquet a few weeks before and if you have a wedding party – have them help! (side note – I did Kristen’s wedding flowers as well as my own J)

10 ways to save on your wedding

6.  Don’t get a DJ. My biggest nightmare was paying $500+ for a DJ and him/her not playing what I wanted to hear on my wedding day- and I just plain and simple didn’t have the money to fork out for a DJ… We (with the help of Kristen’s Hubby) downloaded our favorite songs and made an “arrival/dinner” playlist and a “Dance/Party” playlist. We then rented speakers, amp, mic etc. and paid a close friend 100 bucks to announce us into the party. All together cost us $140 for our “DJ”.
Note from Kristen: we did the same thing and if I do say so myself, our wedding was a blast.

7.  Do your own makeup. So I know this kind of a hard one, but just hear me out. There are SO many tips, blogs, youtube how-to’s that I feel with enough practice and the right tools, any lady could do it! Have a little faith in yourself and go for it!! My personal tip is go to your local Sephora or department store and buy the expensive super long wear foundation. I did – and I didn’t regret it. And lastly – practice, practice, practice!!!! Then practice one more time.

8. Skip the engagement photo session. Now again – if this (or any of these are on your Must Have list) please feel free to skip the advice. This was just something that personally was not important for me. My husband and I paid for our entire wedding (minus a couple of things our parents gifted us) and when we talked about engagement pictures we were both like “eh”. So that was easily omitted from the running tally of purchases.

9 Don’t worry about what anyone says or thinks about your wedding plans. Easier said than done. But taking opinions personally can really persuade decision making- thus you could end up spending money on things you didn’t initially plan on.  If you just can’t afford to have the photo booth or you only really have the money for Hors d'oeuvres vs a full dinner – who cares?! It’s your day and if they don’t like – well they can stay at home… sorry not sorry.

10.  Make sure the person you’re marrying is more important than the wedding itself. This kinda goes without saying, but if you're not happy deep down or have serious doubts about marriage…. Well you already know.  None of this is worth it if you aren’t happy at the end of it all. The wedding is the icing on the cake. I had so much fun planning and doing wedding stuff because I was just so gosh darn excited to marry my man!!! I know cheesy but true!

Well hope you enjoyed and maybe were able to take away at least one of these tips! Happy wedding planning!!!


  1. yes to all of this! i saved so much $ on my wedding and only splurged on the reception (which was the most important thing for our wedding because food & booze):
    -i made my own invitations/thank-you cards...which was so much fun because i love arts/crafts and hello, i got to visit/shop at the most amazing (japanese) paper stores in toronto!
    -got the flowers at cost (friend owned a boutique) so i had bouquets of cala lillies, freesias and other exotic flowers.
    -dj was dirt cheap (he's my bestie so i only paid for rental equipment)
    -wedding pics were free (husband's cousin is a pro photographer)
    -bridesmaids dresses only cost $65-80 each (bought the material from a store that was going out of business so got the most beautiful material for over 80% off and had a friend's mom sew them together)
    -makeup free - done by my sister
    -hair done by a friend's sister so she only charged me $200 to do everyone's hair, including mine!

    there are so many ways to save $$ on a wedding! :)

  2. Great tips! That last one actually really hits home because a friend of mine is getting divorced and it's because more thought was put into the wedding than the actual marriage. People get so wrapped up in the wedding and in the end, it's just one day!

  3. Love ALL of these tips! Being your own DJ is such a smart idea! I was so mad when my DJ played The Thong Song at my wedding. I mean, really? At least it was towards the end of the night when most of the older audience had left. And those flowers turned out SO pretty!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  4. Awesome tips! Our only "must have" is a great photographer. And luckily one of my close friends is an awesome photographer and is giving us a deal on one of her packages.

    My other smaller "must have" is someone to do my hair and makeup. I am seriously the worst at hair and makeup, even with practice. ;)

  5. I did my own makeup and it was the best choice for me!!! I also agree that you have to pick what your must haves are :) Great tips!

  6. These are awesome tips! We had a pretty short engagement too, I think I prefer it that way over dragging it out too long! :)

  7. Great tips girlie! One of my longest friends (and hair dresser) did my hair and makeup as my wedding gift and it was much appreciated! I actually had a couple talented friends "gift" me their services! Love that you did your own flowers! I definitely think I could have done what my florist did for a fraction of the cost!

  8. First off you looked sooooo gorgeous!! These tips are so perfect! Doing your own hair and makeup is huge! I wish I would have done that! I actually wasnt even happy with my hair either!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  9. Ahh love these pictures! I so agree with these - especially on picking the top 3 things you'll splurge on. We did that and said we weren't going to let anything else get to us/weren't going to spend $$ on the other things. It helped SO much!

  10. Love these tips Megan! Especially numbers 9 and 10... I'm very, very far from a wedding day of my own but I am and have been a part of sooo many weddings over the past few years and this upcoming year, so I've seen a lot of people make (what I consider to be) big missteps with some of these. Honestly, it sounds like your wedding (and Kristen's!) was a great time.. and hello, those flowers!? Gorgeous!

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  12. Superb tips! Thanks a ton for sharing these tips dear. I am getting married within a month at the most beautiful wedding venues nyc. So these tips will be very helpful for both of us. And I loved the idea of being your own DJ. It is such a fabulous idea!


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